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51 December 23rd, 2011 Erika Slezak’s touching Holiday Letter to the loyal fans of One Life to Live!


One Life to Live’s Erika Slezak (Viki) showed us once again what a class act she is in a beautiful holiday letter and message for her fans and friends that follow and read her official newsletter at her website, www. As we head into the final weeks of the 43-year-old soap, in which 40 of those has featured Erika as the central character and icon of the series, this was a fitting way to say “thank you” for all of the fans love and support over the years!

Erika Slezak: “To all my Dear Friends,  This will be a somewhat sad ending to the year for me, but at the same time, I feel enormously grateful for all that I have been given: for the wonderful friends I have made through One Life To Live; for more than 40 years of consistent employment; and for the stories and the laughter and the life that I have been privileged to have led. You, our wonderful audience, have made much of that possible, and so I want to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty, and in particular, for your friendship.

At our final wrap party for OLTL, I said that I would not say goodbye, because I believe we will all cross paths again, and so I am not saying goodbye to all of you for the same reason.  OLTL may be ending on January 13th, but we will all continue to be friends, and hopefully will see each other again.

For the last 40 years, I have been so fortunate to have had all of you in my life, all of that due to Walter Miller, who has put up with me through thick and thin, and has managed this club so brilliantly. I would like to thank him so much for all his work and loyalty and his friendship. I also owe a big debt of gratitude to Kit (Swanson) Williams and to AJ, without whom none of this would have happened so effectively and efficiently.

I have no intention of retiring voluntarily, so hopefully some kind soul will find a nice job for me somewhere. Whatever happens in my professional life will always be shared with you.  I wish all of you a blessed Christmas, very happy holidays, and all the best for 2012. And I do hope to see you all again.  With much love and gratitude, Erika”

Now that Erika has sent you her thoughts and wishes, what Holiday wish you would like to say to the six-time Daytime Emmy winning star of One Life?  Let us know!

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  1. Torrey says:

    I have already put in my request at work to take the day of January 13, 2012 off, so I can sit in my pj’s and watch The View OLTL special and the final episode of OLTL….I will have my tissues ready, because I know I will need them. I still can’t believe that this is happening. Erika, you are a class act, and it has been so wonderful to tune in and watch you and all of your fellow cast mates on a daily basis. You all have become a second family for me….and I, like you, don’t believe in saying goodbye. So, I will say see you soon. I’m never going to give up hope. I keep praying that someone out there will see the massive outcry from the fans and realize this cancellation is a big mistake. Just keep us posted on everything that you’re doing. Merry Christmas to you and I wish you all the best in the coming year.


  2. Lori says:

    Thank you Erika and Merry Christmas! I have loved you and OLTL since day one and will continue to do so. I pray that all our paths come together again when #AMC and #OLTL have found their safe and loving NEW home.
    Much love to you and entire cast.


  3. Tannie says:

    Erika is such a class act!!! I have enjoyed watching her for the last 14 years its going to be so sad come Jan 16 when oltl will be no more erika will be missed!!!!


  4. barbara t says:

    erika(vicki) I will miss you ,for over 40 years I have watched oltl,I do not know what I am going to do at 2 oclock weekdays.It will never be the same .I still miss amc, but loosing oltl will be the hardest,you have been the backbone of this have kept me glued to my tv set,and that means alot , I wish we could meet at the same time for another 43 years,you have a happy holiday and a very happy new years,I hope for all the one life to live fans that some way one life to live is not gone forever.


  5. rose says:

    Hey erika just want to sent my thanks and appreciation to you for the letter to your fans.We will always keep you and the rest of our families @OLTL in our lives too.We love and respect you all and thank you for the years of hard work you all put in.I am a fan for years and have sat outside and spent hundreds of dollars to see you all at all the events.I am howeve not happy that a fan like myself hasn’t received a call for the view to attend the OLTL tribute that just hurts me after knowing all I went through to support. The shows.The view isn’t being fair and running this event properly their passing us true fans up on that note I want to wish youba nd your family a Happy and Healthy holiday


  6. Blake says:

    How sweet! What a class act!


