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33 August 27th, 2013 Eileen Davidson Set For A Return Visit To The Young and the Restless!

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Ashley Abbott is coming home, but for now just for a bit!  According to CBS Soaps In Depth this afternoon, the popular Eileen Davidson, who recently exited her role as Kristen DiMera on Days of our Lives, is headed back to her old stomping ground this fall  … The Young and the Restless!

According to SID, “A spokesperson for The Young and the Restless has confirmed exclusively that Eileen Davidson will be making a visit to Genoa City later this fall!”

Davidson will be seen in three episodes come this October.  Now what exactlybrings Ashley back to Genoa City is still under wraps!

CBS Daytime Chief, Angelica McDaniel tweeted the news relating,” She’s baaaaack!!! #YR‘s @eileen_davidson is coming home to Genoa City.”

So, are you glad that Eileen is headed to Y&R? Do you hope that things would work out that Eileen could stay put on the number one soap?  Why do you think Ashley makes a return to GC? Comment below!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    If she stays in Genoa City im fine with it…Days should grab the talented Kelly Sullivan and have her take over the role of Kristen Dimera!!!


    vik replied

    jimh: THATs a FANTASTIC IDEA! Dont watch Y&R but I’m going to miss Eileen and the character of Kristen. What villian will there even be on Days now?
    I bet they wont recast that character though. Im going to miss Kelly Sullivan also. I liked Connie/Kate and she was great in that part!


    Beacon replied

    You two should never quit your day jobs. Eileen has the role of Kristen on lock.

    vik replied

    Beacon: Yes I kind of knew that, since shes the original and has been at it for years. WHY I SAID: I bet they wont recast that role.
    I wish theyd do something finally with BO also, they could always bring her back later. Remember when soaps used to recast all the time?

  2. Lois says:

    I hope they find a place for her permanently I like her as Ashley Abbott , but I never want to see her as Kristen back in Salem again, I said that the last time she left Salem and I hope and pray that it is really true this time. As Kristen looked away in a harem is to good for her!


  3. su0000 says:

    well, since Y&R is all about people/couple problems and companies (never any drama) she will be coming back for either of those 2 reasons..

    BORING ..
    (unless she returns as a vileness convincing killer) but, it will be return because of problems.


    PatF replied

    Hardly boring since the show has been number one now since the late 80′s. It’s just not your style of show.

    Just like a lot of people don’t like or watch GH, or Days since they are plot driven and tell a lot of stunt stories.


    su0000 replied

    I am a Y&R fan for decades, and telling it like it is..
    Y&R has been terrible past years, it is lackluster and I watch it by pc in bed before I sleep, it actually puts me out haaa truth..
    but being a long time fan I am addicted to it so continue to watch ..
    there is always hope it will get better .. but as of now, it stinks .. lol

  4. Bill says:

    Yawn. She should have returned to Days for a few episodes. Y&R is awful, and they gave her nothing to do. Guess it’s fast easy money for her.


    CLH replied

    Yeah, it won’t be long term as long as JP is there. What good actor wants to work with someone who does nothing but destroy soaps and cares nothing about the history of the show?


  5. Jules says:

    Who didn’t call this?

    Y&R may have had her first and have a beloved character on there, but they’re clearly excited to have her back because of all the build up she’s gotten from DAYS. They see what an asset she is more than ever with the hype she’s gotten over at DAYS, and will piggyback off that success. I know they love her there, but come on? They were just waiting, licking their lips, until she left so they could get her back for some time. It’ll become permanent with a contract soon enough, just you wait.

    This is JMO ^ though. As well, although I know ED was happy at DAYS, it is clear to me that she just doesn’t love DAYS like she seems to about YR. Her heart just seems so much more over there (G-d knows why….it’s not like they’ve treated her character well since I started watching, or before that from what I’ve heard). She’ll always go back to them. *Sigh*. Such a shame from us fans of Kristen.


    Patrick replied


    I so echo your sentiments…. all the rest be damned. OK.. you’re allowed to simmer beside yourself.

    you get on this site and a soap box awaits…

    especially the 2nd paragraph. you know… your gut instinct.. and comfort level is where you should be? need to be? I don’t know… it would seem to fans alike… of Y&R and DAYS… that she should and deserves job security…. writing is a whole nother pandoras box… and that actor is left holding the bag… as it were. till that out… and/or exit is your choice or without control.

