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32 October 5th, 2012 Eileen Davidson On Her Shocking Exit from Y&R & Her Return to DAYS as Kristen!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Circle next Thursday, October 11th on your daytime calendar! That is the date that Eileen Davidson returns to Days of our Lives after nearly 14 years away in the role of Kristen Blake, the adopted daughter of none other than Stefano DiMera!  Davidson’s Kristen wreaked havoc on the relationship of Marlena and John last time out, and that’s putting it mildly!  Will she be up to her old tricks when she returns?

Davidson spoke to TV Guide not only about her return, but whether any of the other four  roles she played at one time along with Kristen, under Jim Reilly’s head scribe days in Salem, may be back in the fold too.  Fans are hoping that Susan Banks (EJ’s birth mom) may eventually return, and so to those unbelievable teeth!  Eileen also talks about her shocking dismissal from Y&R and her role as Ashley Abbott, and what went on behind the scenes with Sony that eventually landed her back on the long running NBC soap!  Here are a few excerpts below!

Eileen on what went down with Y&R, DAYS, and SONY, which had her leaving Genoa City and ending up back in Salem: “What happened to me at Y&R was shocking — I’ve been in this business a very long time and have never seen anything like it — but it’s not like I haven’t been fired before. And with everything going on in daytime right now, it was not completely surprising because everybody seems to be scrambling. Apparently, there was a lot of infighting going on behind the scenes at Y&R. We obviously know that now, considering what ultimately happened to Maria Arena Bell.  At the time it felt like I was being ripped from my mother’s arms but, in the bigger picture, I’m really happy to be at Days. It was always a place of great creativity for me. I should also say that a couple of months before I was let go at Y&R, Sony, which owns both soaps, did put out feelers as to whether or not I’d be interested in doing both shows and I said yes. That, of course, didn’t happen, but it wasn’t like I was completely blindsided. At least they did ask how I’d feel about going back to Days. But it was so strange being fired twice from the same show. I was, like, ‘Seriously? Really, people? Again?’”

Eileen on if any of the other characters she played on DAYS will return, namely Susan Banks:  “At this point, the only one even mentioned in the dialogue so far is Susan. I guess it would be fun to revisit some of that. Yeah! (Laughs) What can I say? I’m kind of a masochist. And I still have Susan’s teeth. I took them with me when I left the show. I pull them out every once in a while to keep my husband in line.”

Eileen on how Kristen will treat Marlena this time out:  “I gotta tell you, some things never change! I just love it when Kristen tortures Marlena! Driving that woman crazy is the most fun ever!”

Are you excited about Eileen’s return to DAYS next week?  Would you like to see Susan Banks return too? Or, what about Thomas or Sister Mary Moira?  Let us know!

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  1. Dmitri says:

    I hope she and Stefano will bring the ratings back up! I also would like to see Stefano and Kate get back together. Glad to see John and Marlena TOGETHER and onscreen again!


    Ces replied

    Absolutely! I’m also hoping that once Kristen’s evilness returns we can do away with that whining twit Nicole.


    Dmitri replied

    I like Nicole, but she need to get her strength back by leaving Daniel!

    cindy replied

    She needs to be Ashley Abbott to me and with Abby going to die in the fire I have no clue why wouldn’t Ashley come back for her daughters Funeral! So sick! We NEED Ashley back


  2. cathy trinque says:

    I don’t understand the articles–other 4 roles? On Days or Y and


    ashlee replied

    To Cathy, Eileen played five roles on Days, as ridiculous as it sounds. She played Kristen. Then along came Susan. Susan had three siblings…Penelope, Sister Mary Moira, and their brother Thomas. Eileen played them all. It was outrageous and stupid, but it was Jim Reilly writing it so it was bound to be that way though. But eileen played all the roles like the trouper and professional that she is!


    Christine replied

    cathy, you need to read the entire article from TV Guide (Michael posted the link above). It explains the other characters. Here is something from the article that will explain it:

    “TV Guide Magazine: You made suds history during your previous Days run when you juggled five roles at once — Kristen, her goofball lookalike Susan, and Susan’s three sibs, one of them a man! Will you resurrect any of that? Or would it be a mistake to try to recapture all that Jimmy Reilly insanity now that he’s no longer with us? ”

    “Davidson: At this point, the only one even mentioned in the dialogue so far is Susan. I guess it would be fun to revisit some of that. Yeah! [Laughs] What can I say? I’m kind of a masochist. And I still have Susan’s teeth. I took them with me when I left the show. I pull them out every once in a while to keep my husband in line.”