  7. Brandi Bridges says:

    Erika is a class act! Her words of kindness to all of the fans and her desire to continue on to entertain us is proof positive that her show should go on, OR someone should snatch her up quickly. She has class and talent. It’s like Meryl Streep and Julie Andrews all in one!


  8. Cassandra Crisp says:

    Thank you Erika Slezak for always being the classy lady that you are. You are the primary reason that I have tuned into One Life to Live for all of those 40 years you have been on. Through thick and thin, I’ve watched you and always, always you have put a smile on my face.

    You are right, this is not a goodbye but I WILL SEE YOU (DEFINITELY) LATER! I believe that Erika as so many of your fans do. I will continue to work my tail off with my contribution in finding you, the cast and the wonderful crew who gave us a quality show for 43 years a new home to continue this wonderfully well produced show.

    As I believe in miracles there is a “MIRACLE” out there waiting for One Life to Live and I truly feel in my heart that it’s coming. Merry Christmas Ms. Slezak to you and your family. Much, much love Cassandra Crisp, a loyal and faithful fan.


  9. Kymba says:

    Dear Erika,
    Thank you so much for your letter, was a wonderful gift to your oh so many fans.
    We have been fighting to save these shows since the announcement came out, and we will not give up. I am looking forward to seeing you once again grace the screen, (either online, on t.v where ever!!) once again. Hope you have a happy holiday, sending you all my love and respect..


  10. Dr. Donald G. Boudreau says:

    Question: Who has more class than Erika Slezak?…Answer: Noone! From the bottom of our hearts, “thank you” for the countless joys that you have brought to me and mine over the past decades. You have so greatly enriched our, and so many lives, through your great work. Happy holidays to you and yours and all good blessings in the coming years where, we surely hope, OLTL has many more, than just one – life to live!


  11. Eric says:

    This is going to be a VERY SAD next few weeks for me watching the final end of a show that has become a MAJOR part of my life! I just hope that they end the show on a “high,strong” note and not a melancholy one!!


  12. Janet says:

    Dear Ms. Slezak: For over 35 years I have been watching OLTL. I cried, laughed, threw things at my tv, screamed and shouted Woo-Hoo. I want to personally thank you for everything. I have been entertained by you and have enjoyed watching you. It was a treat when you and Phil Carey had a scene together. I grew up watching this show. I started in High School and I am about turn …. I will miss you as Viki, but look forward to seeing you in other prductions. (maybe broadway). You always cracked me up when you work with Tuc Watkins. Thank you.


  13. Diane says:

    Erika, have loved you as Vicki from the begining,I started watching when I was 12 and have watched for 43 years, will miss oltl terribly but I will look forward to seeing you in whatever new project comes your way, god bless Happy Holidays and Thank You


    Heather replied

    I would to see Erika on a sitcom. She already has already developed some experience in comedy thanks to the Nicki personnality issue on OLTL. ABC (or any network) could make a new primetime sitcom inspired on the Vicki-Nicki problem of OLTL


  14. Brian Greene says:

    We OLTL fans in Evanston, Illinois love you very, very much, Erika!!

    Brian :D :D


  15. Lynn Evans Miller says:

    Dear Ms. Slezak,
    I have been one of those devoted OLTL fans since it first aired 43 years ago when I was 16 years old. I will miss OLTL very much.
    I introduced my mother to the show while she had a terrible bout with breast cancer (she’s still alive and well at 81 years of age, thank God) and she is a devoted fan as well. OLTL gave my mother some entertainment and enjoyment in the middle of the afternoon while she was recuperating at home.
    My mother and I love your character Victoria Buchanan. You add the needed class and elegance to the show.
    May God bless you and your family along with the OLTL family during the holiday season and always.
    Mrs. Lynn Miller


  16. Karen says:

    Happy Holidays to you, Erica. Everyday I go onto the Soap websites hoping I see some good news in regards to some other network picking up OLTL. It hasn’t happened yet…but, US fans are doing everything we can possible think of to keep OLTL airing somewhere. We all fought so hard, and we thought we had our saviour in PP. Us fans lost OLTL twice, and it is just truly heartbreaking for us, as I’m sure it also is for the actors. I will never forget any of you or OLTL, and I am so hoping that we will all get our wish and be able to tune into OLTL again very soon. Best wishes, Karen.