    Eileen Davidson… as a lifetime fan of Y&R and DAYS… you are top notch. it’s not our place to understand your position and motivations. you’ve been in this business for what seems like forever… and you’ll find a place… albeit temporary… or longstanding.

    as for Y&R. I swear… for me… it’s probably the 3rd longest show i’ve watched… after ATWT and AMC… and the one time.. i gave up Y&R for GH. DAYS is a comfortable 4th and gaining. and it’s full on steam ahead… for GH and DAYS.

    but… watching Y&R.. due to Jeanne Cooper’s exit… is unbearable… notwithstanding my allegiance… it’s not the same… and newbies and the times of… I am still glad I have GH. I still cannot believe… Sharon’s role…. what is up with the expletive writers? I can see it now… they’re going to blame Sharon’s bi-polar on her reasoning to come forward with her dna switch so long ago… and she comes accross as a dolt and more than… it’s not her… the mere fact that she’s sharing with whomever… the ghost of Cassie? that even tho she and Nick moved along with others… he with Phyllis and Avery.. and she with Adam… and whomever.. she’s lying to herself… that “she and Nick never stopped loving each other”… how agonizing is this?

    Eileen Davidson… take your time off… and know that DAYS is where you belong


    Patrick replied

    I should add for Y&R.

    I loved hearing Esthers letter from Katherine.

    “you are my protector, my confidant, and my family”. that was tearful.

    I so adore Amelia Heinle, as Victoria, watching her… I was struck… at her role… she seems like mother to Nikki… still under her dads hand… as his daddys lil girl… and mentor to Nick… and just downright endearing and loving… with Billy and the kids they share. she’s my favorite newman… it would be Nikki , if Nikki would stand up to men.

    Ta Da! Carmine and Adam…. testosterone maxed out!

  6. Libby says:

    Eilleen was wonderful to return to DAYS and give it her professional best. She is a gifted and committed actress.

    It is clear that Eilleen feels at home at #YR. It remains to be seen what Shelly Altman, Jean Passanante along with Jill Farren Phelps will bring to #YR.
    Would have preferred Bradley Bell as EP. This was Sony-CBS biggest opportunity to rectify some poor selections post MAB. I would have felt better with Brad Bell and Ed Scott as EPs and Kay Alden, Patrick Mulcahey and perhaps another seasoned and par excellence #YR writer.

    Now time will only tell. It doesnt instill confidence at my house. Godspeed to all .


  7. Mary SF says:

    Someone on this site once suggested Ashley could be Adam’s mysterious backer– I would love that– although can’t fathom how those two mended fences to work together– but if it were her that would be some twist.


    Patrick replied

    you know… that would be believable and quite the arch for Y&R to traverse… two actors who… along with romance – love – and familial…

    can be evil – devious – reel machinations – muster their personal revelations… at, with, and for… all involved.



  8. Jared says:

    Love you, Eileen! As either Kristen or Ashley, you’re pure beauty, class and talent. I support Eileen’s taking a break for family. I just hope we get to see a little bit of this lovely actress on our favorite shows now and then.


    Patrick replied

    that’s all i ask for….

    and trust me ED… it’s your acting… along with watching our favorite shows that you contribute sssooooooo much


  9. Michael says:

    No surprise here- but what a traitor. She had a good gig with Days but she obviously prefers Y & R.


  10. Sandy says:

    I wish Eileen would come back to Y&R playing a devious spitfire like she did on Days. Since her powerful stint on Days, I want nothing less from her than when she played Kristen. Playing the straight and narrow role of Ashley won’t do it for me. I like her “bad to the bone” which she plays real well. Hope I am not disappointed.


  11. heidi says:

    I love Eileen as Ashley!!! I know she is great as Kristen and she has been carrying DOOL… but she is Ashley!!! We need Ashley to have a good story and not just be a decoration in the Abbott living room! I hope she is back for a long time!!!


