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0 October 9th, 2009 Eric Braeden talks about displeasure over contract dispute with NY Post!


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More news and interviews have been circulating with Eric Braeden on his shocking exit, and dispute with SONY and CBS over his contract with the top rated soap, The Young and the Restless. Braeden in a article out today in the New York Post. again voices his displeasure with the situation.

Here is an excerpt below from Braeden where he responds in regards to the NY Post’s term “little-used” clause that gives SONY the right to renegotiate and review with its stars after every 26 week cycle.

“You expect to be talked to in a sensitive way, not suddenly hit over the head by invoking a clause that was never invoked before and to say ‘What the f*** happened?’ ,” Braeden says. He adds that there’s a certain “hierarchy” among daytime soap stars, which he feels should have spared him from a salary cut. “Let’s call a spade a spade. Management always gives the impression that all [soap] actors are the same, but it’s bulls**t to claim that. They aren’t,” he says.

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