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37 October 13th, 2014 Elizabeth Hendrickson Returns To Y&R On The Anniversary Of Delia’s Death!

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It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the controversial death of Chloe and Billy’s daughter Delia! The storyline brought Emmy winning and Emmy nominated performances to the forefront for Billy Miller (Ex-Billy, now Jason GH), Amelia Heinle (Victoria) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe)!

Now as previewed at the end of today’s Y&R, Chloe returns to Genoa City on the one-year anniversary of the death of her little girl, which also means a brief return for Liz Hendrickson who departed the series earlier this year at the end of  May.

Y&R also tweeted today: “Familiar face comes home on tomorrow’s Y&R!”

So what are your thoughts at it being one year since the game-changing storyline? Happy to see Elizabeth back on-screen even for this sad occasion?  Watch the preview for tomorrow’s Y&R after the jump! Then share your thoughts!

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  1. Tracey says:

    I am glad to see Elizabeth come back as Chloe to remember Delia. I have also missed Ms. Hendrickson being on #YR, wish her stay was permanent.


  2. Mark says:

    I have been missing Guiding Light so badly lately, anyone else?


    Ricardo replied

    yes Mark I miss Guiding Light too, Reva Josh Dinah and so on. I hope Kim Zimmer lands on General hospital or Young and The Restless, I miss Kim so much.


    Momma replied

    Bite your tongue to Kim Zimmer appearing on any of the four soaps.

  3. Ricardo says:

    Thats great news, Elizabeth did not renew her contract. So she left the show, she will get alot of prime time offers as a guest or a series. I wish Elizabeth the best of luck. It will be nice to see Chloe for one day on The Young and The Restless.


  4. su0000 says:

    ohh noo!
    If I have to go through a decade of celebrating a child’s death as Cassies (OVERKILL use of a dead child for ratings 7 times a year for a decade(not including Sharons 100000 grave visit speeches) .. …………………..I will have to get very mean over it..
    Lets pay homage and then let poor Delia RIP..
    and not be used for ratings and to depress everyone!!


    Patrick replied

    “…I will have to get very mean over it..”

    I hope you do


    I couldn’t agree more…. it’s more than beside myself… how “celebrated” Cassie became

    I was never in to Cassie when she was alive

    Delia is another ball of wax

    she was Billy, Chloe, and Victoria

    so… that’s a big deal

    that being said… since, only victoria remains

    I don’t see the reason after year one to go their

    unless…. Y&R production will MILK every one

    Delia death will forever resonate as the story that mindlessly catapulted Y&R to WIN best serial….. I digress

    DAYS should have repeated 2 years in a row

    YEAR 2013 should have gone down as the year, EVERY THING, changed


    out of our control


    as much as I love ED and KS… that’s Kelly Sullivan

    I don’t see a safety net for survive

    even Peter Bergman… didn’t look or act himself… as he was telling nuPhyllis… god, how I loved you…. life moved on… etc….

    hopefully, Nikki supplants and carries some thing

    we can all forget about Victor

    we’ve moved on

    I do think about Victoria… what will Kelly Sullivan bring to the canvas…. unless they bring in an equal pairing for ED… Ashley….



    Genoa City is dire … I can barely muster stimuli

    OK that’s mean with


    su0000 replied

    I really like Kelly Sullivan..
    I doubt I will FF. here.
    Then again-
    Y&R may waste her as they did the great Tristan Rogers..

    You are correct;
    ”Genoa City is dire … I can barely muster stimuli”

    Timmm replied

    Kelly Sullivan is a great actress. I agree with you su0000, I hope they dont waster her like Tristan. Thankfully him and Jill are not on a lot. Sad, they are both talented but written horribly. Tristan’s character is slime and thats not who he should portray. He should have been a Tucker McCall recast and running the Chancellor Estate. I know Tucker is not a choir boy but he has redeeming values, charm, and he is Katherine’s son. Its really a shame that the chancellor name is dead on that show right now.


  5. Elaine Oxford says:

    It will be super to see Elizabeth back on the program, she is such an accomplished actor I have missed her
    a lot any chance she may come back I hope so !


  6. CeeCee says:

    Welcome Elizabeth! Can you please stay?


  7. su0000 says:

    I have always despised Y&R writers for killing children..
    AND then to use their deaths as a drama tool, to bring the tragedy back to be relieved (Cassie for a decade) and for us to have to watch all the heartache, sadness and crying dead child drama, to depress most all again…

    Other soaps have had children killed and they let it go and did not kill them to prosper off their deaths for decades for ratings by celebrating their deaths after they killed them…. lol
    Y&R kills children and then uses their death for years after for ratings… shameful..


    CeeCee replied

    That is the reason I will not be watching this particular episode, Su.
    I do welcome Elizabeth back…..I do hope she stays for good, however, not like this.
    I agree with you. TPTB should leave well enough alone. Delia’s demise was cruel and I purposely skipped the few episodes in the aftermath of her death….too close to my heart.


    Timmm replied

    Your right CeeCee, they should have left it alone. Killing a child to me is lazy writing and upsetting. Recently on GH they reintroduced the character of Jason played by the great Billy Miller. If you dont watch, they had who you thought was Steve Burton hit by a car and then they showed Billy Miller in the hospital all bandaged up to bring him on the show with the character getting a new face. Well, he is an adult and having that character literally run over by a car and showing it was gut wrenching. Again, this is an adult. Thats why Y&R having Dee Dee get run over by a car, even though it wasnt shown, bothered me so much. Children just are not suppose to die, let alone be brutally murdered. This will not die. [Excuse the pun] When Adam comes back this whole story will be rehashed!

