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49 August 1st, 2013 Eileen Davidson Talks The Reasons Behind Her Exit From DAYS!


Fans loved Kristen’s return to Days of our Lives and so did the actress who played it, Eileen Davidson!  After the stunning news earlier this week that Davidson has already wrapped up her stint with the NBC soap, which literally had Kristen as a catalyst to great story, and additional ratings for the daytime drama, the popular star spoke in her first interview since the news broke with TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan.

Eileen shares that DAYS had come to her this past March to renegotiate a deal, but the actress expressed to TVG,  “I told them I really felt the need to leave.”

In relating, if she might return to DAYS , or return to her former Sony home at Y&R, Davidson said, “‘I’m not leaving Days to go to another show, nor am I retiring. When I told Eric Martsolf (Brady) I was leaving, the first thing out of his mouth was, “Oh, you’re going back to Y&R.” No, I’m not. First of all, they haven’t approached me and I’m sure they’ve known since March that I was leaving DAYS  since both shows are Sony productions. I will definitely work again. Who knows? Maybe two weeks or a month from now I’ll be ready. But there’s another big reason I feel it’s time to leave Days. The characters I play there have a very short shelf life. How can you have Kristen keep doing her shenanigans year after year without it getting old? How many times can she reunite with Brady before he starts to look like a complete dunce? Days has asked me to come back for shorter story arcs down the line, and that could happen. They wanted a commitment as to when, but I couldn’t give them that right now. ”

So, what do you think about Eileen’s decision to leave Days of our Lives?  Do you share her point of view, that a troublemaker like Kristen has a short shelf life, without seemingly becoming to redundant?  What would you like to see Eileen do next, since she is not retiring?  Do you hope she will return for short stints on DAYS?  Share your thoughts!

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  1. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I think Eileen is a smart, smart woman. And she saw some some fans (not myself, though) felt about her storyline on the show. So she’s giving it a break. But it sounds as if she WANTS to stay at DAYS should they change up the Kristen motive. So I hope she does come back down the line, whether it is a short-time wait or a long-term wait. DAYS has been incredible to her. I haven’t seen fire in Eileen’s eyes this much since her she was on B&B as Ashley.


  2. No1_ILoveLucyFan says:

    I won’t miss Kristen in the least, but Eileen Davidson is one of the best actresses to grace the screen of Daytime. It sounds – to me at least – that she realized Kristen has been written into a corner & the writers are too inept to write her out of it. Good call on her part to exit the Titanic that Days has become.


    judith replied

    Kristen is not written in a corner..please in the history of daytime lot’s of others characters did far worse and they still worked..please.


  3. Chaz says:

    I am really happy that she feels she is in a place to take a break. I would hate to see her burn out to the point she never returns.

    I found this really interesting:
    “I’m not exactly sure how they’re going to tie it all up because they’ve cast someone who kind of looks like me — and I don’t know what that means or how she’ll be used.”

    Wonder if they will be bringing back Susan with someone else filling the role?


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Dorothy Lyman is around a decade older than Eileen but if possible id like to see her play Susan.


    Susan evans replied

    Getting married Brady

  4. Mary SF says:

    There is a way to write for less than saintly characters that embraces both their negative sides as well as their humanity. Kristen could have been a very complex, engaging character. I do agree the writers were making Kristen, a female Stefano 2.0, with all these outlandish plots for revenge against her enemies, which was a mistake. Perhaps she felt the character was becoming more and more one dimensional and the challenge was no longer there. But honestly, there seems to be a piece of the puzzle missing to this whole story that we don’t know, but I guess if there is ED doesn’t wish to disclose it, so we have no choice but to graciously accept her decision and trust the writers to use exit to keep the drama going on the show without her.


    judith replied

    Yep all her reasons are not the real ones..mark my words but it is her choice and her right although she has to change her mind ! lol


    Patrick replied

    graciously is too saintly some times….

    fret and angst…. more like it.

    for the state that days is in… and i’m not complaining…

    i just have to thank Eileen Davidson… Greg Vaughan… Chandler Massey/Freddie Smith…

    for elevating what DAYS is celebrating…. ie: emmy win…. and “great” story. for many…

    one year back? I don’t get it… only ED… and whatever the production team at DAYS is doing? oye! too puzzling to merit acceptance right now. ED was on 5-6 years the last time… and just 1 this time around.