  17. Silas Kain says:

    Ironically I grew up as a fan of the great Walter Slezak. My parents loved his body of work and when Erika entered the scene at OLTL no one was more jazzed than Mom. Over the years I’ve seen the nuances of Walter manifest through Ms. Slezak’s execution of her craft. Though OLTL leaves ABC Daytime in 3 weeks, I’m convinced the greatest days of OLTL remain ahead. So I shall not bid a fond adieu! All I can wish is health, happiness & prosperity to Erika Slezak and the entire OLTL family! Never underestimate the true power of soap fans. Our best days are in sight!


  18. lisa says:

    I have an idea….wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could utilize the immense talents of our daytime actors in performing teleplays by classic playwrights such as Eugene O’Neill, Tennessee Williams and others.
    To be shown on HBO or Bravo….. it would reach a broader audience – not everyone can get to New York or LA to see a play.
    They did this a few years ago with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer playing the title characters in On Golden Pond.
    Just sayin’ – it’s an idea.


  19. margie Dalton says:

    Love & prayers OLTL more life. Someone somehow we will be seeing you & our extended families in Lanview again!! May you also have a very Blessed Christmas. May New Year bring you health happiness & more of our Vikki. Been watching since you began,vhs & now dvr. Much love,margie


  20. todd says:

    I want Erika to be hired on Damages. It films in Brooklyn. I would love to see her and Glen Close together on screen.


  21. Christina Gomez says:

    Dear Ms. Slezak,

    I’ve been watching OLTL since I was about 13 and just wanted to thank you for all the hard work for the past 40 years. I admire your greatly and can only hope that we will see you on screen again soon. This next chapter in our lives without OLTL will be hard, and I am very sad that I will not be able to share this show with my own daughter. Again thank you very much.

    Christina Gomez


  22. Kathy Thorp says:

    Dear Erika,

    I am heartbroken beyond words at the cancellation of OLTL. I have watched you for close to 40 years and loved every minute of it! I watched you and Joe Riley, the Buchanan clan ‘riding into town’ and have enjoyed you and Dorian’s spats over the years! I hope you do well in your career and I do still hold hope that another station will have the business savvy to recognize the value of soaps and take OLTL ‘under their wing’. You are awesome and I will miss seeing you every day. God Bless!


  23. DeeAnn says:

    I have watched One Life To Live since my childhood. I have been a loyal and devoted fan for over 30 years. It saddens me to have to stop watching this show, it has been my fantasy town and friend through thick and thin, and has kept me inertained and guessing and wanting more all these years. I love the story lines. The show is as much a part of me as my own family is, and I consider it the best tv show and soap opera of all time! I truly will miss it, and grieve it’s absence. I know it may sound silly and sappy, but I feel like the world, my world will never be the same without it. I will say though, that I was a happier person with it. Thank you for keeping me Inertained and captivated all these years. All of you at OLTL are awesome actors and actresses, and I hope to see you all again on tv somewhere!


  24. Cindy says:

    I would like to thank you Erika for your devotion to such a wonderful show which as has brought so many of us together. You and the staff of OLTL have been welcomed in my home for over 35 years and will be forever missed.


  25. Deb N says:

    It is so sad that “One Life To Live” is going off ABC, maybe one of these days another network or cable station will pick it up. It’s really helped me get through the ups and downs of my life. It’s always been an escape. Specially with you Erika, you’re the best! The several times I’ve met you in person, you’ve always been so gracious. Hope you and your family enjoy the holidays.


