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13 October 30th, 2014 Eileen Davidson To Join Cast In Guest Star Role On YOUTHFUL DAZE!

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More very familiar soap opera names are filling up the roster of the hit teen web-soap Youthful Daze!  News today has that Daytime Emmy winner, Eileen Davidson of The Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives has joined the cast in a guest-starring role!

Eileen will be joining the series in a mysterious role that is closely related to fellow Daytime Emmy Award winner Rick Hearst (General Hospital and Guiding Light), according to the series.

Bryan James, the creator of Youthful Daze released this statement: “It is an honor to welcome Eileen Davidson into the Youthful Daze universe.  She is going to shake up our canvas in ways only Eileen Davidson can.  We look forward to her storyline beginning to air this spring.”

Youthful Daze is set to release one new episode of Season 3 every Sunday night through Spring of 2015, 43 episodes in total, a rare feat for online programming. The series is available exclusively at

So what could be better?  More Eileen! Looking forward to seeing her on Youthful Daze? Comment below!


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  1. davidevansmith says:

    Where does this woman find the time????


    Didn’t she leave DAYS before because she wanted a break and to spend time with family? What the hell happened?

    Fortunately I love Eileen Davidson and can’t wait to see her on housewives. I also love seeing her in two hours of my 3 and a half hour daytime lineup. This woman is going to work herself to death.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Eileen has been on a high since she was nominated for and subsequently won the emmy for her role as Kristen on DAYS…She’s on a roll for THAT role!


    Patrick replied

    “…Didn’t she leave DAYS before because she wanted a break and to spend time with family? What the hell happened? ”

    I know, right ?

    as a DAYS fan… I feel shattered… cheated some

    her work in Salem… is what catapulted her back…. her reign supremacy, if you will

    “fortunately, I love Eileen Davidson ” as well


    Kim Huck replied

    I love Ashley on Y&R


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    She spoke out and said it was because of the way the scripts were being worked on DAYS for why she left; it was too hectic and constant for her.


  2. Darren says:

    Eileen Davidson is one busy bee. LOL.


  3. Nick D. says:

    Eileen Davidson and Ric Hearst – never seen them together but WOW that sounds like a match made in heaven! The two of them have charisma to SPARE and even mentioning the two names in the same sentence I can already feel the chemistry they’d generate!

    Love it!


  4. Mo says:

    Eileen is hot!

    She left Days before because she wanted a break. I guess she had it and is taking advantage of her hot commodity status. Good for her. She deserves it.


  5. Nick D. says:

    Eileen is investing in career longevity by appearing on RHOBH and this youth-centric web-soap. She’s very smart to do so. Eileen is an icon to soap viewers in-the-know but RHOBH gives her the opportunity to become somewhat of a household name while Youthful Daze is an opportunity to get involved in the next generation of serialized drama in some capacity. Eileen is smart and the last couple years it seems she’s decided to make the most of her career which is awesome. She languished for far too many years being bounced back and forth between YR and BB in a supporting role and now she has stepped up her game tremendously.

    Eileen’s 55. Truth be told there are very few film or primetime actresses who continue to work steadily at her age, but daytime and reality are a different story. Eileen is playing her cards exactly right to continue to be in demand for years to come.

    Now, let’s just hope they give her a decent edit on RHOBH – as we all know in reality TV it is the edit that makes or breaks you. Something tells me, however, that Eileen is smarter than her costars and producers combined on that show and she’s going to come out of it bigger and more in demand than ever.


    Patrick replied

    “…Eileen is investing in career longevity ”

    here, here

    even tho it smarts some

    Ms. Davidson : Please visit us in Salem, minimal


  6. MBmomof3 says:

    Love the soap vets! Great cast, but I don’t think this show is for me. I might give it a peek. Wish them all well in this endeavor.


  7. jOHNNY says:

    I love Eileen, I am so happy she won her emmy on Days. Well deserved for the role of Kristen Blake Dimera. Like Susan Banks always says, Kristen is mean mean mean LOL.


  8. damien says:

    the year of eileen continues!
    this lady deserves a spread in people mag!
    at the very least she deserves an amazing storyline at y n r like the one she got at days!
    too bad her best leading man , brad , was killed off unnecessarily back when that hack Mab was writing y n r ! wat a joke , then to kill off colleen was criminal!
    if joe clark doesnt turn out to be related to matt clark, maybe he can turn out to be related to brad carlton!!! him and eileen would be smoking together!!! either way way ash deserves to be front and centre! would love a bitch fight between her and nikki ! that rivalry needs to be reignited, maybe thru stitch they can catch nikki and maureen on the sauce!!


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