  12. Charles says:

    The demise of Ms.Abbott, storyline is clearly the fault of the writers,and their feeble attempt to capture more of the demographics to maximize ratings profits…..there was great chemistry between her and Mrs.C’s son Tucker M..but they continued to focus the story on 2nd tier characters and it didn’t work.She had nothing to do,it might have been better to have Abby killed Tucker,and Ashley take the blame for it,thus giving us a courtroom drama, may have been fun to watch.We will never know……i am still mad that John Abbott,though deceased is still onset,as a ghost giving Jack sage advice…..they should have kept him around…… JG writer is gone,he won’t be missed,because they don’t have a vision of family too many new people,member the three new hunks,they float in and out,mainly one with his shirt,or pants off,is not exciting,or contributing to any story in any manner. Kevin ,stealing,going nowhere,and Lauren,Michael,and their son…..issues and all was a disaster in the making,and the nut bartender /lover Carmine… is dragging on far to long……see the pattern ,the major characters are drowning in a sea of hit and miss stories….i am sure Eric Braden is as stressed out as me……


  13. Mo says:

    I wish she’d stay in Salem, but will be happy to see her in GC.


  14. PatF says:

    ED originated the role on YR, and I realize that a lot of people loved her at Days.

    YR fans are glad to have her back, but it’s only for three shows at this time.

    The timing of the release of this news was to get the YR fans all excited before they dropped the HORRIBLE news that two former GH writers would now HW YR.

    If Phelps truly cared about the show, and not herself, she’s try to get someone who knows the history of the show…not these two.

    Phelps is the type of “leader” that needs people under her who do exactly as she says. Real leaders want the BEST person for the job, and often that means hiring someone that could do your job better. I didn’t want or respect her when she came on about a year ago, and this just solidifies that for me.


  15. dmr says:

    I absolutely love Eileen Davidson and will be sad to see her leave Days. The return of Kristen Blake Dimera is the reason I tuned back into Days. I wish her well, back at Y&R. Would love to see the beautiful and talented Kelly Sullivan come to Days!


    Patrick replied

    Would love to see the beautiful and talented Kelly Sullivan come to Days!

    I too, just can’t say enough about how Kelly Sullivan, effortlessly.. with style, grace, grit, panache, inner resolve… just stamped, two footed, her presence, and made daytime hers.

    i’d love to see her as a nuDiMera.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    No, Kelly should be Kristen!!!

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Kelly should be the new Kristen!


  16. kalamaty says:

    SO, SO happy that Eileen is coming back, hopefully for an extended stay. Now, more than ever, Y&R needs a strong female lead to pick up the slack left by Stafford and Cooper. I’ve always loved Ashley on the show and am STOKED that she’s back where she belongs!!!


    cat replied

    kalamaty………I got you…..lets hope for some girl power. Mix it up a bit again and put Ashley back in the drivers seat of Jabot etc


    kalamaty replied

    AMEN!!! :) She needs to come back stronger, focused and more determined than ever before! I want her to kick ass and take names! :)

  17. Patrick says:

    I have to share… in the latest issue of SOD….

    “Eileen Davidson, why she really left DAYS.”

    fact… ie: her contract with DAYS… she had it stipulated… that she could have left after 3 months… and that it was in fact a 1 year contract.

    that in itself helps in answering why ED left.

    the common thread… “I just don’t know…” and “I don’t know”.

    I’m certainly not answering for one of MY favorite actors’. I just feel it helps to better understand… simply why… she left Salem.

    as intimated by past headlines and post speculation….

    ie: after 30 years in the business… and her home environment… going through changes… and her family growing up so fast…. downsizing her home… 2 kids in college now…


    OH! Ashley and Kristen….. Eileen Davidson.

    time off is your due. thank you for sharing you’re certainly not retiring… relaxing and sharing in your family’s company.

    OH… it would seem clear to me… that DAYS has one of the most intense schedules… what with shooting 4 months in advance… etc… and that it’s not worth the pay cuts… at times… and that it leaves one with no time for a personal life.

    anyway… I’m happy to have read the article… and can hope that further down the road… that you may or may not grace us… in Salem.


  18. cat says:

    Love Ashley, class act and she always puts people in their place. I hope she crosses over to B&B and hooks up with Bill. It’s awesome when Y&R and B&B intertwine.


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