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9 April 30th, 2013 Enrigue Iglesias Tweets His Support For the New One Life to Live!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

In the “how cool” department, pop and Latin music sensation Enrique Iglesias, who once performed on One Life to Live  a few years back, during it’s days on ABC, got into the spirit of the relaunch of the show over the past two days by The Online Network!

Iglesias took to Twitter a few hours ago and posted an image from the Sleepy Hollow One Life to Live cast photo shoot  and a message that said, “Good to see that the show goes on. I had good time doing this a few years ago. #onelifetolive” “  Enrique then linked his fans to the new One Life to Live page on Hulu!

Do you remember when Enrique was on One Life to Live?   What do you think about his tweet of support for the return of Llanview?  Would you like to see him visit Club Shelter some time?  Let us know!

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  1. su0000 says:

    Ohh Yes ! WOW!
    Bring Enrigue back on !!!!!!!!

    I would luv that!!!!


  2. kim says:

    Maybe he could make a new appearance in the future at Shelter?


  3. clh says:

    I love that he would take the time to give back like that. It’s not like he had to. I challenge any singer/group that has appeared on the show to do the same!!


  4. BTripp says:

    Wow that’s awesome.


  5. MBmomof3 says:

    I do remember his performance on OLTL and would love to see him perform again at Shelter!

    One of the things I loved (and miss) about OLTL were the cool musical performances from stars like Snoop Dogg/Lion, The All-American Rejects, Mary J. Blige and many more. Great memories.

    Thanks for the support Enrique.


  6. blake says:

    That’s great, thanks Enrigue!


  7. Avidreader72 says:

    Good to see that he is tweeting his support for the show. OLTL needs to book him to appear at SHELTER. I can already see Blair putting the moves on him. And truthfully, that is a scene I would not mind seeing!


  8. Avidreader72 says:

    Great to hear he is tweeting his support for OLTL. I hope Enrique is invited to perform at SHELTER. I can already see Blair putting the moves on him! And that is a scene I think many of us would like to see.


  9. B.J. says:

    What a cool guy! I remember his time on the show, and agree with others, it would be great if he could make an appearance at Shelter some time. :)

    Thanks Iglesias for the support of OLTL!


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