    I so hope she comes back.

  5. Lois says:

    Sainthood for Kristen is never going to happen on days if she or they think they can get her there by casting a look alike and changing her a bit I think they are going to be proven wrong. Even is she hadn’t done her dirty to the priest, Kristen just already has to much bad history in Salem to make her redeemable.At least for me and I think for many who watched through the 90′s too! I wish ED well in her career she is fabulous, just please go be fabulous back in Genoa City!


    judith replied

    With good writing characters can be redeemable, and in the case of Kristen she can, she did not do worse than MANY other devious soap characters. She is just a great ‘bad girl’ in soap standards with layers, she is VERY viable and redeemable and NEEDED on Days. She has NOTHING to do as Ashley Abbott on Y&R.


  6. B.J. says:

    I agree with ED, it’s tiresome for any villain to continually get away with whatever they do. Especially her comment about “Brady”… he looks like he needs a nanny or chaperone to take care of him… he’s so stupid. :)

    I think she’s terrific and hope to see her again soon… somewhere.


    Jake R. replied

    When ED said she is worried about Brady looking like a complete dunce…too late!
    Brady and Daniel have to be two of the dumbest men I have ever seen on a TV show, soap or otherwise. And Jennifer has to be the most naive women I’ve ever seen a television series.


    B.J. replied

    I totally agree about them all, and I guess because I am female, Jennifer bugs me the most. :)

    These days when J.J. comes up in her conversations, or appears on screen, I just hit FF. Now she’s even letting that little twit in her office walk all over her. Geez…

    Dange replied

    Soap characters look weak (or dumb, stupid, moronic or whatever we call them) when they don’t have any other storylines going besides their love lives. I think the problem with Brady is more of that kind. Not Kristen makes Brady look weak but the lack of multiple layers to the character. So I don’t see how Eileen’s departure could make Brady as a character look any brighter, only the writers can do it and it doesn’t depend directly on who is he interacting with – Kristen or any other character. IMO Eileen Davidson and Eric Martsolf play well of each other and this usually results in entertaining and organic scenes.


  7. Gmbenet says:

    I support Eileen’s decision because I respect her as an actress and as a person. The recent Kristen storyline did not leave room for the character to grow and evolve. Maybe this break will give the writers time to think more about the character of Kristen, and have time to develop a long range plan for her.

    I do hope Eileen will return to Days at some point. I am sure the execs at Days will do whatever is necessary to make that happen.

    I am sure Eileen will be missed by cast and crew as well as the fans.


    judith replied

    Not true, this time Days did well with Kristen Dimera : they gave her a POV (sometimes even at the expense of some others like John..), a real friend in Jennifer, real sibling relationship with EJ and at a lesser degree Chad, a love with Brady, some self-aware reflexion in some scenes..all of that with of course her brand of crazy and vengeful scheme and bitter resentment towards Marlena..


    Patrick replied

    I hope she comes back with child…..

    brady’s or Erics’.

    what better way to return.

  8. kalamaty says:

    Eileen is such a fabulous actress; any show would be lucky to have her! I’m hoping that she goes back to Y&R; I can’t think of a time when that show needed a strong leading lady then right now, particularly with the huge voids left by the passing of Jeanne Cooper and Michelle Stafford pursuing other interests. Jill and Josh, are you listening?


  9. Jules says:

    I’m so sorry to see her go, but am glad DAYS were very willing to bend in order to get her to stay. I’m glad they didn’t want to let her go so easily. I just hope she doesn’t run over to YR at first holler given how bad the show is right now and what a terrible record they have with Ashley in recent years, and consider that if she is going to return to any show to go back to the one that offered her a richer storyline, more airtime and higher critical acclaim than she’s experienced in almost a decade.


    judith replied

    Right in the money !
    Let’s hope she change her mind pretty soon and come back on Salem as Diva extraordinaire Kristen Blake Dimera !
    Ashley Abbott speaking a tea time with Tracy about Jack’s problem once a month is not worthy of Eileen Davidson, end of story.


    4everdays replied

    It’s time to bury that red lipstick in the sand for once and for all!!!

    Mad/hatter replied

    Trust me on this she is not coming back to Y&R. The two leads over there as far as females are Chelsea & Avery. JFP’s pets because they are involved in story with the Golden Boys. She is over 50 even though she looks great what story line does MTS have or Jess Walton? Y&R is a lost cause and ED knows it.

