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15 February 22nd, 2017 Eileen Davidson Gives Tips On How To Make The Perfect Acceptance Speech & Reveals Turning Her Novel ‘Dial Emmy For Murder’ Into A Movie

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Every performer at any award show should listen to these tips from The Young and the Restless and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Eileen Davidson, on how to deliver your acceptance speech. Davidson talked with, relating her experience when winning the Daytime Emmy for the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Kristen DiMera on Days of our Lives back in 2014.

In addition, the website’s Daily Dish segment exclusively revealed that one of Davidson’s soap opera mystery series novels is being turned into a movie!  That would be Dial Emmy for Murder.  Eileen expressed: “I wrote these books 10 years ago, one every year for a few years, and one of them has been optioned.  And I’m in the middle of writing a second draft for it, and hopefully we’re gonna be filming it this summer. So I’ll be starring in that, co-writing it, exec producing, and that should be fun.”

As to the story in her novel and now on to the film, Eileen said,  ”They’re written around the soap opera industry, and the protagonist is basically my character. She loves mysteries, and so she gets involved in trying to solve these murders. So you find her always in trouble when she’s always trying to figure things out, and all these people keep dying in these very dramatic ways, so it’s gonna be fun.”

Watch Eileen’s acceptance speech tips after the jump! Then let us know if you think what she offered is good advice for a performer picking up a gold statuette?  And, what do you think of one of Eileen’s novel becoming a movie? Comment below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    OK– this–
    I Used to like Eileen Davidson/Ashley, I did..
    But now, her Ashely character , to me, I now see as slutty because of her Housewives thing.. That really ruined the persona, for me.
    However she is a very good actress, for sure.. and her speech was good, also.

    But, not gonna read the book lol..
    Really, the Housewives gig turned me totally off:(..what a shame she went in that direction, my opinion..


    damien replied

    aside from this insulting comment as your need for attention, i will reply regardless
    nothing about eileens appearances on rhobh translates or should be percieved as ‘slutty’…eileen actually imo comes off as very down to earth and actually one of the more normal stars on the show. she is genuine and sensitive and has had a bad go of it with family ordeals. all things considered she should be commended for being so strong and keeping her plate full.
    eileen is classy and more beautiful than ever. congrats to her for her continued relevance and success. y n r, days , rhobh, and now a published novel! way to go eileen. dont listen to uninformed haters such as the one above who never really has anything positive to say anyways


    su0000 replied

    lol damien,,
    My comment was honest criticism, not an insult.
    My comment also included praise.
    I do not hate her or anyone.

    Drama queen much lol aren’t different opinions fun ..

    Mark Y replied

    I think Eileen adds the only touch of class on the show. Kyle comes close with her Hilton pedigree but those others are just awful loud mouthed dames.

    Addison replied

    I still love Ashely and I respect Eileen Davidson, however, I understand what SUOO is saying here.
    That RHOBH gig is not doing her any favors. I know she doesn’t need the money or fame, so why does she do it?
    They need to find Ashely a decent romantic partner. I liked her with MEK as Dr Neville. When she is in the same room with Victor, I feel their chemistry.
    I know they are pushing for a romance between Ashely and Ravi but for me, they just don’t work. That actor who plays Ravi is probably in his late 20s to early 30s but he looks like he’s barely out of his teens. He’s very boyish looking and acting and Ashely needs a man in her life.


    Nanci replied

    Totally agree, Addison.
    Never understood Eileen’s reasons for joining that show!
    Just YUK!
    Ashley was great with Simon, etc., yes!
    Ravi? That makes no sense to me…can’t even imagine
    a romance there. At all. Ever.
    A mentoring relationship, A friendship. Sure.

    k/kay replied

    Oh my gosh it is money she s nds chills up my spine she is so yuck

    dmr replied

    On the rare occasion that I watch RHOBH, it is only to watch for Eileen. She is the only “housewife” that exudes any class, IMO. The only “favor” this gig is doing her, is in her bank account. Watching, clearly she is not like the other “housewives,” and unfortunately, I think she “dumbed” herself down for a paycheck-a mighty good one from what I read. I can’t stand to watch Erika or Dorit. Those two make me cringe.

    Celia replied

    Hi, su,
    I do not necessarily agree with the ‘slutty’ part; but, I do agree with your perception of the ‘Housewives’ show….trash!!
    This is my opinion, also…..agree or disagree.
    By the same token, I do not like the direction in which Eileen’s character, Ashley, is going. This is no fault of hers, but the writers’. The Ravi thing/ storyline is immature and drmeaning for a talent such as she.


    Nanci replied

    I don’t think of her as slutty, either…that word doesn’t fit, but yes, those
    shows are just trash, waaaay beneath everyone’s image of classy Eileen.
    Always been so weird to me why she ever wanted to be part of it.

  2. k/kay says:

    I like Eileen but she has never shown the softer side of Ashley I much preferred Brenda Epperson’s version


    k/kay replied

    Every since she came back in 1999 she shows a cooler version I think it is because of her stint in Days as Jristen


    k/kay replied

    Oops Kristen colder version

  3. Violet Lemm says:

    I feel much the same way as Suoooo. In fact I said just about the very same things she did on a Y&R comment board. I felt that Eileen , being on that trashy show made me lose some respect for her. Those women, for the most part, are not only vulgar but exhibitionists. I understand they do not care what some viewers think if them, though I am sure they have fans that admire as well as envy their lives. I just did not think Eileen needed that kind of fan adulation and attention.


  4. JK says:



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