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18 March 25th, 2015 Eileen Davidson Confronts Brandi Granville About The Constant Attacks On Her In Unaired Scene From RHOBH!


Why do we love Eileen Davidson? Because she stands up for herself and tells it like it is, that’s why! In addition to the fact that this Daytime Emmy winner is enormously talented and beloved by the daytime community for her work on The Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives!

Eileen has appeared on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and throughout the episodes, viewers noticed the constant remarks and digs made at Davidson by one Brandi Granville!  When the ladies went to Amsterdam together a lot was said and went down between them.

Last night, the final episode of this season’s RHOBH aired on Bravo, but one scene did not make it to air, but it certainly made it to social media and to Bravo’s website!

In it, Davidson decided its time to confront Brandi.  When she tries to talk to her during the party they were attending, Brandi says she would prefer not to talk to Eileen about anything serious right now as she is dealing with issues related to her father.  Eileen points out that while she understands what Brandi is going through it does not give her the right to constantly attack her verbally …  and let’s not forget … when she threw the drink on Eileen!  When the ladies began to talk about Kim Richards, things fell apart rather quickly!

Watch the unaired clip after the jump featuring Eileen and Brandi, and then let us know what you thought of Eileen attempting to talk it out with Granville!  If you want to see even more RHOBH, the three-part reunion episodes begin next week on Tuesday night, March 31st beginning at 9PM EST.

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  1. Mo says:

    It’s like talking to a brick wall. Brandi only hears and sees what she wants to.


    Sharon replied

    You are right about that only hear and see what’s want. Brandi likes drama wherever she goes to she is just a bitter gal


  2. elm51 says:

    i still say that eileen davidson is so above all the women on this crappy show…………….jmo


  3. ricardo says:

    I love Eileen Davidson, she is a classy, sassy lady. Brandi is a miserable lying witch has been. Kristen Dimera can take care of Brandi, throw her down the stairs and lock brandi up. LOL.


  4. Elhu says:

    I applaud Eileen for being true to herself, and for attempting to resolve “issues”. She was totally honest, and a complete lady and carried herself as such throughout the entire season, which I am guessing is not an easy feat when dealing with a few of these BH housewives. IMO, the problem with all of this is Brandi, there is no talking sense into her. She is childlike and I believe she does things simply to bring attention to herself. I see why Brandi is on the show, because she is a train wreck, and it is most always a guarantee that she will bring the drama, which equals ratings, but she in no way belongs in the same mix as these women. Way to go Eileen!


  5. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE that our soap opera ladies keep it classy.


    Mark Y replied

    I agree. They add a much needed touch of class to the Real Housewives.


  6. su0000 says:

    All that is so phony ..
    Its senior citizen woman with fake boobs and a ton of botox trying to look wild and young.
    It is staged..
    The women are phony as is their show..

    Reality is 24 hours a day..
    House Wives is 37 minutes out of a 24 hour day and those 37 minutes are packed with degrading sensationalism ..
    The series should be call called ”Senior Citizen Attention Whores” … LOL


    PatF replied

    It is what it is, however most of these women look fantastic, plastic or not. I think ED did a great job on the show.

    Soaps are packed with sensationalism too right? You do watch GH…



    Harry replied

    Suoo, I agree with you that Real Housewives is a low brow, trashy reality series which pits woman against woman.
    But these ladies are hardly senior citizens. They are quite simply middle aged and yes, far too old to be acting like middle school girls.
    But the Real Housewives should do a senior citizen show. I can tell you that a gang of senior women would be a lot wiser, a lot more fun because they’ve lived long enough not to take the little things in life too seriously. They have their priorities straight.


  7. Timmm says:

    I lost some respect for Eileen choosing to be on this crappy show and it looks like Y&R has, as well. Ashley gets no screen time!


  8. Elte Advisors says:

    I LOVE Eileen…BUT…I have to say …this show is a mess.. this whole season was about one incident that everyone wanted to bring up OVER and OVER again…. there has to be more exciting storylines to talk about here… and Lisa Rinna talks a tough game but when she needs to speak up, she is afraid… its all about the money with her…doesn’t want t risk losing a paying gig….sad & desperate.

    Eileen is TOO GOOD for this !!! Hope she’s done with it.,…


  9. MBmomof3 says:

    Love, love, love Eileen Davidson. I started watching this show for her and Lisa Rinna and I must say I’ve enjoyed this show way more than I should.


    sean replied

    Me too, I agree with you. Eileen Davidson rules, she is a terrific actress. Lisa Rinna I love her too.


  10. damien says:

    2015 is the year of eileen!!!
    ryobh, days, y n r… and u still cant get enough! shes still stunning as always and just as intelligent and articulate!
    ashlley abbott was always my fav y n r heroine! i hope ash gets lots of story soon!..


    clh replied

    Exactly so why put yourself on a show like this to begin with. Just asking for trouble.


  11. clh says:

    I can’t feel sorry for her at all. These kinds of shows cater to the lowest common denominator of viewers and everyone knows that.

    If you sign up for it you know what to expect so don’t sign on or deal with it. Typically the stars that sign up for these kinds of shows just want their face on camera to begin with.


  12. kathy eliason says:

    This seasons show to much repeat,Lisa Rinna should have not got involved in Kims personal business.I felt Lisa Rinna totally badgered and harassed Kim throughout the hole
    season and gossiped about Kim to everyone. The story lines were the same thing not very interesting.Brandi she needs to get off the show,she is now annoying


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