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24 September 5th, 2014 Eileen Davidson Seen In Photos With THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards!

Photo Credit: Hutchins

Well, look what surfaced courtesy ar!  There are photos of none other than newly reported cast member Eileen Davidson of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, walking alongside long-standing cast members: Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards!

As soap fans know, the DAYS and Y&R star has not “officially” said as of yet that she has joined the cast of RHOBH, but what else could be going of if she is not part of the new season of the hit Bravo reality franchise?

In the photos, Davidson is seen shopping with the ladies and having lunch, and they all look pretty glammed up just for a lunch and some shopping! Were the cameras rolling?

If Eileen is in the cast, are you excited to see more Davidson on your television screens in an entirely new type of genre for her?  Let us know!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I’ll only watch if she acts like Kristen…lol


    harry replied

    I wish there were like buttons in here because I like this.


    KatieR replied

    LOL, i’d totally love that. And like Harry, there should be a like button!


    MBmomof3 replied

    LOL. I’d love to see Kristen handle these “housewives”.


    Momma replied

    Been watching “Young and the Restless” since BEFORE she even joined it in 1982 and I’m not going to watch this reality garbage.

    jaybird369 replied

    MBmomof3…so would I…LOL!!!!! I think that DOOL’s Kristen would be THE PERFECT ONE to give ALL of those so-called housewives a long-overdue BEAT-DOWN!!!!! And…I think that Kristen should start with that snotty Kyle Richards. To me, that Kyle chick is the MOST ANNOYING ONE on there!!!!!! Yep.

    Take care, ma’am. Peace.

    jimh(leave it beaver) replied

    Kristen could handle those overaged plastic Barbie dolls for sure…lol

  2. CherylP says:

    Unfortunately, I think this is a HUGE step down for her. Very surprised that she would even consider being cast on a show full of insecure attention seeking plastics. Disappointing.


    Laura replied

    totallly agree CherylP


    nicole replied

    “Reality” shows are the new soaps they have the glam and big houses and parties that old school viewers loved but daytime can no longer afford to film.

    And some of them garner larger ratings than daytime soaps. I think it is a smart move on her part.

  3. Mark says:

    I love eileen she is so pretty but she is almost goofy as Kristen it’s fun to watch her! With that big bouffant hairdo traipsing all over town yesterday she was cracking me UP!


  4. su0000 says:


    The real housewives of Beverly Hills is horrible, really it is..
    A hord of rich wives who do and say things that is degrading to womanhood!
    They shop, give parties, and argue.. and at time belittle their husbands..
    I watched about 6 shows and it was way too terrible and haven’t watched since..
    I’ll never look at Eileen Davidson the same again, I would see her as a bloated BH wife , lol


  5. Aria says:

    I like the show don’t get me wrong , but a working actor joining this type of show is seen as a betrayal mainly because these type of shows are the reason there’s less scripted shows so Eileen should be embarrass as for Lisa rinna well she hardly acts anymore or is currently on any scripted show so in her case it’s different but at the end of the day who really cares everything is about money anyways…


    carla replied

    I couldnt of said it better . My thoughts exactly.


  6. KatieR says:

    I’ll watch (I watched Dirty Soap) but idk how it’ll be. I’m so not a reality show viewer. Teen Mom, Biggest Loser, and sometimes I’ve watched Little People Big World and the one with 19 Kids and Counting. That’s really the extent of the ones I’ve ever enjoyed (oh, Jon and Kate +8 until they went cray depressing, and Kathy Griffin’s Life of the D-List but I don’t count that b/c it was more comedy).

    Okay that’s actually a lot of reality (though BL is the only current one I watch) but they’re not what I’d consider the same genre of reality as RH. I don’t enjoy shows about vain people so I REALLY hope this season of RHOBH isn’t like that! (At least where Eileen and Lisa are concerned, i don’t care about the rest).


  7. nicole says:

    Meant to add thatbdo not let the word “reality” fool you. These shows are as real Y&R.


  8. Mo says:

    If it were really ‘real’ they would film them doing their day-to-day stuff, not doing preplanned and contrived events.


  9. MBmomof3 says:

    I too am surprised she agreed to do this. It’s not like she needs the work. But I will watch because I am curious. Hope I don’t regret it. Sometimes you’re better off not knowing what your favorite performers are really like. Well, as real as “reality” TV gets anyway.


  10. Max says:

    I don’t know about the Real Housewives thing but she is killing it as Kristen again. Those scenes with Daniel are so hot!! I don’t know where Eileen pulls Kristen from but we are all grateful at my house.


  11. sarah hernandez says:

    this is a big move on her part.

    these Housewives & other reality shows turn nobodies into superstars.

    just look at all those Kardashians and Jersey Shore crew!

    hopefully Eileen breaks away from the soap opera stink and becomes a real star.


    Rapids replied

    Soap fans are often dismissive of reality TV but some of the shows are pretty good. Bravo is a high budget outfit and the shows provide more glam than any soap opera. Daytime soaps have pretty much run their course. They seem dated and kind of stupid when you think about the dumb plot devices used over and over. Beverly Hills Housewives was fabulous the first two years, then they got into a bit of a rut. I hope the new casting works. There is always going to be conflict and fighting on the housewives. I don’t know much about Eileen in real life, I think Lisa Rinna will get in peoples faces.


  12. Gmbenet says:

    What if this is a top secret soap opera plot for Y&R (would be even better if Days). That might be a first in Daytime history and certainly an interestingly twist! Maybe all this hyped is a build up for an interesting plot across two television genres!


  13. PatF says:

    I think it’s fantastic.

    And folks you are kidding yourself. Soaps are not looked at much differently from the mainstream than ANY reality show.

    I could sit and trash Duck Dynasty all day, but I’m sure some of its fans HATE that a soap has a gay couple on it. (Days)

    Housewives shows are just like a soap really, and most often more based in real life obviously. I’d prefer to watch most any of the franchise before sitting through the silly GH plots under Cartooni.


  14. Dee says:

    I was excited at first that Eileen agreed to join the show. But then I felt she was so much classier han those losers Brandi glanville, Kyle and her crazy sister. But when I read she was getting $750,000, I realized why she agreed to it. After coming off a horrific daytime scheduled, this would be a piece of cake…no long scripts to memorize, just partying and having fun and she doesn’t seem like she’d get into it with anyone. She has to make a living and somehow so she took this…she could have stayed in daytime, but what would be the point. This is easy money. Vs working five days a week at ungodly hours and getting paid probably not as much. Lisa rinna is a nobody. She bounces around from one reality show to another and no one cares about her or her puffy lips. She’s only (ha! Only) getting $450,000 … Shows you how much more they value Eileen.


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