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4 September 13th, 2012 Emma Bell Joins The Cast Of DALLAS! Could She Be Playing Ann Ewing’s Estranged Daughter?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

News on more additions to the upcoming season 2 of the smash hit TNT reboot of Dallas! Emma Bell has landed the new series regular role of Emma Brown!

What we know of the character of Emma Brown:  She is described as a sheltered classic beauty who was raised by her grandmother and has traveled through Europe since she was a toddler. An avid equestrian, she feels safest in her bubble but is about to discover what lies beyond.  She is slightly aloof, while her father has ingrained in her a distrust of the larger world.

In addition according to TV Line, they think it will be revealed that Emma could be tied to someone already in Southfork revealing,  “If those clues (regarding the character description) ring any bells, it might be because Emma is rumored to be the estranged daughter of Brenda Strong’s character, Ann Ewing.”

Bell is known for her work on the television series The Walking Dead,  co-starred on the NBC drama pilot Midnight Sun this past season, and appeared  in the motion picture Final Destination 5.

So soapers, what do you think? Does Emma sound like Ann Ewing’s daughter? Weigh-in!


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  1. Tom says:

    As much as I enjoy the character of Ann, I’d prefer to see some Ewings show up–Margaret Krebbs in particular. Invent a kid or two for Lucy. Something. Anything. Bueller? Bueller?


  2. CJ says:

    Finally a blonde in Dallas!! I agree with Tom- Im curious about Lucy’s life, about Ben Krebs, about James Beaumont…


  3. Dmitri says:

    Maybe her and John Ross will get together.


  4. gloria says:

    This would be fine with me. I love this new Dallas so much, they are doing a fantastic job! There are TONS of people from the past to bring in as well as newbies! Can’t wait.


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