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32 March 13th, 2014 Elizabeth Hendrickson Confirms She Is Exiting The Young and the Restless With Message To Her Fans!

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Another great performer is exiting The Young and the Restless, when confirmation came today via a heartfelt message posted at Soap Opera Digest from Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe).

After speculation over the last week that she had indeed chosen not to renew her contract at the CBS soap opera, Elizabeth confirmed today she is exiting the series to see what other acting opportunities are out there for her.

In her message, Hendrickson reveals that Y&R will leave the door open for her to possibly return some day.  The talented actress joined Y&R in 2008.   Here is what Liz had to say to all of you, her fans and the loyal viewers of Y&R!

Elizabeth Hendrickson:  “You may have heard the rumor that I am leaving Y&R… and it is with a grateful heart that I wanted to tell you personally, my unbelievable fans, that the rumor is true.   What does one say after a decade of the most amazing relationship? Let me start by saying THANK YOU.   Thank you for standing by me and all of my characters in daytime over the many years. A big special thanks to the BAMers, Chilly’s, Clonan’s and Clovin fans.  Your love and dedication has been unwavering. Even the most beautiful relationships need to go through changes in order for them to grow and evolve. This is where I find myself. I need to stretch my wings and fly into the unknown.

The one thing that remains true and what I will hold close to my heart as I embark on this new adventure is that I will ALWAYS have you. If it weren’t for all of your love, support and faith in me as an actress I wouldn’t be able to make this bold move.  Please know, this is not goodbye forever.  This was a very amicable parting of ways. I will be working for a few more weeks and airing well into May.  Y&R and especially Jill Farren Phelps made it very clear they did not want to see me go and plan to leave the door open for Chloe.  I am beyond thankful for my career in daytime, the friends I have made along the way and especially for all of you. I hope to see you all soon. Lets keep in touch. Maybe in another medium or simply another time slot. Regardless. I’ll miss you. Love Lizzie. ”

So, what do you think of the news of Elizabeth’s confirmation that she is exiting Y&R?  What did you think of her message to her fans?   Will you be sad to see her go?  Let us know!

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  1. Tom says:

    Sorry to see her go, but good luck to her in future acting roles. She is excellent and will do well.


  2. EventsDiva says:

    Damn. Another one bites the dust. Best wishes to Elizabeth!


  3. Lew S. says:

    She will do well and will be missed


  4. Linda Gloria says:

    Sorry to see her go. But I really believe more and more will be leaving. The show has just gotten worse. Bad writing. Terrible story lines


  5. Sammie says:

    Unless you decide to be a lifer on soaps, she’s made the right choice if she wants to advance her career. She’s a young woman and frankly her career will be longer than if she stayed on Y&R. Who knows how long the four remaining soaps will be around. They may have seen a “comeback” lately, but in the long run, it’s doubtful they’ll be around 10 years from now.


  6. Jackie O says:

    On to bigger and better. Wishing her all the best. She’ll “bring it” wherever she goes.


  7. Carole says:

    I wish her well! I’ve always loved her!


  8. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    It’s sad to see her go, but I’m glad it’s on her own terms and not the show’s. But people are still going to whine and complain that someone else had a hand, despite her giving her word this is amicable. Wish her the best wishes in whatever she does next. Would love to see Chloe come back!


  9. k/kay says:

    Wishing her well in future endeavors I have not liked how they have written her character for a long time maybe she felt the same way.


  10. Mo says:

    That was a very nice message. Good luck to her.

    With Delia gone and other story decisions, I think she lost her zest, so I’m not totally sad to see the character go.


  11. Gino says:

    Good luck to you Elizabeth, You are a wonderful actress. I will miss you as chloe.


  12. toscanti says:

    Best Wishes! Have to question her comment about another time slot. She says it has nothing to do with JFP but I believe anything and everything has to do with JFP. Elizabeth will do well anywhere she lands.


  13. Sharon says:

    another big change in Y&R with her going, sorry Y&R but the show has had too many changes lately and not worth watching anymore as we struggle harder and harder to relate to the newcomers and all the changes that are happening


  14. Fran says:

    I’m not really sorry to see her leave. After we MM fans lost MM I felt she took H.K. side, then there was the picture of her, Chelsea & Kevin that they took with there little signs which I thought was rude to say the least. I kinda hope a couple of others have need to spread their wings from Y&R.


  15. David says:

    I have always enjoyed her very natural perfrmances in the very different roles she has played on AMC and TY&TR. I just hope we don’t see too many more exits from this show. Too many cast losses and weak replcement castings have marred it. But I am Jess Walton is back, even with a kooky storyline.


  16. Harry says:

    Why is it the ones you want to stay are invariably the ones who go while the ones you wish you would go (Lily, Summer, DuhYawn, Neil etc.) refuse to leave?
    It’s like the very men who absolutely should never wear Speedos are the ones who always do.


