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28 April 14th, 2014 Emma Bell On Tonight’s DALLAS Midseason Finale: “There’s No Scene That is Not A Shocker!”


TNT’s Dallas concludes the first half of it’s new batch of episodes with its midseason finale beginning at 9EST/8CST time! After tonight’s cliffhangers, look for Dallas to return with the second half of its season beginning late summer, August 18th!

In what to watch for tonight: Emma (Emma Bell) and John Ross’s (Josh Henderson)  fling is exposed as Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) now knows! A fire engulfs Southfork! John Ross has his wife, his mistress, his alcoholic mother all living under the same roof.  Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Ann’s ( Brenda Strong) relationship hits a snag, and there is an unplanned pregnancy that will be revealed!

Emma Bell (Emma) offered up to her thoughts on tonight’s episode and the split season:  “There’s no scene in the midseason finale that is not a shocker. I feel the writers have outdone themselves each week, but cr** hits the fan — I don’t want to use the ‘bad’ word — in a way you can’t even really expect.”


Bell what on to say:  “It’s such a jaw-dropper, people will tune back  in August. I mean, you can’t not.  I think TNT is really smart in splitting up our season.  Right now, we’re up against some very hard-hitting live shows (i.e, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars), so that’s pretty tough. I think they’re trying to keep us on the air longer, and also to bring us back to the summer slot where we did really well.  It gives the fans more of a chance to see us.”

Watch a teaser for tonight’s DALLAS below! Then let us know what you think will happen in the fire, and in the midseason finale!

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  1. Jenny Brooks says:

    Would it be bad of me to wish Pamela would shoot Emma? :)


    TNT 2.0 Forever replied

    LMAO! Not bad at all. I want Pamela to let both Emma and John Ross have it.


  2. Mary SF says:

    She’s right– it is hard to compete against live shows– I was watching it on Friday night when Bravo in Canada showed a repeat because my Monday was filled to the brim. But never been a fan of the split season approach most dramas do now– personally I wished they just air all the shows at once during the summer like that first season– no competition and gave me something to look forward to watching when television is the bleakest.


  3. diane says:

    I love Dallas. Every show has something you just don’t see coming. That’s what makes it so good. Really hope the ratings go up, cus ppl just don’t know what they are missing. There is so few shows worth watching, it would be ashame to lose this one.


  4. MBmomof3 says:

    love. this. show.


  5. andrew hass says:

    I’m sure it’ll be a great cliffhanger with a lot of the characters fates up in the air.However i’m wondering who sets the fire at Southfork because i’m sure it won’t be accident.


  6. janet says:

    I finaly got caught up. the show is ok by me.


  7. Charday says:

    Can’t wait to see the mid-season cliffhanger! Yes, I’m watching Dancing live and DVR’ing DALLAS.


  8. Susan Warren says:

    Please get rid of Heather. She is not an attractive love interest for Christopher. She is really not up to the quality of the other cast members.


    diane replied

    That’s what I was saying to myself while watching tonight. She’s just doesn’t look like his type.


  9. Shar says:

    Loved it!!!! Need to know is it returning same dates on Bravo in Canada? Please someone tell me. Can’t wait to see it back.


  10. kj says:

    The original Dallas is my all time favorite show so I had to give this one a chance. Have been watching from the beginning and really like it, up until now. Tonight’s mid-season cliff hanger crossed the line between good taste and poor taste. There could have been a great story written with Pamela knowing about John Ross and Emma, but instead the writers decided to throw in smut. Bad job.


    Don replied

    Did not like the ending scene with Pamela, Emma & John Ross. It was completely out of character for all three of them, especially Pamela and Emma. It was cheap, disappointing and ridiculous. They could have written a much better scene. Pamela is a strong woman. It would have been better if she had not taken the overdose of sleeping pills, not initiated some ridiculous desperate sex scene after the pill taking, but instead would have entered the room and shot Emma & John Ross. That would have been much more realistic and true to her character.


    kelly replied

    i agree with kj that was gross. i would have shoot emma that tramp. not what was done. i liked the rest of the show.


    Rob replied

    I agree it was out of character for Pamela, especially after she called Sue-Ellen a “sniveling drunk” but didnt she OD in the end? My DVR cut off right before the end and I read that Pamela OD’d. That would kind of explain the out of character behavior if she were on drugs.

    Rose replied

    Ditto to everything said on these comments with one exception. Would not have Pamela shoot either, or both,Emma or John Ross. Dallas has been there, done that. Would have liked a more clever, creative Pamela payback that doesn’t make her look like a victim.


  11. kelly says:

    hi rob they had to call 911 they have dallas on demand i dont know if you have comcast. but if you do you can put it on.


  12. Marion says:

    Love the show, but disappointed in the 3 some issue.


  13. JR Forever says:

    Love the new Dallas. When does the second part of Season 3 start?


    Jenny Brooks replied

    August 18th


  14. ROBERTOWCARZ says:



  15. lorin says:

    The show is fantastic, I really hope people start watching so the ratings go up and it can continue. Maybe the 3some scene was a bit “out-of-character” but it left me shocked and thrilled, which is the whole reason to watch DALLAS. It always has been!


    Ken replied

    I totally agree. I was stunned but it sure got my attention and no one can accuse them of rehashing the same old storylines.

    I also love the songs the show uses for these edge-of-your-seat scenes. The Doors song made the final few minutes even more interesting, and in the first season, a few rarely heard Johnny Cash songs did the same thing. They added to the suspense and intrigue.

    Although I’m fairly certain everyone will be fine (they’re not about to kill off a major character so soon after losing Larry Hagman) I still found it to be a wild way of teasing us into coming back in August to see what happens next.


  16. Brenda says:

    I love this show. I watched the original Dallas and Knots Landing and loved both of those too. I would have loved to see the original Pamela return but it’s great even without her. I miss Larry Hagman and was sorry to hear about his passing. R.I.P.
    I hope this show has a great following because I would hate to see it cancelled.
    Great job and keep up the good work!!!!


  17. Anne says:

    The writers went too far in the last scene between Pamela, John Ross and
    Emma. My husband and I were shocked they allowed it. It wasn’t necessary and I’m considering not watching when it returns. There is
    always a danger that the writer feels “what can we do to top this.”

    Up until now the show has been great but that scene just cheapens the show. Pamela could have just walked in and left…then let John Ross
    deal with the situation.


  18. Ken says:

    The jaw-dropping threesome scene at the end of the episode was so unexpected. It was a bit awkward, yet at the same time captivating. I’ve watched the last scenes several times now and every time I’m a bit freaked out but obviously liked it enough to watch repeatedly.

    Pamela COULD have come in and shot Emma or John Ross (as they were making us believe was going to happen when she had her hand in her coat pocket.) but let’s face it, that’s been done soooooooooo many times before. Sue Ellen passed out with Southfork on fire was exciting, but again, it’s not the first time the infamous ranch has been in flames nor the first time Sue Ellen passed out after drinking.

    Whether you loved or hated the scene with John-Ross, Emma and Pamela, you certainly remember it and I think is exactly what the producers wanted.


  19. Dave says:

    A Great Show !! One question though. How can all you people say a threesome is a bad thing ?


  20. ROBERT R OWCARZ says:



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