    Daniel replied

    Eileen played five roles on DAYS; Kristen, Susan, Sister Mary, their brother, and Penelope….she was amazing look it up on youtube


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    She played five people on DAYS: Kristen, Susan, Penelope, Thomas and Sister Mary. =)


    Mary SF replied

    It was on Days, she played Kristen, Susan, a nun and a guy. I forgotten their names but I’m sure others posting here will tell you them. I think there might have actually been 5 roles all together. She is one talented actress and y&r loss will definitely be Days gain. I’m looking forward to seeing her.


  3. Winona says:

    The following question/answer from the TV Guide interview is very telling to me. If Y&R can right itself, I believe Ashley Abbott will be back in the near future (maybe a year from now). I could see her doing a year on DAYS and then coming back to Y&R or doing both. If Josh Griffith is upset she is gone and CAN write good story for her, she will be back. :-)

    “TV Guide Magazine: Well, for what it’s worth. I interviewed Josh Griffith a couple of weeks ago, now that he’s back as head writer at Y&R, and he hates it that you’re not on the show anymore. He wants you back. Bad! He told me he was the one who brought you from The Bold and the Beautiful back to Y&R during the writers strike.”

    “Davidson: I talked to Peter Bergman [Jack] the other day and he told me the same thing. That’s very interesting, because I’d always been led to believe it was Maria Bell who brought me back.”


  4. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I’m so happy that Eileen is returning to DAYS. It would’ve been nice if she could have handled both series, but Sony made the right decision in the long-run. DAYS writes for Eileen’s talents, while Y&R did not. Ashley for the past 4½ years was a weak woman, and not the strong one we had in the beginning. So I’m happy she’s returning as Kristen, it’ll be nice seeing her for once in a juicy role!


  5. Jules says:

    Super stoked for her return! I have wanted to see her opposite James Scott forever and half now!


  6. Remedy says:

    I am glad she was asked back to Days and out of that mess going on at Y&R. She is a talented actress. It is rare that I find an actor/actress that I love in any role she plays.


  7. Matt says:

    very excited. can’t wait.


  8. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    I’ve always liked Davidson but have never really watched Days. Her leaving Y&R is a HUGE loss for that show. Even in the too frequently occurring awful episodes and plots of Y&R over the past few years, I stuck with the show just to see scenes between Jack and Ashley. If everything else had to be stripped from Y&R, these two characters are the most invaluable to it. The interaction between them is always interesting even when the plot is not: Family oriented Jack always making some bad or unethical decision for something he preceives as a gain for the Abbotts. Far more ethical (but, at times, more fragile) Ashley always loving her brother but totally aware of his flaws. To me, these two characters ARE Y&R, especially now with John Abbott gone. I even like how they always reminded the audience of their love for their deceased father and how he is never far from their mind.

    Davidson always was THE Ashley for me. Brenda Epperson was okay but Davidson was the only actress who really played well against either Jack (Peter Bergman or Terry Lester).

    The “firing” of Davidson really nailed my opinion of Maria Arena Bell —- she had to go. If Bell didn’t realize what Davidson and her Ashley mean to the show, she definitely is not who I would want helming Y&R. The loss of Davidson really reminds me of the way Chris Goutman let Martha Byrne go from ATWT. Goutman simply didn’t renew Byrne’s contract while the actress really was key to the show and shown great loyalty and thought he could merely recast Lily. The replacement was good but no one reallly could replacement Byrne as Lily.

    I have HUGE hopes that the new crew at Y&R can make significant changes to keep the show going. If they continue as MAB did, making dumb decisions like letting Davidson go, Y&R rightfully will be off the air in 2 years. Much like I hated the loss of ATWT, I would hate the loss of Y&R. However, the cancelled ATWT was NOT the ATWT that I had loved and followed for decades. The current Y&R is NOT the Y&R that I’ve known and admired for 35 years.


    Mary SF replied

    I totally argee. It is difficult to see a show that was so good slowly slip downward solely because of mismanagement. They hired a very talented cast for the most part but then don’t write for them. I hope this team will work better together and write storylines that make sense and entertain. We have watched soaps long enough to know every show has its peaks and valleys. Right now Y&R is in a valley, so it has no where to go but up. Maybe Eileen will come back, but they fired her twice, no one would blame her if she would not want to work for them again.


  9. SZima says:

    It will be fun to see Eileen in another role. I only know her from Y&R, although I was aware of her 5 characters on DOOL. I almost starting watching just to see her back then, but I was working and there were only so many shows I could keep up with.
    Good luck to her…can’t wait until the 11th!


