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3 September 13th, 2010 Eileen Fulton on the end of ATWT and taping the final episode!

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Eileen Fulton wraps up 50 years of playing Lisa on As the World Turns this coming Friday, when the show goes to the big soap heaven in the sky. TV Guide caught up with the unstoppable Fulton, for her parting words as she wraps up, along with other cast mates, a huge part of  her entertainment career.  Here are some interesting excerpts on what the legendary Fulton had to say about the final tape date and the ending!

Fulton on how it was to tape the final episode and wrap up the final days of taping: “Terrible! I have never been so relieved to leave a place in my life as I was on that last day! I took my picture of my dog, Geraldine Page, and my radio and my damn bedroom slippers and walked out of my dressing room, got in the car and said “Thank God!” It was very hard for everyone. People got extraordinarily depressed. They were tearing down the sets as we were trying to do our final scenes. We had to ask them to stop hammering so we could act. Then there was the fire.”

Fulton on burning Benjamin Hendrickson’s hairpieces on the last day of taping: “On the last day they took all of the hairpieces worn by Benjamin Hendrickson [the late actor who played Hal Munson] and burned them one by one in the yard at the studio. Benji hated those hairpieces but the show insisted he wear them — let me tell you, he was furious! — so we told stories about him and wished him well and knew that he would be delighted to see those damn things go up in flames. So that was fun, but it was a hot, humid day and we were choking to death on the smoke. It was an odd way to end things. [Sighs] I love the show the way things used to be. I love all of the people I used to work with — the cast, hair, makeup, wardrobe, the darling kids in the office. [Laughs] And yes, the producers, too…even though I left ATWT three times forever.”

Fulton on if she feels the audience will be satisfied with the final episode: “It’s marvelous! Very touching without being drippy. [Executive producer] Chris Goutman did a good thing — I just love him! — and I was very proud of everybody. It’s a beautifully written script and a great tribute to Helen Wagner. There are some wonderful old scenes with her character, Nancy, that the fans are gonna love. [Wagner, who uttered the very first words on ATWT, died last May]. I wish Helen had known how much I appreciated and admired her.”

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  1. Brian says:

    Miss Eileen is a real pistol & a real class act! :-)


  2. Beth Grunewald says:

    You people stink for taking ATWT off the air. Did you get a new CEO that made that lousey decision??? FIRE HIM!!!!!! I was loyal for over 50 years and now yu don’t give a damn!!!! I don’t care what you put on in it’s place, I’ll be watching any station but CBS!!!!! Thanks for ruining my afternoons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beth Grunewald


  3. Diane Ellison says:

    There will never be another ATWT, it was a show a one of a kind. Have watched from beginning when it was live and black and white.
    The cast, the ones that were the main characters that never changed will be missed forever.
    Helen Wagner, the great lady of the family gone but will never be forgotten. Don Hastings, Eileen Fulton, Ellen Dolan, Scott Holmes, Martha Byrne, Jon Hensley, Colleen
    Zenk, the late Benjamin Henderickson, Elizabeth Hubbard, Maura West, Michael Park
    Kathleen Widdoes, Marie Masters, Kathryn Hays now this was a cast of wonderful actors. So many more that really held this show in high regard, and brought class to my life every weekday at 2.

    Hope that this fantastic soap gets another chance to survive, and that it will get picked up by another super star Oprah. This would mean so much too so many, my 2 o’clock is now empty. Please bring this show back with the same cast of character’s to go on
    for ever.
    A devoted fan, Diane from Florida


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