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14 March 24th, 2011 Emily O’Brien speaks out on her exit from Y&R!

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In a brand new interview with, Emily O’Brien (Jana) who was just pink slipped from The Young and the Restless discussed what happened behind the scenes that led to her being let-go, offered her heartfelt “thank you” to the viewers, and what she might try next in her career.  Here are a few excerpts below!

O’Brien on how she found out the powers-that-be axed her! “ I was on a run and my manager called me to say I was let go.  If someone could have taken a photograph of me, I would have looked like I had just been electrocuted. I was thinking all these things. How am I going to say goodbye to this incredible role?”

O’Brien on the reasoning Y&R gave her for her being let-go: “They said that they’re trying to get back to the core families. I think it had something to do with the ratings, and I understand that.”

Make sure to read the entire interview with Emily, who will be sorely missed as Jana Hawkes!

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  1. Rob says:

    Core families?!?!?

    Give me a break, then Meggie and Daisy better never darken my screen again!!


  2. mike says:

    Makes perfect sense to get rid of the good actors and interesting characters and keep the bad actors and boring characters. Maria Bell has ripped this show to shreds.


    Kalamaty replied

    I know where you’re coming from, but let’s not forget that Y&R is still the number one show in daytime and has been for a very long time. I’m sure you know that a show has to evolve, somewhat. I’m certain there will be more questionable characters that show up – just like there always have been – but the continuity, the core families and legacy characters and high production values and compelling stories are what keep us fans coming back for more and more of our favorite soap. Don’t count it out yet!! :)


  3. Kalamaty says:

    I’m going to miss the character that Emily so vividly – and above all else, believably – brought to the GC canvas. Wishing her tremendous success in whatever she decides to take on next! She has a very bright future in front of her, that much we know! Thank you, Emily! :)


  4. Adam says:

    Maria Bell has ripped this show to shreds, this statement is so true!
    I wished someone would give her a pink slip, no wonder the show is losing fans, and you know CBS they are quick to cancel SOAPS these days, why don’t they get rid of her!!!!

    She’s killing Y&R big time!


    Kalamaty replied

    You must be delusional….. one of my favorite over-used catch-phrases from Y&R….. but this one seems true. Y&R is a ratings POWERHOUSE and there’s not denying it. No doubt, there’s room for improvement, but everyone else is lost in their dust…. by a mile! If it ain’t broke… don’t fix it.


    Skyla replied

    I agree with Adam, since MAB has taken over the ratings have gone down and she has made this show go consistently downhill. Yes Y&R is still number one but that’s more out of the loyalty of viewers who have watched for twenty years and are still tuning in out of nostalgia on the hope that maybe it will get back to it’s glory days or even the way it was several years ago before she took over. Quite honestly i still dvr it and attempt to watch, so they are still getting my ratings, though I don’t watch much of the show these days because of how bad the writing has been for the most part. Yes she has little gems like the Billy/Victoria and I have to admit I was uber surprised with how well the Cane shooting on the steps happened, though the sorry leading up to especially with the immigration thing just wasn’t up to par at all. I am sorry about Emily but to be quite honest I’ve missed Jana ever since after she was rescued from that cage, her character was completely mutilated when they paired her with Ryder and quite honestly she is often on my ff button as of late. I do wish Emily all the hope in the future but if this is the first step of MAB trying to redeem herself and get back to the root of the show then i hope it does, somehow though I don’t think this show will get better though until a new head writer is appointed.


  5. kay killgore says:

    I beleive Ms. O’Brien was brought in by Marie Latham as was the character of Cane and Amber she wanted to erase all ties to that writing team. She is very talented she will prosper when she leaves could she take the character of Heather with her.


    mike replied

    I don’t think we can call Y&R a ratings powerhouse anymore. The show has been bleeding viewers for years. It’s time slot is it’s biggest advantage. I want the show to evolve also but I want it to do so by dumping those Newmans. The Nick/Vick/Victor/Sharon scenes drag the show down. We need more characters with a little life in them. Give us more Nina/Kay/Murphy/Michael/Lauren/Jack/Diane and crazy Gloria.


    Kalamaty replied

    I respectfully disagree with you about the time slot being it’s biggest advantage. Really? To say that is to totally diminish what a talented cast and crew that Y&R has; that has always been the driving force behind the show’s unparalleled, record-breaking success.

    jessica replied

    yes of course there are so many talented actors in the show. But i wanted to give my opinion about daniel. Many fans including me will miss him.

  6. jessica says:

    Hello,i know everyone has their own opinion, but for mine.. I really miss daniel goddard in the show, he was a great and talentuous actor. Why did u kill him off! Many fans all over the world are complaining! We viewers we need to see him back on the show. No cane ! No young and the restless.!


  7. karen says:

    “Maria Bell has ripped this show to shreds” This statement is so true. I have been watching this show since I was a child. I remember all the old characters. I love how victor had a vasectomy and was still able get Sabrina pregnant. Castrators like Paul’s mom ,sister and cop girl friend just disappear from the spotlight. Amazing how they got rid of migal but hire some different people to take care of victors home.. and not to mention.. What horrible security victor has for his home. Everyone gets on his property. I really liked Amber on the Y&R she did a really good job.. I’m glad they brought back kane but what is up with the story line . get with it already. If I have to see cricket again I will vomit. I love the y&R and will always watch it.. but they are really making me angry with killing off all my characters. Everyone dies but Sharon , how many times is she going to push some one off a cliff. You brought back Philip and he is not contributing at all. Bring back Dru to stir up trouble.
    Maria Bell, stop messing with my show.. if you think we don’t’ remember things from 20 years ago , think again


  8. karen says:

    Emily O’Brien , you will be missed your such a great actress


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