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15 November 17th, 2016 Eric Martsolf and Suzanne Rogers Day of DAYS Video Interview: Thrady & Jen Lilley’s Exit, Maggie & Brady A Duo?

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Days of our Lives Daytime Emmy winners, Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) chatted with On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman at last weekend’s Day of DAYS 2016.

During their conversation, the ever-popular performers spoke on a myriad of subjects ranging from: picking Eric’s Emmy reel for this upcoming competition, his final scenes with Jen Lilley who exits on air this week as Theresa, what will happen to Brady following her exit, and more.

Suzanne dishes on the fizzled Summer (Marie Wilson) storyline and Maggie having gotten pregnant on the farm as a teenager!

Michael suggests an upcoming story beat that has Maggie and Brady in their despair going on a bender together since they are both recovering alcoholics! Suzanne then suggests that Maggie might be the next woman for Brady in an older woman/younger man romantic entanglement!

When asked about Jen Lilley’s departure from the show, Eric expressed:  “Jen is a little ball of sunshine.  She loves soap opera and loves her job.  It’s going to be a loss for the show, because they invested in Thrady, and they have a kid together, but she exited so quickly.  It was hard to watch her leave.  I hate to way this, but I am getting kind of accustomed to watching my leading ladies leave in some dramatic, awful fashion.  Brady is pretty unlucky when it comes to love.” Suzanne  added: “I was hoping that Maggie was going to be the babysitter to help out Brady and Theresa, and now with Theresa leaving, I was thinking perhaps Maggie would be given the baby to help raise.”

Watch this candid and hilarious interview with Eric and Suzanne after the jump.  Then let us know what was your favorite moment from it in the comment section below!

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  1. Mo says:

    Days should have recast the character of Theresa and not had us and Brady go through this bad exit storyline.

    Shane can’t do anything with this Fidel guy or whatever his name is. And neither can Victor? Come on!


  2. John Gordon says:

    Instead of coming of with this ridiculous nonsense of why Theresa “has to leave” in typical idiotic soap opera Mildred Pearce self-sacrificing done to death fashion – (how’s THAT for a run-on sentence?) – why couldn’t they simply re-cast Theresa? Just have her go off for a while to take care of a sick Aunt and then re-emerge as played by another actress.


    davlestev1 replied

    Because Jen Lilley deserved a dramatic exit. ..boyfriend out the blue and all. .at least there won’t be an elephant re entry story for the next actress. Its built in. I’m really liking Days an awful lot right now except for Rafe.. unfortunately after ALL his years on soap. .Galen Gehring STILL can’t act. I want all but Gabi gone from that family or a decisive recast. Ciara need to do a bye Felicia too.


    Tim Welles replied

    I agree with your notes about Gabi, she does nothing for me, or rather, there is zero chemistry between her and JJ – yet he had excellent chemistry with the actress who played Paige. I know, I understand we can’t all love every storyline and it IS a soap so exaggeration(s) are expected and built in. What I can’t quite grasp is what the heck kind of role is Blanca? What purpose does she serve? It’s difficult to care about a character that isn’t developed and it almost seems like she’s “thrown” at you without any legit reason. She’s PRETTY there’s no doubt about that but I mean, you know, half the town is “pretty” there aren’t any ugly people on soaps LoL. As for the young actress who plays Ciara, she’s fine in a supportive role but they made the mistake of having her handle too many difficult scenes when she doesn’t quite have the dramatic skills to bring those scenes to fruition. I’m sure she will improve as time goes on but they shouldn’t concentrate so much on her.

  3. Susan says:

    I absolutely hate the way Theresa was written off the show. The idea that Matteo, a man Theresa was involved with when she was only 19, should show up demanding she return to Mexico with him is unbelievable. Why after all these years would Matteo decide he wants Theresa back. A man who loves a woman does not force her to abandon her son. Why couldn’t the writers have had Theresa go into hiding?


    Patrick replied

    i’m about a week behind… agree… this exit is really lame… and not what I would have thought… Ryan Quan… and Dena would come up with… seriously… it’s lazy… for a character, the audience does like… yet they had to come up with a quick exit “plan”.

    so.. the only connect I came up with… is Theresa being told by HER father… ( the reason for all of Jeanne Theresa character flaws, along with mother, Kimberly ) Shane telling her he left his family for his work… and that Shane and Kimberly hope that Theresa ??? takes one for the team … and that this is what their life has always been about. sacrifice ?

    I watched some of todays ep… as she’s in the hotel room “drinking” … doing a convincing job at telling Brady , she faked being a mother… and brady walked out telling her to go to hell…. which tore at me… I would have had Theresa throw up…

    as the realization hit her

    I really admire Jenn Lilly acting choices… for all it’s worth… whatever the production value and POOR piss off writing… Thank You Ken Corday… for naught. period.

    she ran away with Kirsten STorms role @ GH… as Maxie
    she took her new role @DAYS… and more than delivered…

    I’m just so glad that she was not killed off.

    I”M HOPING… that when Kassie DePaiva is ready to return…

    guess who will pop back in Salem together …

    you got it… the delightful inspiring and beloved pairing of Kassie and Jenn

    these two caught me right away. Eve and Jeanne Theresa Donovan



    Patrick replied

    it’s not the best ending… considering… Theresa , herself, knows she has, “everything”, she’s ever wanted…. LOVE, being loved, a man who loves her… sharing a child.

    it’s emotional to see one of my fave characters no longer reeling.

    so… she – what ???? goes undercover… for her father… and is seeing eye to eye with… at least, her parents.. despite the heartache

    I JUST LOVE Patsy Pease… so much !

    there is an article in the latest SOD issue… how much Jenn Lilly LOVES Patsy Pease… and it’s a really nice endearment… in how much Jenn sees Patsy, in real life… another mother. that’s the nice thing about this. who doesn’t adore Charles Shaughnessy. Jenn is a BIG fan of his. YUM

    I may not get to my week plus behind eppis.. before I see her exit.

    Jenn Lilly… love you to pieces… Brady-Donovan family is in a whole league unto themselves.

  4. Daisy says:

    Love Suzanne and Eric. It is fun to see the real people rather than the characters. I got the impression that Maggie (Suzanne) doesn’t have much of a storyline coming up. That is a shame – such a talented actress. Thanks for a fun interview.


  5. blake says:

    Theresa’s exit storyline is bad but I’m glad she wasn’t killed off. I’ll always think of her great days on the show, when she and Anne were bad and going after Jennifer and Daniel at the hospital.

    Eric Martsolf is such a hunk. I hope he gets a new and worthy love interest soon.


  6. Nancy says:

    Hate the way that Theresa is leaving the show. I can’t believe that she is leaving her baby and husband for a selfish, pompous, abusive man that she knew when she was a teenager. This is one of the worst storylines that this show has ever produced. Boo to the new writers’


    Nik replied

    I agree. All of those Spies and ex-Spies could not help her or are they using her to snag this so called dangerous man?


  7. Dylan says:

    Oh my!! The thought of Brady and Maggie going on a one-time bender……like the Stoned Cougars Book Club Episode!!! I love those episodes!!! And Mr. Michael Fairman….why cant the 4 remaining soaps be as entertaining as this was????


  8. Llanviewer717 says:

    I certainly am going to miss Jen Lilley. She did an excellent job as Theresa. All of her scenes this week have just been outstanding. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish her the very best of everything life has to offer.


    Nik replied

    Tru Dat!


  9. Nik says:

    I really hope the is not Brady & Maggie, hire another woman for Brady or bring back someone who will rock everyone’s world. :)


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