    CeeCee replied

    Absolutely, it will be rehashed, Timmm. It’s unfinished business….it will be reintroduced because Adam, I would think, is still haunted by Delia’s death.
    So, we will relive it through him. I will be missing more episodes.

    Omar replied

    Damn girll, LOL..You really must work for ABC daytime and/or are a GH public relations on the net executive, because your hatred for Y&R speaks volumes!!

    I stop watching Y&R for months due to the lack of storyline entertainment..I been tuning in lately and its getting better.

    ALL soaps over the years have recycle children’s death here and there, so what makes Y&R different!?? AND its only been a year since the death of the child.

    Killing off children on soaps is common, terrible, sad and it brings lots of drama and strong performances by the actors in play..Stop picking on Y&R for doing what dozens soaps have done over the last few decades.


    su0000 replied

    I do not hate Y&R..
    I am so disappointed and frustrated at how it has become empty of all that once made it great..
    Even the opening credit showing who they perceive to be the ‘stars’.. is also very disappointing..
    It is hard for me to love what is no more, and it is very disappointing and damned sad ..
    They let Y&r fail.. it is stagnate with over year long stories that still have no end..
    there is no great drama, just low key dagging on’s.. it is stagnate..
    And– I hate it has become that way !!! It makes me mad !!!
    It lost 3 core great actors because of junk going on..

    CeeCee replied

    I cannot argue with that, Omar. However, there is always a different perspective to be had, depending on the viewer. Yes, children die in real life….so, every time this happens on a soap or the news,or any TV show, it is relived….the wound opens even more….never actually heals.
    So, I cowardly bury my head in the sand.
    Losing a child is the most devastating and paralyzingly pain one can ever experience.
    So, I choose not to watch.

    CeeCee replied

    And, to elaborate, Omar, Y&R is getting much, much better. I love Y&R….always have. I’ve been watching this soap the longest. I never stopped watching even when it seemed that it was going down the drain…..I will not watch just the few upcoming scenes about little Delia.

    sonniorsolita replied

    su0000, EVERY story line on a TV show is “used for ratings.” Um, the whole point is to bring in viewers with gripping stories. I’m with you — I don’t enjoy reliving horrible tragedies such as the death of a child — but every TV show uses every trick they can to boost ratings. It’s not like Y&R is exploiting the death of a real child… it’s just a story.


    su0000 replied

    Y&R used Cassie’s death at the least 7 times a year for a decade, without fail..
    That is way over overkill exploiting a dead child for ratings, or to use for sadness drama..
    Y&R is infamous for death or near death drama, I do like that..
    I watch Y&R, not a lot i need FF a lot..
    But always with hope it will change and once again be great..
    I hope Pratt turns Y&R inside out.. it needs it..

    boes replied

    I completely agree.


    Erick replied

    GH would still do it with B.J. and Jake if B.J.’s parents were still alive, if Lucky were still on the show, and if Jason realized it was his kid not his name.


  8. randy says:

    so chloes sporting a new baby in the oven,


    CeeCee replied

    Really? She’s pregnant? I wonder if it’s Kevin’s…..and if she’s expecting in real life.


    Timmm replied

    I think its Billy’s remember she stole his sperm from the lab. [Only on Soaps!] I think this is how he will cope since it looks like Stitch will be the father of Vic’s baby.

    CeeCee replied

    That’s right, Timmm. I had forgotten about that.
    She wanted to duplicate little Delia. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Lynda Westlake says:

    It was lovely to see Liz back today. It was about time she had a heart to heart with Kevin. I was surprised that she wouldn’t even let her hug him, but the reason was shown at the end of the episode. Looking forward to more appearances by her and the juicy storyline sure to come her way.


  10. Timmm says:

    Good to see Liz but I would rather she play Robin on GH.


  11. jaybird369 says:

    Hey…as brief as it is, I’m glad that Chloe is back…even if it’s just for a short visit. Yes.


  12. Patrick says:

    as long as they show her minimally in a scene with her mother…. Esther

    now, that’s history


  13. Mo says:

    Can’t wait to see her.

    Not looking forward to nuBilly drone on about kid he never knew.


  14. k/kay says:

    From what I hear happens at the end of the episode means they are laying the ground work for a return. Has the actress been doing anything since she left? Well she better hurry back because if everything I hear is true about Chuck Pratt this show will be dead by the end of 2015. I fast forward almost thru every storyline they are all dragging on forever. A new Billy and soon a new Adam makes the storyline hollow.


  15. Nikki says:

    I never cared much for Chloe but for one day I guess it’s ok. Didn’t she leave to see what else was out there? Guess she found out and Y & R is looking better to her now.


  16. Kate A says:

    I liked everything about the show today. I could not stop watching it. No ff for me today. I really like the new Billy and he did a wonderful acting job today. Where is Tristan? He is so good. Y&R is really getting so much better. The Jack, Kelly and Phyliss storyline is interesting also. Loved seeing Chloe today.


  17. Nanci says:

    Was great to have Chloe back. Hope she returns
    for good!


    su0000 replied

    When she said good bye forever to Kevin she was going, moving on..was saying goodbye to Y&R, the way I saw it..
    She was paid big bucks for the one scene return, she is done .. imo


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