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29 February 20th, 2013 Eileen Davidson Chats On Her Surprising Return To The Young and The Restless!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

The Young and the Restless fans yesterday were doing the happy-dance, while some Days of our Lives fans were concerned when the news broke that Eileen Davidson was back at her old stomping grounds in Genoa City, taping scenes for upcoming episodes of Y&R!

As it turns out, Eileen will still be playing Kristen DiMera on DAYS, but who knows if this might just kick-start things for her to be able to play Kristen, plus Ashley on-going.   In a new interview with Michael Logan for TV Guide Magazine, Davidson fills viewers in on what went down and why she is back on the March 18th episode of the number one soap, which is timed around the series 40th Anniversary and the Victor/Nikki nupitals!   Here are a few excerpts below!

Davidson on if she thinks Y&R and Sony are testing the waters with her return to the CBS soap:   “I really don’t know. That certainly crossed my mind. I think it would be great to somehow be able to do both but we’ll see. Though Ashley’s there for Victor and Nikki’s wedding she’s not just sitting in a pew. She’s right back in the mix of things and getting involved in her brother Jack’s life. She’s very concerned about him.”

Davidson on how Y&R will explain why Ashley was not there during Jack’s addiction crisis:  “And Phyllis really nails Ashley for that! ‘Where were you’” I also have scenes with Eric Braeden, Billy Miller, and Marcy Ryan. So I’m making the rounds! We kind of lost the Abbott family for a while there but it’s established that they’re all still really bonded. It’s an instant rapport. It doesn’t feel like the family was split apart and the show is now trying to pull it back together. Instead, it plays like Ashley’s just been out of town and now she’s back and the clan is stronger than ever, which is a beautiful thing.”

So soapers, what do you think about Eileen’s comments? Would you like to see Sony work things out so she can play Kristen on DAYS and Ashley on Y&R concurrently?  Weigh-in!

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  1. JEFFERY says:

    I would rather see Eileen back at Y&R long-term regardless if she stays with DAYS. Ashley is such a major character in the history of Genoa City drama trauma, without her – and without Eileen AS her – it would be like the Abbott family with no Jabot: incomplete, to say the least. My only caveat would be for Ashley to be front and center, even if it is on a recurring basis. If she’s going to fade into that notoriously dark red woodwork on those dismally designed and dated sets, then don’t even bother.


    Lew S. replied

    I agree!!


    DKD replied

    Hate that she is coming back AGAIN. Sick of her and her character. Doesn’t she have any pride each and every time they fire her she begs her way back. I DVR Y&R so will just FF through her part. :-(


  2. Brian Tripp says:

    Why not as long as Eileen doesn’t mind and they give her a bump in pay! I think they should do the same thing for Wally Kurth with GH and Days.


    Patrick replied

    well said…

    especially with Wally Kurth….


    they may as well all intersect…. weave in and out… support the 4 remaining soaps…


    cr replied

    Wally kurth is not on contract

  3. Janice says:

    love her. Glad she will be back, hope she can do both, but if she can’t, I’d like to see her stay with Y&R


  4. DjLevel9 says:

    Yes SONY Should Make up there Mind’s ,
    She’s part Of The ABBOT Family and will Alway’s be that way there’s really Know one else that could replace Her ,
    And The People On The other SOAP should Suck it up .. So to speak.

    AGAIN Welcome “Eileen Davidson “ASHLEY ” Back Home where she Belong’s With Her Family that and will alway’s Be Forever – WHO said any one has the Perfect Family do the Readers and Fan’s do- Not – At-all . So yes it Hit’s hard to home to the Truth,

    Again Welcome back We Hope you STAY :) Please Don’t let Us Down.


  5. Patrick says:

    The comaraderie… when they are “guesting” is a delight….. seeing my favorite Abbotts… together… Ashley and Traci, plus Jackie…is what keeps me interested in Y&R.


  6. KateK says:

    Y&R never used her at all, they left her to twist in the wind. Hope she stays at DOOL where she is actually being used.


    Ces replied

    she was wasted on Y&R for years. Days needs her and I think Eileen has more fun with Kristen than Ashley any day of the week. Now if only Days would get Drake back again – wth?!!


    Shawn replied

    What r u talking about? Drake hasn’t gone anywhere!!

    Ces replied

    Drake has been off the canvas – it was reported a little while back right
    here on Michael Fairman that he’d be off the show a bit.
    He needs to be back in the thick of things in Salem, not hiding out
    in Europe for whatever reason (?)

  7. mo says:

    She’s awesome. It’d be great if she could do both. If not, stay at Days.


  8. jim says:

    Would Steve Burton be able to do the same with GH and Y&R or would that be too much work for him since he and his family moved away.?


    Ces replied



    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    Get over yourself.


    jim replied

    You took it the wrong way! And i can see why! I wasnt being sarcastic or anything. I really wondered if they could work things out where he could do both shows. Gee!

    jim replied

    You misunderstood what i wrote. I guess i shouldve asked is it possible Steve could do both shows sometimes. Thats what i meant but the way i worded it i understand how you mistook it. But then i dont care if someone takes it both ways.

  9. heidi says:

    Yes… Sony should be able to work out something to have her work on both of their soaps!!! They should be able to be more flexible for all the actors on all of the four network soaps if can work. Just like PP and ABC should be able to do with the GH and OLTL cast members. The salaries and schedules have changed so much and it would be better for all if they could be flexible and crossovers are great and different characters are great too. I am happy they are not losing the Abbott family… it was one of the first! Love Eileen in whatever she does and I am happy she is busy and in demand!


  10. Sound says:

    I would be happy if she returned to Y&R on a permanent basis. I have always disliked the character of Kristen on Days and FF every time she is on my screen.


  11. jim says:

    any chance Jills brothers Snapper or Greg coming back 4 the 40th? Or any of the Brooks sister such as Laurallee and Chris? Also whatever happened to Janice Lynde who played Leslie?


    Alfred Marina replied

    Janice is alive and well. She was on Diary of a Single Mom a few years ago. That was a WEB series.
    She also played Zozo in The Merry Widow, San Francisco Opera, PBS Great Performances.
    It would be nice if Y&R brought back Leslie.


    jimh replied

    Thanks for the reply. i liked janice…would enjoy her back in daytime.

  12. Liza says:

    I hope she can continue on Days! I think she has brought back the spark to my favorite daytime soap and combined with EJAMI finally uniting I am really loving DOOL right now!


  13. richard says:

    She needs to stay on DAYS where she can remain on the frontburner, as she quickly brought heat to John and Marlena’s storyline!!!! Her seducing Brady is a brilliant twist!!!! On Y&R, she hasnbeen used effieciently in YEARS and Victor is with Nikki, so there are no men available for her and who wants to only see her interact with other Abbotts, I’m sorry that’s boring. Her playing the devious Kristen is SO much more fun to watch then mentally unstable Ashley, which where they always end up writing her bc she’ll NEVER win Victor from Nikki!!!!


  14. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I would personally prefer to see her on DAYS. Ashley is a wasted character on Y&R. Guest-spots are what she should be now.


  15. Patricia.Lambert says:

    Fantastique le retour de Ashley ! j’aime j’aime


  16. Andy says:

    YES!!! Please bring Eileen (Ashley) back! We miss her terribly! Love You, Eileen!!!


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