  17. su0000 says:

    ohh geez..
    Y&R is becoming a shell oh itself.. The greats, gone..
    (Katherine/Jeanne Cooper)
    Adam/Michael Muhney
    Billy/Billy Miller
    Phyllis/Michelle Stafford
    and now
    Chloe/Elizabeth Hendrickson

    Replacing them would be futile; proof can be seen with the replaced Billy Abbott (not working/fail)


  18. Jimmy says:

    And this brings the tally up to five. Jeanne Cooper, Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller, Michael Muhney, and now Elizabeth Hendrickson, all fantastic actors and actresses. These were among Y&R’s top talent, and now they’re gone.

    I understand EH wants to explore other acting opportunities, and I’m glad the door is being left open for her return, and she isn’t being recast right away like Billy was. I know she’ll do well because she’s amazing.

    But this is just another in a long string of losses for Y&R recently, and I’m worried the canvas will soon be all new faces with only a handful of vets, prior to the JFP reign. The only character I like right now that JFP has brought on is Stitch. The problem is that all the top talent is leaving, and with it, their fanbase. It really is sad to see EH go after she’s done so well in the past few months as Chloe.


  19. Doe says:

    Sad to see her go. She is an extrordinary actress. Hope she finds what she is looking for!


  20. Sheryl says:

    We wish you lot’s of luck in your new future and we will miss you onY&R but,we know you will succeed in whatever you do.


  21. JustSaying says:

    Let’s read in between the lines.

    “Elizabeth confirmed today she is exiting the series to see what other acting opportunities are out there for her.”


    “Y&R and especially Jill Farren Phelps made it very clear they did not want to see me go”

    Y&R did NOT want to give her a contract that allowed her to do outside projects while on the show. Therefore, she’s leaving.

    Now, could she have become a recurring character instead of a contract character? Maybe, but Y&R didn’t want that.

    So another loss for Y&R. I consider it ‘balancing the Karmic scales’. And GOOD FOR THEM!

    Ms. Hendrickson – Best regards to you and all of your pursuits. Peace Out!


  22. wolfsmistress says:

    Dang … how hard is it to get “outs” if you’re not a close FOJ on that show?


  23. Adam says:

    I wish her luck, but I am surely going to miss her, I am huge fan and have watched since her days at AMC, but was thrilled when she joined Y&R. Darn I had no idea she was going to leave, I enjoy watching her, she’s a class act!


  24. Alan says:

    Let’s all try to look at the bright side: we’ll get more Dylan and Avery.


  25. CMD says:

    Can’t say I blame her. I’d jump off this sinking ship, too. But, hey, at least this means more airtime for Avery’s baking, right? Good times!


  26. Jared says:

    People come and go and come back. I wish this lovely talent the best. I’m pleased to see the recent returns of the incomparably talented David Tom and Camryn Grimes, and maybe, by some miracle, Ashley Bashioum, Heather Tom, Michelle Stafford and Eileen Davidson will return for extended (contract) stays some day not too long from now. Before anyone responds that David Tom and Heather Tom are siblings, I am hoping for a Billy and Mac reunion. Anyway, I digress, and this article is about Ms. Hendrickson. All the best!


  27. Jonathan says:

    I’m losing count of how many of our favorites have left over most of this last year


  28. Rob says:

    Maybe if she moved to Tennessee she would get what she wants.

    I find it hard to believe this show is still number 1 in ratings, its God awful.


  29. izabel says:

    Oh man… Y&R is hanging by a thread. PLZ LISTEN TO THE FANS! Gonna miss chloe and EH talent, but wishing her the best and hoping for a return.


  30. Jonigirl says:

    My first reaction to Elizabeth’s decision to leave Y&R is a selfish one; I do not want to see her leave because the show is threadbare and the plots more of the same ole, same ole. I wish her well and hope that she is able to find a regular prime time slot, because she is a good actress. I found her believeable. Rather than castigate Y&R and beat a near-dead horse, her departure presents another opportunity to strengthen not only the acting base but the storylines. Hope it happens. If I see another “here, taste this, now this one” segment by a supposed high-powered attorney, I may puke. I’d rather see this actress strut her stuff in a courtroom setting. Remember when the character Michael Baldwin took to the courtroom? He was quick, passionate, and unbeatable. Y&R needs a lot more of this caliber of writing, and acting.


  31. Elite Advisors says:

    So sorry to hear EH leaving but based on the recent changes and exits, I am not surprised. They wrote her character into a corner. Her daughter was killed, she kidnapped her God son and they have done nothing to help redeem her…. bad writing after bad writing. Add the JILL FACTOR and I would think she is relieved to be out of there…she has a lot of talent and hopefully will land somewhere less stressful. Who wants to come to work in an environment that Jill has created…

    Great job Elizabeth…hope to see you soon…


  32. Richard Banks says:



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