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7 March 6th, 2012 Eric Close to join Jonathan Jackson and Hayden Panettiere in ABC Primetime Soap Pilot, Nashville!

Photo Credit: Kathie Hutchins

More stars with a daytime soap background are being added to the cast of the new ABC primetime soap pilot Nashville! Already announced to the project were Jonathan Jackson (Ex-Lucky, GH) and Hayden Panettiere (Ex-Lizzie, GL) and now comes word that former Santa Barbara star, Eric Close is on board! announced today that, “Without A Trace alum Eric Close has also signed on to the pilot, written by Callie Khouri.  Nashville is described as a family soap about love, country music, family, politics and sex, set against the backdrop of the Nashville music scene. It centers on 40-year-old Nashville superstar Rayna James (Connie Britton) who is stunned to find that her star is fading and her label requires her to team up with teen sensation Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) on tour –- or else face the loss of her own tour and the label’s promotion of her latest record, whose sales have been underwhelming. Eric Close will play Rayna’s husband who is now living on his wife’s salary.”

So with these names attached and the premise of the series, is this a show that would perk your interest to check out? Let us know!

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  1. Julie says:

    Yes, I will watch anything with Jonathan Jackson. I’ll definitely watch. Can’t wait!! Woohoo!!


  2. michele says:

    Yes, I can’t wait to see Jonathan Jackson back on TV. The other cast memebers are just a bonus.


  3. ann says:

    Nah. I don’t watch much ABC because they cancelled the extremely popular and high rated OLTL. They thought they were throwing fans a bone by putting a few OLTL actors on GH, but that show is so awful I fast forward all the scenes except the OLTL actors. Even at that, the story line stinks.
    ABC would boost ratings by bringing back the beloved OLTL. Soap fans are angry and turned off to ABC so even with Jonathon Jackson or even if is was Michael Jackson back from the dead I would not watch ABC.


    barbara t replied

    general hospital is looking good I watched all the abc soaps ,and I am pissed off that abc/disney cancelled all my children and one life to live ,we are boycotting all abc shows except general hospital,we have to save the soaps .the mannings are a good addition ,next week john mcbain shows up,you really should give gh a chance your supporting the soaps and letting abc know we wont watch any of there other garbage shows no matter who they get to sign on the dotted line.and like you I dont care who abc/disney puts on there prime time line up this abc soap only fan will never tune in to there stupid programming.


    1loaveabcsoaps replied

    @ Ann: “or even if is was Michael Jackson back from the dead I would not watch ABC. ”

    You stupid. LOL I mean that to be FUNNY. BC that’s what I said out loud and then chuckled… abc really f***ed up if U won’t cut it on for Michael Jackson back from the dead. Now…., LMAO!


  4. barbara t says:

    wont watch ,abc/disneys way of sucking you in ,if you were a all my children and one life to live fan ,you watch general hospital and thats it with the abc/disney prime time soap operas.there are other networks and soaps you can watch in the evening ,just the other day I read that cbs is number 1 nbc second ,fox third and poor abc/disney 4,hopefully thats because us soap fans are still pissed off ,and will continue to boycott there garbage programming.


  5. barb tossin says:

    I will definitely watch this show for Jonathan Jackson especially. this sounds like a good show and tv people are crazy if they dont put Jonathan Jackson on tv in some show. we want to see him!! He deserves a good role in a good show. He is a fabulous actor.


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