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21 November 13th, 2013 Eileen Davidson Delivers Another Knockout Performance On DAYS!


On Tuesday’s episode of Days of our Lives, Kristen (Eileen Davidson) had a major showdown with Marlena (Deidre Hall)! After threatening to shoot the good doc, Kristen beginning to have one of her emotional meltdown tells Marlena to shoot her instead!  Later, after Marlena puts the gun away, that sets the stage for one of the most memorable spewing of words between enemies we have seen in soaps, and we loved every delicious minute of it!

Eileen Davidson will leave a big gaping whole on the canvas in Salem, when we see her, and Kristen, depart the series shortly on upcoming episodes!  But once again, Eileen played Kristen to the hilt!  Spewing her hatred of Marlena to her face! When Marlena comes to the realization that Kristen got Eric (Greg Vaughan) in bed as a vendetta against her, she is rocked to the core.


Kristen reveals her plan on how she wanted to destroy Marlena with her seeing that her priestly son had hot sex with the woman Marlena loathes most in the world!   Kristen tells her she wanted to see her face and then walk away laughing at her!  Only, Marlena ruined everything was once again, since Kristen changed her mind about her plan once Brady and her rekindled their relationship!  Marlena then goes for the jugular with Kristen and tells her to get out of her wedding dress because Brady is never coming back for her.  And that the whole world will know what she really did to Eric!  Her son would never willingly sleep with her!  Once Marlena leaves, Kristen losses it and breaks her ring from Brady!

Kudos to Eileen Davidson for making Kristen pathetic and psychotic and for delivering in the pay-off fans have wanted to see!  Kristen is getting her comeuppance for her crimes against Eric, although not through a judicial system, but the systemic ruination of her tragic life!  And there is more to come on today’s episode!  Eric is about to confront Kristen! And finally also a shout-out to Deidre Hall, for showing Marlena’s strength in the key scenes and going toe to toe with Davidson!

Watch yesterday’s key scenes after the jump between Kristen and Marlena and Eric and Brady!  Then, let us know what you thought of Eileen’s performance?

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  1. Laura says:

    Eileen brings that special kind of crazy to Kristen, she will be sorely missed! I have been glued to my TV for all the wedding fallout, everyone is giving it their all and I am loving it!


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Emmy worthy performance…DAYS IS SOOOOOO GOOD RIGHT NOW!!! Just wish Kristen got preggie…can you imagine Marlenas reaction…and yes, there have been women getting preggy in their 50s!!! Also, a ghostly visit is needed from Isabella(spelling?), Bradys mom, to see if she can knock some sense in Bradys dumb brainless head!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I kinda feel a ‘Who shot Kristen’ who could survive…and the shooter…the dr. she got drugs from! Or she’ll go to prison…maybe both…to explain E.D.s departure from the show…


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Also, Days needs to bring Jack back(if M.A.) is available and willing…the Jack who died could’ve been an imposter…the real Jack met a man who closely resembled him named Rick Kennedy and they became friends…Jack told his life story to Rick and showed him pictures of his family and friends, unaware an unstable Rick had sinister plans for him…Rick wanted Jack life and his family…Rick was wanted by the mob after testifing against their leader who was sent to prison for several murders…Rick who resembled Jack had surgery done to look enough to pass as Jacks twin…then he had the real Jack drugged to completely loose his memory, had him committed to a mental hospital then came to Salem and pased himself off as the real Jack but was tragically killed when saving Abigail. Now the real Jack has regained his memory, escaped the mental hospital and is heading for Salem to claim his family…but danger follows him…the mob learned of Ricks surgery and believe the real Jack is Rick and want him dead…they follow him to Salem…Jack…b4 he can reach Jens home is struck by a hit and run driver(the mob hitman) and is rushed to the hospital…Kayla is there and is shocked to see him but doesnt believe its really Jack until test prove her wrong…Kayla has a flashback to the time when Jack raped her and another shocking secret is revealed…Kayla got pregnant by Jack and kept it a secret from her family and friends…but did she have an abortion or is this child…now an adult…alive?

