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39 April 23rd, 2014 Elizabeth Hendrickson’s Last Y&R Airdate May 27th! Tweets Emotions Of Wrapping Up Her Time As Chloe!

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It’s sad for many to see one of their favorite actors leave the nest and the often comfort of life in the soaps to pursue other career opportunities.  So sentiments and emotions are high this week as Elizabeth Hendrickson wraps up her time on the number one soap opera The Young and the Restless as Chloe Mitchell.

Yesterday, the goodbye process took a more emotional turn when Elizabeth tweeted, “It’s an emotional day, cleaning out my dressing room, a place I will truly miss.”

The actress has also been connecting with her fans in a very lovely way through where she asking their thoughts and what they would like to see her via video posts and messages in this her last week.

Elizabeth’s last Y&R airdate is Tuesday May 27th.  Just how the show will write-out Chloe, with the understanding that the door is open for her to return at some point down the line, is still a mystery.

So, how do you think Chloe will go off the canvas?  Will you miss seeing Elizabeth? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Sharon says:

    losing yet another cast member we were able to identify with a character is leaving the sinking ship R.I.P Y&R


    Timmm replied

    Dont feel so bad, its happening over at GH too!


    Robert replied

    Sinking ship? Really. It has been the number one Daytime show for OVER 25 years! This ship is not sinking anytime soon! :-)


    4everDAYS replied

    How much more can the fans take? Y&R is losing so many! What’s happening? Things are ‘t looking good. The cast is shrinking!!!


    4everDAYS replied

    They are abandoning ship. The ship is sinking!

  2. jonboy says:

    Send her off to Europe to be a top fashion designer and get away from all the painful memories in GC.


    Selena.C. replied



    Lew S. replied

    Good idea! The character needs time to deal with her grief and start her life over again. Far away from Genoa City.


  3. Selena.C. says:

    Love u chloe!! E.henderickson is a talented actress whose character on y&r has been through the ringer. Hoping she really does return but other than soaps her acting is worth prime time tv so I guess we’ll see.. Wishing her all the best! Pissed that y&r is losing yet another special role worth watching :( . Let her exit be a impressionable one!


  4. wolfsmistress says:

    While I’m not sure she’ll head off to Europe (remember, Paris won’t be the same after she kidnapped Connor and took him there), I do believe that Jack may take it upon himself to send Chloe off to the Japanese sector of Jabot, where he once sent Billy, so she can have some time to give herself space and renew herself after this past year of heartache and mixed feelings about everyone and everything she’s been through.

    While I’m saddened to see yet another cast member go, hopefully Ms Hendrickson will find that comedy show she’s hoping to do, maybe even on Broadway. I have faith in her acting skills to do some fun things in her life, and I look forward to seeing her on the screen in some prime time shows (hopefully along with Billy Miller and Michael Muhney, although not necessarily WITH them).

    Best wishes, Ms Hendrickson. Good-bye, Chloe. I’ll miss your fun-loving side on my screen…


  5. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    E.H. needs to move to Port Chuck…as a Robin Drake recast!!!


  6. Shelly says:

    The Old & The Toothless is getting to be such a bore now. As the cast loses major talent constantly now, it’s now wonder they’ve lost over -1.3 million viewers since Miller and Muhney exited on January 30th. So long EH, you’re smart to get off of the Titanic of daytime.


  7. Faith says:

    Obviously they will have to send her away since they are leaving the door open for her to return. With her mental state of mind, I would say they should send her to a mental facility. That usually works.


  8. Candy says:

    I have mixed feelings about her leaving, I was hoping her and Kevin would be a couple and live happily ever after, as we all know this is a soap opera… with that being said…they can gt rid of BILLY / LILLY BUT bring back ADAM ( Michael Muhney ) not a replacement like they did for Billy !!


  9. Timmm says:

    I think she will have a mental breakdown and thats how she will be written off,


  10. KateA says:

    I have enjoyed Elizabeth in AMC and Y&R. Hope to see her again.


  11. su0000 says:

    I miss– Ms/Phyillis — not replaceable
    I miss– BM/Billy — not replaceable
    I miss MM/Adam — absolutely not replaceable
    those 3 were the fire of Y&R.. since they are gone Y&R is empty..

    EH/Chloe will also be missed.. Hope she finds what she needs and wants..

    Y&R is replacing the 3 (replaced one), and it will be a huge disappointment, some are just not replaceable..
    Y&R is becoming a shell of what it once was, sad..
    IF EB does not renew his contract, Y&R will be dead in the water..

    Long live the soaps!!


  12. Sue says:

    Will miss Liz, if JFP ever got fired maybe she would come back.. I’m sure the drama behind scenes were not so great..time to move on!!


