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21 March 24th, 2015 EMPIRE In Legal Fight Over Use Of Show Title From Record Label!


Another legal dispute involving a soap opera?  Shocking? …  not for daytime or primetime soap fans.

News today via TMZ has that a legal battle is brewing between Fox and their hit show Empire, and a company known as Empire Distribution, a record label that has many well-known artists attached to it including: Kendrick Lamar, N.O.R.E, and Sean Paul.

TMZ is reporting that the the label claims Fox has no right to use the name Empire because the show tarnishes its brand. Empire Distribution has claimed it’s being hurt because the fictitious label on the show is run by a ‘homophobic drug dealer prone to murdering his friends.”‘

However, it looks like Empire Distribution is willing to deal with the name if they get some green moolah! They say they will take $8 million to settle this dispute and $5 million if the show uses Empire Distribution’s artists as regulars on the series! Fox has countered filing a lawsuit by asking a judge to declare Empire Distribution’s demand bogus.

So, what do you think of this lawsuit and the claims by Empire Distribution soap fans? Comment below!

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  1. richard says:

    Oh now that the show is that talk of Hollywood, NOW yall wanna sue?? Please, have several seats!!! #haters


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Its all about the moolah…nothing else…if it tarnishes their image as they so claim, why would Empire Distrubition want any part of it? MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! I bet there wouldve been no fuss hadnt Empire not been the most talked about show of the season!!!


  3. Anacarrie says:

    Ridiculous. Every time I turn around; someone tries to attack the show. Whatever.


  4. jonboy says:

    Once something is successful all the roaches come out of the woodwork with tentacles out for a piece of the pie.


  5. sonniorsolita says:

    Bogus demands? I don’t think so. Fox created a fictitious label and apparently used a real-life label’s name without permission! Uh, hello? Where was the legal team’s due diligence. Sounds like a legitimate complaint, and Fox’s legal team should be shown the door!


  6. su0000 says:

    There are thousands of Empire labels..
    Empire Carpet for one ..
    Question is; who owns the word Empire? .. lol


  7. Mo says:

    ED justs wants a cut of the action. Don’t blame them for trying, but anyone who can’t tell fiction from reality isn’t worth it.


  8. Nick D. says:

    Nice try, but association with the #1 on TV does not “tarnish a brand.” This lawsuit will not survive a motion to dismiss. “Empire” is about as generic a name as one can dream up for this sort of show and/or a record label. They also made a huge mistake by saying they’ll take less if the stars of the label get to be on the series – undermines their entire argument that the series tarnishes the brand. The label needs to fire these attorneys – this lawsuit was dreamed up by the attorneys to make $$$$ because it has no chance of collecting any money for the plaintiffs.


  9. vinman says:



  10. Lawrence says:

    All I can say is lol. Should have done some research


  11. Rose says:

    Another frivolous lawsuit. It’s all about the money, publicity, and ambulance chasing lawyers. So maybe one of other companies that have Empire as part of their name should sue Fox or Empire Distribution for tarnishing their companies name with the bad publicity generated by either/both a homophobic father or questionable lyrics in some hip-hop lyrics. Or sounding too much like a Marvin Gaye song.


  12. Julie Haze says:

    Hollywood: Home of Whores.


  13. Rebecca1 says:

    Ha! Maybe Baretti’s behind it!


  14. Torqumada says:

    Bye, Felicia.



  15. Patrick says:

    thee #1 show of all time… or near that…
    and… thee #1 album…. soundtrack… also a record… coming from a tv show

    which bums me out… with regard to album debuts

    it beat out Madonna : “rebel heart” which came in at #2


    Patrick replied

    #1 show of all time… if you factor it in all the criteria


    I’m so happy for the whole cast

    simply have got to give prop to Taraji P Henson and Terence Howard

    “thank you”


    Liam replied

    Patrick, I like the show and ratings are pretty great, but why are you saying it’s the #1 show or near that of all time? That is simply not true.


  16. Mo says:

    NY state is suing as well, claiming Fox stole the name from them, the Empire State.


  17. Mary SF says:

    I might have believed them if they didn’t throw in that bit about having their own artists featured on the show– that demand throws their case out the window. Otherwise I did think they had a case– not that I think anyone really would confuse the a real company with a fictitious one, but just the possibility it could should have been enough to get some cash out of Fox, not eight million dollars, but something —- of course their motive is money and self promotion, but a lot of civil lawsuits are about that and that is why judges determine whether the suit should go to trial or not, I suspect this will be dismissed but ED got some free publicity just by filing the suit, which is what they most likely really wanted.


  18. Cameron Williams says:

    haters just want money . I love Emipre


    rebecca1 replied

    they’re not haters…they just want compensation…or publicity. whether they’ve got a case is for the lawyer’s to decide…but I doubt they’re hatin’.


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