    Mary SF replied

    Well that is the scenic route to bringing back Jack— the more direct approach is that Jack went undercover for the ISA and has been working with Bo all this time along with John. I seemed to recall before Jack died the character was getting some mysterious phone calls. I also remember that Roman told Jennifer she couldn’t see the body because it was too mangled. Perhaps Stefano was working with the terrorist that held Jack prisoner and they needed him on that angle while Bo worked on the Dimera angle. The explosion and the fallen elevator just gave them (ISA) the right cover story for whisking Jack from his family once again.
    As for Kayla — the family is very Catholic so I doubt she would ever have an abortion, and I was watching back then, and there is no way you could re write that history to squeeze in a unknown pregnancy. Right now I am kinda hoping Jordan Ridgeway will be Hope and John’s love child when she was Gina and he was the Pawn— that seems more likely than Kayla having a long lost child out there.
    And speaking of children– did Carrie ever have her baby? If not, she should in the Guiness Book of World Records for the longest gestation period for a human. If she did, do you know if she had a boy or a girl?

  3. Jake NJ says:



  4. heidi says:

    Haven’t been watching DOOL last few months… but watched this and Eileen’s performance was stellar!!! She does crazy and beyond so well.

    All the performances in that clip were well done!!! Deidre, Greg and Eric were phenomenal!!!


  5. Patrick says:


    Eileen Davidson will leave a big gaping whole on the canvas in Salem,

    Eileen played Kristen to the hilt!


    haven’t seen the epi yet….

    Thank you Eileen Davidson – NBC/SONY/DOOL: please, leave the door open for her


    “Days” is still on track and real


  6. Omar says:

    I been watching this show now for close to 2 years, and I am scratching my head why they do not get enough acting nominations or wins?? I can see why the won best soap…They show is entertaining and well acted..The plots kind of drag longer that GH, but the climax points are just as entertaining and leaving your with wanting more..Kudos to the writers, EP and cast!!!!


  7. Johnny says:

    Greg Vaughan is one of the most underrated actors around. Not only from his work on Days but also from his work as Lucky on GH. He makes the nice guy interesting. And Eileen…well she plays bat shit whack job crazy better than just about anyone. What separates her performance from say Robin Mattson, and maybe its the writing….Kristen just honestly thinks her stupid plans will work…and when they don’t…she goes off the deep end in such extreme ways…she laughs, she drinks, ahe talks to herself, she rationalizes, she justifies…there are always a hundred things going on at once. She is mesmerizing when she is in crazy mode. And its always a treat when Deidre gets to cut loose.


  8. Mary SF says:

    Wow — I know ED leaving is sad, but looks what came out it– I’m sure her departure changed the story line they originally intended and now we are getting this wonderful fall out to enjoy.
    Lovely layers like if Marlena wasn’t hell bent on destroying Kristen the video might not have every come to light. Also seeing Marlena realize her part in this mess, how hatred begets more hatred by just using facial expressions– pure gold.
    And like most psychopaths Kristen really cannot grasp what she did was wrong– in her deluded mind it makes perfect sense to rape Eric to get back at his mother, to the point, as a viewer I feel sorry for her even though she is the villain in the piece.
    Classic drama, full of pathos– almost like a Greek tragedy in some respects. Kudos to the writers and performers- for bringing it and giving us one heck of a sweep week to enjoy. As I have always said –when Days wants to they can put on one hell of a show.


    Patrick replied

    I know… but… I’m still agonizing… if this had never come to light…. it really was Kristen intent that her bad seed machinations were hidden… she wanted to be happily married… would this have worked? YES… that’s what I wanted for her….

    she wanted to move on… without this coming to pass. and yes… the good haloed people of Salem…. self-righteous… wins again…

    thank god… at least Daniel wasn’t at the wedding…. I had hoped for more division with Brady and Victor and even Marlena…


    I really do have to applaud the DAYS production, especially the writing… ED captured Kristen’s bubble if you will… her inner demons… her version of saving grace for Kristen… she wants to be happy… loved…

    oh… it’s angst when a character you like… leaves a show.

    once again…. the DiMera clan is sans 2 more… Chad and Kristen.