  13. andrew hass says:

    I wish Elizabeth all the best in whatever she does next.As for Chloe i think she’ll just leave town because she may realize she won’t get better in Genoa City because there are memories of Delia all around.Plus she may get her marriage to Kevin annulled too.


  14. Jimmy says:

    What if they send her to LA to be a part of the Forrester Creations design team, that way we don’t completely lose the character, she’s just on another show.

    This is another big loss for Y&R though, EH is a very talented actress and has brought her all to the role of Chloe in the past few months. At first I didn’t really like her but she has definitely grown on me and now I’m sad she’s leaving.


  15. Mama says:

    She is so damned pretty.

    In that picture, she looks like a cross between Eva Longoria and Ali MacGraw circa 1970.


    4everDAYS replied

    “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” – Love Story


    Patrick replied

    “Isn’t She Lovely”

    she isn’t all made up : gussied Up : make-up’ed : dressed to the Nines : not too thin

    wonderful smile

    AMC and Y&R were fortunate.

    and we, the audience, adore her


  16. KMB says:

    First my favorite, Billy Miller, and now Elizabeth. I never got the chance to see them paired on the show. :(


  17. Ghlover says:

    Would be an amazing Robin on GH especially if they would recast Jason with Billy Miller!!!!! Frank Valentini you hear me here ??;)


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I too have said in past posting E.H. should be a recast Robin…i had posted it again here but it was omitted for some reason!!!


  18. Joan says:

    The show will not be the same without Chloe.


  19. Elite Advisors says:

    This character needs a happy ending…. Why not send her to Paris to work for Forrester Creations… that seems to be where they hide characters that leave the show… she can work with Steffy and Thorne ….since they are crossing over anyway…give the poor girl a happy send off…


    kalamaty replied

    Agreed! After almost a year of anguish, let Chloe find happiness and get a fresh start somewhere. Then, after a few years, please come back and be more awesome than ever! Wishing the talented Elizabeth much success in whatever she chooses to do! Thank you for so many memorable years and scenes. :)


  20. Mary SF says:

    Well as much as I hate to see her go, the character became a shell of the Chloe that first came to town. Over the years they took this spit fire–the maid’s daughter out to improve her lot in life– a Jill. 2 in the making, and made her blah— Delia’s death was actually the most interesting thing to happened to this character in years– so I think the actress is making a wise choice leaving now on her own, rather than waiting around for them to write her out, which they would have done eventually.

    Kevin definitely needs a new love interest, because being paired with Chloe is dragging that character down too. So, yes it is sad to see talent go, but if they are not writing the character to match the talent then I think she is better off finding a role that will. I look forward to seeing her play those roles that I am sure will come her way.


  21. Carlos says:

    Ms.H performance this year and her performance year , hands down, should garner her the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series…… haters, please stop, bashing the show, over actors for whatever reason,have left the show!!,The former actor in the role , playing Adam N., M. M. I don’t care about or need to know,any of the details surrounding his departure!!!!!!!!!!! Those of you who continue to bash the show, and the staff, powers that be, over this, get a life!!!!!!!!none of you are lawyers,find something else to do or watch on another channel!,,,,,,enough of your annoying scribble!,,,,,,,p.s. The Y and R is still the number one daytime drama for more than 25 years!,,,,,,,


  22. Jill schmuck says:

    It’s to bad Chloe doesn’t take Kevin with her. Dylan is boring and especially with Avery. Jill and the stupid box will never be solved. Lily has to poke her face in to many scenes.

    Show is very boring with to many stupid stories. Time to make changes at the top and bring back a show that cares about it’s fans.

    Michael Muhney was the best thing that happened to this show!


  23. Izabel says:

    EH, is a class act & she will be missed! Hope to see her in more roles.. As for Chloe, she did an awesome job and her exit should be made a powerful one just like phyllis, b miller, adam. Dare I say it, I pray they will come back somehow. Such a fan of y&r but without these 3 now 4.. The soap is tanking. #y&r-bringbackthe greats.


  24. Patricia says:

    Doesn’t surprise me!! Haven’t watched since Billy and Adam left. Who’ll be the next victim .. Stay tuned to more Y&R Headhunters.


  25. Carinamia says:

    Damn :( Chloe was one of my favorites along with all the others that recently left. C’mon Y&R….


  26. k/kay says:

    Wish her luck in her future plans I never cared for the character totally a bitch to her mother etc. only wish she was taking Kevin, Chelsea and Billy with her.


  27. RLeternal says:

    Good Luck! EH in all your endeavors in the immediate future and future. Such a beautiful woman. Hope to see her in a movie.


  28. Rose says:

    I will miss Elizabeth (Chloe) very much. What will happen to Kevin now? The clothing line will that be moved to B&B? Is all the people Leaving now?
    I hope the story line with Sharon will come out SOON!


  29. Debbie says:

    Let her go…I didn’t like her character anyway


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