  10. Joyce peters says:

    I wish her the best of luck.


  11. Kathy says:

    “How can you have Kristen keep doing her shenanigans year after year without it getting old? How many times can she reunite with Brady before he starts to look like a complete dunce?” I agree with this statement but the “suits” have been doing it with Sami for 20 years and then they threw Ej in the mix and she is right it does get very old and not interesting or entertaining any longer. I can’t watch anymore until something is done. I liked Eileen on Y&R so I hope she goes back there. I hope someone at DAYS, Sony, and NBC read this article!


    judith replied

    It is just an ‘excuse’ she is doing here. ED is a SOAP veterant, she knows how Daytime soap storytelling works and Kristen is still a pretty viable character, this time they even made an effort to not make her character’s actions OTT or irremediable..Kristen can still works on the canvas for a long long time..ED knows it she just gave this reason among others in order to find some reasons to her exit..actually she just wants to take a break from acting for a little while for PERSONAL reasons..As for Y&R they don’t have any story for Ashley Abbott and that since a LONG TIME ago..


    Dange replied

    Exactly. It’s the responsibility of the shows writing team to write for a character in a way that it doesn’t get old or boring and if they are willing (and it looks like they are) and capable of doing this, each character can “survive” anything and remain viable for a very long time.

    Patrick replied


    well said… what i would have said…

    That ED is a SOAP veteran… and knows the ins and outs of this business.

    Kristen will always… along with ED… be a viable and beloved actor.

    I HOPE it’s just a break… and that she comes back.

  12. I Love GH says:

    This sounds like a personal reason rather than professional. I wish her well.


  13. Michael says:

    Wow- what a major disappointment. I almost wish I hadn’t read her interview. However, now I feel less sad that she is leaving. Hasn’t she ever heard the ole expression ‘not to bite the hand that feeds’? It is clear that Ms. Davidson never viewed the masterful performances of the legendary Beverlee McKinsey. The daytime diva starred in three soaps over twenty two years, playing two characters with the same over the top manipulation. Never once did viewers deem her performances as redundant. I’ll bet anything her true motivation for leaving Salem is that she wasn’t getting paid enough money. Soap stars just don’t make what use to ack during her first reign on Days. Well…. Maybe they will give her abundant air tome to the more deserving, and decidedly more loyal, Deidre Hall. Also- maybe we’ll see more the characteter Theresa.


    4everdays replied

    I agree. Well said. What actress would not want a great role like kristen?
    An actress who wants more money.


    Soapluv replied

    It doesn’t have to be about the money. Eileen has options. She obviously knows how to exercise them. I’m certainly not going to be upset with her for doing what’s best for her. Loyalty to a show? She’s smarter than that and good for her.

    Patrick replied


    I have to put this on the shelve for awhile… how devoted I am… to DAYS and ED.

    loyalty to a show? well… certainly the fans … vent it up…

    then i thought…. what if Kelly Sullivan came to DAYS…

    I guess it’s not our business to know ED’s motivation.

    and yes… ED’ talent to act anything… is tantamount to she can do anything… and most would accept what Kristen does… because it’s lovely to watch Eileen Davidson.

  14. heidi says:

    She will be missed! I hope she gets an acting job somewhere… she’s so talented! She is also one of the most engaging actresses on soaps… you just get drawn in to her! Of course I would love to see her doing both shows (Y&R and DOOL). I wish her the best and hope we see her soon!!!


  15. shari barnes says:

    I love Kristen and Eileen I WISH she would stay at days,I love her character.I WAS hoping Kristen and brady would stay together,i didn’t like what she did to eric but I have always loved Kristen/Eileen .back in the day,i absolutely loved Kristen and john together and face it she wouldn’t of went crazy if john didn’t dump her for saint marlena.i was so rooting for her and john back then,and now I really love her and brady,i didn’t at first but they grew on me,i hope she comes back soon or changes her mind.


    Patrick replied

    you saw the same things….

    that she could have made it work with Brady….

    and I thought that there would be more story development for her and John… at the expense of Marlena… which would have steered away from the Kristen of old….

    John would have gotten back together with Kristen… and I’d believe they could have fallen in love.

    geez! ED has some of the sexiest love scenes…. Brady – Eric – John… and the writers can’t find any thing else for Kristen?

    i’m primal screaming and angst out….