    I really have to congratulate… Brady… he catapulted this story… with out John and Marlena… I have to hand it to him… especially the last 2 days… showing how mature and intense Brady can be…

    Father Eric’ reveal… and his body language and facial express… was astounding…
    not once did he relent in his belief – tortured over his vows taken from

    it culminated better than I expected.. and that’s good writing

    hence, the fallout of the cars “crashing”….

    for me… I hope it leaves the door open for Eileen Davidson to return

    Well Done


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Had to reply here…i totally 4got Carrie was pregnant…we may never know what she had…as for the Bradys being Catholic…it doesnt make them perfect…Shawn always thought Bo was his son until Caroline admitted Victor was his father..Kim was abused by her Uncle who was a Brady and i myself who is Catholic had to say many ‘Hail Marys’ over the years after confession…lol


    4everDAYS replied

    And Father Eric was named after his Aunt Kimberly’s abuser. Marlena was miffed when Kimberly would call Eric the name Rick. Marlena had no idea.

  9. k/kay says:

    Good Lord the dress the hair what a train wreck! Memo to DOOL call Wayne Northup and get him back for Roman and the best looking woman KA/Hope and this is the best you can give her give that lady a storyline!


    k/kay replied

    I am adding this I like ED but she is so over the top it is beyond stupid! KA is one of the best looking women on daytime can’t they find a storyline for this gal or must it be Allison Sweeney all day long. Yawn!!!


    Patrick replied

    this is just soap fodder: but…

    If I was Kristian Alfonso…

    and was watching the train wreck Daniel and Jennifer ARE

    Melissa Reeves going it alone… without Matthew Ashford’ Jack… and in both these cases… the actresses, must admit.. are dependent on… their stronger partners…

    Jack and Bo catapulted these two supercouples…

    finding that better half to further along… the treasure’ Hope and Jenn are: seems insurmountable

    KA, in past interviews… and storyline wise.. has never had a story of her own… all KA can offer up …. is Princess Gina… and how dull was that.. beyond Cinderella dumb… she hasn’t been canvassed for real – reel, not since the Hope/Bo/Lexie baby switch….

    DAYS had their chance… perhaps… with a Hope and Vargas potential… now… they should offer us a HOPE and JUSTIN partnership… affairs of the heart… this is safe territory to venture Hope… as we all know this short affair could rekindle

  10. LeeAnn says:

    EMMY EMMY EMMY, Love and will miss ED. All involved this storyline were top notch and deserve to be nominated. Lets hope Days keeps the momentum going, its been a while since I have been glued to this show everyday !!


  11. dmr says:

    Eileen Davidson is amazing; the reason I tuned back into DOOL. Unfortunately, not much will keep me watching it every day when she exits. I think Eileen is absolutely gorgeous; and she has delivered ever since returning to Salem. I do like other characters; but, none of them will keep me coming back for more, as Kristen Dimera did.


    Patrick replied

    here here…. I couldn’t agree more.. with how much FIYAH Eileen Davidson contributed.

    that being said..

    whats in the fires:

    T and Abbi – they are adorable together
    JJ and will he or won’t he stay clean
    Nick… give him a story… he’s a show unto himself – he is so HOT
    nuWILL and Sonny… he’s coming home…
    Rafe/Kate/Jordan… it’s simmering…. stewing… sexy
    Theresa and Anne… spitfire… glamazons…. amazonions… Women with Kick
    Kayla… writers! she is SO GOOD to leave backburner Abe or John
    John and Marlena are in the start of the new year
    Kimberly and Shane are in Salem soon
    Victor and Maggie are always dependable and make you laugh

    i’m sure i’m leaving something out…

    oh.. Nicole Brady and Eric…. erupting

    dull Daniel and tired Jenn…. ??? blanks


    Patrick replied

    Sammi and EJ, hopefully, with Stefano… infighting…

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