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1 March 5th, 2010 Eden Riegel on her decision to join Y&R & not rejoin AMC!

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Eden Riegel gave her first interview to TV Guide Magazine since the soap shockeroo that has her headed to Genoa City and The Young and the Restless to replace Vail Bloom in the role of Heather Stevens, and not a return to All My Children to play out lesbian, Bianca Montgomery. Here are some excerpts below from the Q&A!

Riegel on the assumption that since All My Children is now being shot in LA, that she would rejoin the show as Bianca: “I understand the timing for this is a little odd, what with AMC moving here. And I do love that show! I grew up there and had an amazing experience but I’m an actress. I like playing different characters, especially somebody who’s a D.A. and sexy and conniving. I’m excited to look at those parts of myself and express them through this character. I couldn’t turn it down.”

Riegel on if there have been ongoing conversations with AMC to bring her back: “Oh, we’ve had endless conversations. I was actually speaking with them just six weeks ago and it kept not working out. And I was so very tempted by Y&R and the idea of a whole new experience.”

Riegel on leaving Bianca behind: “I’ve played her for 10 years now and it really hurt me when I felt like I didn’t know my character anymore. I’m a really emotional person and maybe I care too much, you know? I let my emotions get the best of me. It was really difficult to feel like I was losing sight of who Bianca is. She was getting lost in the shuffle.”

Riegel on why if firing Chuck Pratt who mucked up her story and replacing him with new writers didn’t help convince her to return to Pine Valley: “[Laughs] Yes, I understand they did. But there are just no guarantees. And at a certain point, it just worries me too much. It just really hurts. There is a lot of hurt. Y&R is a blank slate and a fresh start and there’s so much potential. I love my memories of Bianca, and I want to keep those intact. So that’s where I am. I’m really grateful AMC left the door open for me for so long. I guess I felt they weren’t as dedicated as they once were to seeing the character through. I hate to be so brutally honest about this. My fans have always been the greatest and incredibly supportive no matter what I do. They proved that by following me to Imaginary Bitches. I am sure – at least I hope – that they will understand why it’s important for me to move on, and I can only hope they’ll support me in this next chapter of my life. This is a huge, huge step for me.”

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  1. Doe says:

    I am not impressed with Eden Riegel on Y&R. She is rather mousy and should speak up. She is not forceful in any way.What is her story going to be down the line? I thought I didn’t like the first Heather, but now I think she should come back, Time will tell…..


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