  10. kiele says:

    Who???? DOOL is a Hot Mess!!! All the story lines suck, I tune in on Fridays just to see that nothing has changed. FWPDKHTW!!!!


  11. kalamaty says:

    Lord, please let the new regime at Y&R bring Eileen back home to GC where she belongs. Amen.


    kay/kay replied

    I hope your prayers are answered!


  12. Beacon says:

    Eileen has an incredible talent for campy dark comedy and Y&R did NOT take advantage of this. In my opinion, she is back where she needs to be!!!!


  13. Blake says:

    So glad she’s back! Hopefully she can make the show watchable again like she did when she was on before. Because DOOL is so boring lately, there was hope for the new team but so far it’s zzzzzzzzz.


  14. Jared says:

    I like Eileen on both shows. She is so beautiful and so talented and so graceful and classy. When I was growing up, she was one of my soap queens, along with Deidre Hall. I hope, now that Josh Griffith is back, that Y&R and DAYS can share this amazing actress, who brings so much to the screen.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    Eileen leaving Y&R was Sony’s decision, who felt she was over-all a better asset to “Days of our Lives”. I don’t see her splitting between both of the soaps, at least for the next year. Ashley needs some off-screen time from Y&R to grow some confidence.

    Josh wouldn’t let Sony/CBS/Jill recast the role, either. He’d book for Eilleen. The role will be there should she decide to go back, which I doubt she’ll be doing anytime soon!


  15. Patrick says:

    Geez! what’s to say…. all i know for certain… is welcoming back…. Eileen Davidson… to bring some change to DOOL. to spice it up… intrigueing actress… bring some mayhem back in to Marlena’s life… and even dalliance with John… if he’s up to it…. dag! Just something different… this isn’t even a good post… i’ts tough to muster up advertising… it’s still my favorite soap…. Kristen keeps my attention… and her hob nobbing with the DiMera’s… and interacting with salem’ites…. she’s high brow. Should be camp.

    Please… DAYS… writers…. I beg of you…. do the “write” thing… and keep her fresh… new… vital… and she’ll energize Salem…. and the audience. Kudos to Stefano, EJ… and Chad… talented Troupe.


  16. jeff says:

    This will be good her going to days will give her a chance to shine as an actor i think they wasted her talent on the young and the restless.


  17. Ces says:

    SO looking forward to her return since John & Marlena desperately need a storyline and Kristen will certainly provide that!! I’m positive that Drake & Dee are excited about this as well!


    Patrick replied

    Nice post…. I wholeheartedly agree.

    I’m bracing myself… as DOOL… needs a shot in the “arm”… and I believe Eileen Davidson, will generate heat and a much needed spark, and that’s story for John and Marlena.

    October 11th…. the return of Kristen!

    I’m also bracing myself for the exit of Steve Burton…


    Ces replied

    I will gladly take five days a week of Kristen/John/Marlena than five days a week of Sami for a change.

    Eileen has great screen presence and Drake shines when he he’s having fun with this storyline. I agree, a “shot” is just what the doctor ordered :)

    Strange to see Steve Burton leaving now when it looks like Sam/Jason wil probably reunite once they find out the baby is his. We shall see!

  18. Patrick says:

    Thank you DOOL and Sony…. for bringing Eileen Davidson… back…. as Kristen!

    I’ve been waiting. Oye! I do agree… less is more… with the Sammi show.. and believe you me… i’d be in the front lines fighting for this show….

    it’s been like a hurry up and wait… for something new and different… and Kristen… and Sammi’s twin brother… will deliver! oye…. along, with the Phoenix… OK… he belongs!

    What’s sad… and i might be jumping the gun…. is Nicole, once again… losing her baby… she had me in tears….”why can’t i hold you”.

    i’m so appreciating… the scenes with Sonnys parents…. Justin and Adrienne… it was a hoot to see Adrienne and Lucas… “sharing” their true colors…. dealing with their sons…


  19. rob says:

    Eileen sparks like fire on Days Of Our lives, she is so beautiful and talented. I must say that i have started to be a big Days fan since her return to the show.Days writter need to spend more time focusing on John Marlena, and Kristin and less time with SAMI and EJ and Reef. They writter also needs to change there writing style to incoporated more suspense and thrills and camedy into the show just like how it used to be with Kristin and Susan back in the 90′s. I love Hope too, the need to give her some great story line. and stop exhaust their time too much on Sami and Nicole .


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