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28 February 10th, 2013 Entertainment Weekly Exclusive Photos! Laura and Scotty Back To General Hospital!

Photo Credit: ABC

Tomorrow is a big day for General Hospital! As it nears its 50th Anniversary in April, the show is bringing in the big guns! And perhaps none bigger than soap icon, Genie Francis who returns as Laura on Monday’s episode.

And it looks like it will be old times when the following week on February 19th, fan favorite Kin Shriner returns as Scotty Baldwin.  Just what will happen when long time nemesis’ Luke (Anthony Geary) and Scotty meet up again? What will Laura do?  What has happened to Laura while she was away in Europe?

While we will have to wait for all the answers to unfold over the next few months on General Hospital, has released some exclusive photos of Genie and Kin’s return and one of GH’s 50th Anniversary logo! 

After you check out the images, let us know what you think is the back-story to explain where Laura has been? What mystery does she bring with her?  Do you think she might have re-married Scotty while she was away from Port Charles? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Judith says:

    Love the logo! Very classy. Can’t wait to see Genie back in PC along with Luke and Scotty and what story has been written for them.
    I hope ABC fills the airways with 50th anniversary promos. I’m watching the Valentines’ Day GH marathon on Soapnet right now and they are starting.
    We need to build up GH all we can. I could only hope that someday they will take the No. 1 spot from Y & R.


    toscanti replied

    Not!!!!!! LOL


    mary replied

    I miss soapnet. comcast cancelled soapnet for preschool programming. Another great move by disney. nightime programming for preschooler who are hopefully asleep.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Although I am a life-long Luke and Laura fan and think it is a travesty that Genie has not been used all these years (JFP)… I hope Laura an Scotty ARE married… oh the storyline, humor, drama…you name it… potential! I cannot wait…


    Samantha replied

    I agree – I am looking forward to a Laura / Scotty pairing and the fallout instead of a Laura / Luke pairing. Genie needs a meaty storyline and with Scotty she could get that!


  3. David Larsson says:

    Ten bucks says Laura and Scotty are married again.


  4. aria says:

    i don’t care what the storyline is, as long as it plays out for years. Welcome back Genie and Kin hope your here for a long time.


    Patrick replied

    Puhlease! TPTB…. Kapish… Comprende…

    Adult, simmering, intelligent, simmering, Sensual, simmering…. Top Draw (s)…. Scotty and Laura!

    add to that…. Tracy… Monica…


    Alexis… Diane… Shawn…

    Kevin, Lucy, Mac, Felicia, Friscoe



    Superlative Draw!


  5. connie says:

    Luke’s ANGEL has come home at last!!!!!


  6. Rj says:

    Glad to see Luke, Laurie, ans Scotty back. Nice to see the old times return!


  7. Blake says:

    I love Entertainment Weekly, I need a subscription since it’s my favorite magazine. I love that they still cover soaps often.


  8. su0000 says:

    Laura and Luke were good the first couple of years and there after I could take them or leave them, ehh ..
    Their wedding made them more recognized then the couple themselves imo..

    When it comes to love triangles and their problems or Caleb; I want Caleb :) !!!

    ohh well. yah couple fans, rejoice in the domestic plights ! !


    Samantha replied

    CALEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! intrigued


    susan M. replied

    I am not too into Caleb. I have alway’s liked him as John McBain and alway’s

  9. Jason D. Reese says:

    I see GH is going back into the 12980′s. Remember Scotty Baldwin got on the same jet as Laura did when she left for Europe. I hope she and Scotty are married, that way, Luke and Tracy can get back together.


  10. Michael says:

    It’s great to see Genie and Kin back on the show!


  11. Beth says:

    Monday is FINALLY here. What a great day for all the “newer” members of “the club.” And FINALLY having a fantastic story teller writing this chapter of the LnL story, I for one am beyond excited. TG and GF are so fantastic, they have the ability to tell the story without saying a word…….their looks are great. My only concern is making the reason for Laura staying away from Nicholas, Lucky and Lulu believable. But I have faith in FV and RC. And to all the fans of Luke and Tracy…….you are about to understand why us LnL club members have stayed strong all these years. Is it 2PM yet?


  12. jim says:

    Luke remarried while Laura was away, Laura should too.But married to Scotty or not, its thrilling just to see them back on the show. It just wasnt the same without them. Im curious to know whatever happened to the original Laura played be Stacey Baldwin? I think thats her name. and i know Scotty was originally played by Johnny Whitaker plus a few others before Kin. But Genie and Kin will always be Laura and Scotty to me.


  13. ethel says:

    i would like to see laura & scott have married while in paris & maybe even bring a child back with them……………


  14. heidi says:

    I can’t wait!!! Looks great! I think she has married Scotty… but I want her back with Luke in the end! Nice to see she is going to see her grandson! Hope to see Lucky and Nicholas back soon! I am sure we will be seeing much more of Helena as she is never done with Laura!


  15. jim says:

    When you “Think Of Laura”, laugh, dont cry, i know she’d want it that way.


  16. boes says:

    Laura deserves so much better than either one. But if she HAS to choose between the two, then it should be Scotty. Luke has become such a complete ego- bloated scuzzball, with all the charm of a guy coming off a three week drunk that all he deserves is a shower, a scrubdown, and a hot meal at the local men’s shelter.


  17. MK says:

    Laura and Scotty are Married and either have a child or have adopted a child.


  18. Scott says:

    Will Bobbie be coming back for the 50th??….she is Carly’s mom and Luke’s sister and was a big part of the 80s storylines….and Bobbie’s gay son, Lucas (i think was his name)….maybe John Stamos can make a cameo return and get Blackie out of prison…he sure has been there a loooonnnngggg time for daytime…LOL


  19. calie says:

    I never got over Scotty losing Laura. Lucky and Lulu made Luke and Laura bearable for me but I hope Luke and Laura do not get back together.


  20. susan M. says:

    I don’t matter to me who Laura goes with. Luke has movrd on w/Anna.. Laura needs a new man in her life and a new fresh start.


  21. Matt says:

    Scotty is looking goooooood!


  22. Mary says:

    Beiring caught up in the whole luke and Laura phase I really hope laura ens up back with Laura because they are the best together


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