  16. Allie says:

    Bummed that Eileen Davidson is leaving “Days”, but at least she’s not returning to “Y & R”.


    Patrick replied

    I’m still staggered by all this….

    It often crossed my mind… that… is she happy playing Kristen? ie: and I do blame the production …. and the writing…

    is she that … ED… able to walk away… when it would seem that DAYS/Sony/NBC… would lay out the red carpet for her.

    does she miss Y&R. ?

    she must know she has a huge fan following and respect from her peers… to want to work with her….

    I know I love her acting.


    Allie replied

    The writing has become repetitive where my mom and I have been fast forwarding. Kind of surprised that she did not leave sooner. My mom’s salonist agreed about the writing for the Kristen and Brady storyline.

    This is Days/Sony/NBC, what should we expect? Not exactly smart.

    Hope not.

    She does. Maybe “GH” would take her, because they have the talented legend Maura West where she has revived some storylines where my mom and I have been fast-forwarding less.

  17. Soapluv says:

    I commend Eileen Davidson for managing her career like the true, talented professional she is. She has pride, knows her value, plans strategically – all while looking fabulous! Kudos.


    Patrick replied


    what a nice thing to say. you know… I have to hand it to her…

    she’s managing her career… I’m still just stumped… that she’s only been back on DAYS, one Year!

    what’s up with this Eileen?

    currently… for those long term days fans… I don’t see this as a total loss… DAYS has been so good.

    I have to hope… that Jenn Lilly… Chrishelle Stause… Judy Evans… continue to play their lovely hearts out….

    I’m certain there’s more women… but.. this is the current trend.

    what about Hope… Maggie… Marlena…

    give us more Kate and Rafe’alicious.


  18. judith says:

    Eileen change your mind you are needed as Kristen Dimera !


  19. Marc says:

    I will truly miss Eileen Davidson what a Beautiful Talented Actress she has brought the Ratings up on Days !!!!! Hope she comes back with a great Strong Storyline & Love interest & not for the Writers to get silly w/stupid unreal stories I loved Brady with her they make a Beautiful Hotttt Chemistry Couple ……there so much of Storytelling they can do …. Make her pregnant w Brady s baby But she will think its Eric s this would of been hotttt & it’ll give storylines too so many onvolved Nicole ,Marlena etc bring her back May Sweeps the Ratings will be Up come on Days your losing so many talented characters Will,Chad ,Gabi,Kristen,John ,Bo why can’t there be some hottt Couples like it used to be ……. Concerned by #1 Fan here in Tampa Bay FL……Bring in some Characters pls


    Patrick replied

    yeah, I hope this is her exit….

    she realizes she’s pregnant… and doesn’t know who the father is….

    and this way… when she does come back… she’ll be more “humane”…. and will revitalize her character…. for those who’re so caught up in realism.

    she’s a character.. so be it her shenanigans… evil machinations… she acts her ass/heart off….

    simply hope they bring her back on occasion.


    judith replied

    Would be more soapy if the baby was Eric’s actually so i hope for this outcome, Brady can always have a baby with Nicole, she is so good at ‘miracle’ pregnancies..lmao.


  20. nancy dillingham says:

    A beauty–and a canny actress! May she reign somewhere else.


  21. Michelle says:

    Eileen has hit the nail on the head. Characters such as Kristen do have a shelf life. It’s good to see that she realizes this, even if the producers of shows don’t. Wishing her well.


  22. Patrick says:

    I go away for 8 days… and this is what I see.

    what? why? It can’t be….

    I don’t think she’s written in to a corner.

    yeah…. with John and Marlena pretty much off the canvas as well…. and it looked like Kristen and Brady were able to get back together…. the plot to bring down Marlena was thwarted by Kristen herself.

    now… the Father Eric on paper… seems unfounded…. but… it was delicious acting… and brought us Greg Vaughan…. back.

    the demise of the DiMera’s is what i’m not liking.

    i have to digest this….

    Eileen Davidson… I so enjoy your acting.

    I mean… kudos to your welcome back to DAYS. I don’t understand this… and on a personal level… I know you’ll be well.

    I certainly hope DAYS – NBC – Sony leave the door open for your return.


  23. Elizabeth says:

    Please don’t go!!!


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