  26. Christy says:

    I too am saddened by the cancellation of the BEST tv show ever. I have watched OLTL for many many years and am just heart broken. Erika you have always been my favorite on the show. You always have such good advice for everyone who comes to you. I just can not stress how devastated I am. I feel like I know everyone personally that’s on the show and sadly I’ll be losing them come January 13th. I just want to say Thank You for giving me something to look forward to everyday for the past years. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!


  27. Reggie says:

    Erika I have been watching you since the 70′s. It is so sad to see your go. OLTL is the best soap on the air. I hope to see you in other projects. I feel like the cast of OLTL is family to me. It is like I had a death in the family. But I won’t say goodbye either. We will see each other sometime.


  28. Kristen Howe says:

    Dear Ms. Slezak,

    Happy holidays to you! I’ve been watching OLTL for over two decades and would hate to see it end real soon. We were once hopeful that Prospect Park would save OLTL and AMC and would be ready for next month’s online version. But since they bowed out last month, we hope that NBC/Bravo/USA, who was once interested this summer for our soaps, would save the soaps before 2012 is here. I’m still staying positive and hope to see you online or another channel. Jerry Ver Dorn (“Clint”) wants NBC to pick it up on his Facebook page. We would love it, if you joined our two Facebook groups, Daytime Fans Unite, and Tonya Walker’s group, I would Pay to see my soaps. Here’s the links:!/groups/200709853303867/ and!/DAYTIMEFANSUNITE. Feel free to stop by. See you in 2012!


  29. Shannon says:

    Merry Christmas to Erika (vikki). I’m broken heart and sad by the canceled and I love best show TV OLTL. I can’t believe it because final episode OLTL on Jan 13th. I don’t want to watch the chew and the Revolution… I miss you and everyone OLTL. Erika, and everyone, you always my favorite on the best show. I have been watch since 18 years old. I’m very disappointment now. Hope you have a very very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


  30. Dusty says:

    Thank you for all the memories, I will miss you and the rest of the cast on OLTL but you alway held the show together. I feel so terrible that they are letting you, the rest of the cast, and all the people behind the scene. Its just terrible what is happeing to daytime tv. I wish they could fine a cable channel to put all the soaps on. I don’t think they realize that the people who work watch SoapNet at night to catch up on the daily series. You will be missed, I wish you the best in the future and hope to catch you in something else. Love U


  31. Lauri N says:

    Dear Erika: First of all I’d like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Blessed New Year. Second I would like to thank you for being the very special person you are. I have watched you on OLTL for the past 40 years and have loved the show very much. I am sooo incredibly sad that it is ending. I know I will be one of many who will be shedding tears on the last day or should I say several days. I can only pray that we, your fans will be able to watch OLTL on the internet or that maybe it will be picked up by another network. I just cannot imagine not ever watching it again. If you get to work on another show you can be assured I will be watching it. I love you and all the other actors on the show and will miss you more than you will know. God Bless and hope to see you again.
    Take care,
    One of your biggest fans,
    Lauri Niedzielski


  32. Cathy S. says:

    OLTL and AMC was a part of my family for 40 yrs. and in many of our daily chats and phone calls. You and oltl will be missed. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  33. Kathy N says:

    I am happy to be around family this Christmas season however it is bittersweet knowing that I won’t have OLTL next year at this time.. Erika thanks so much for all the years you played your ass off as Viki/ Nikki and the rest of your alters.. You will be missed.


  34. susan goodman says:

    Thanks for years of great joy, you have been the greatest actress to watch over the years but we are all sad to say goodbye, I will never watch ABC again unless the soaps are returned and left alone so Thanks Again for all your years of service


  35. PaulaKate Prince-Meserole says:

    Dear Erika,
    On Christmas, I treated myself to an old movie called “Come September” in which your father starred. I was struck by his eloquence and elegant performance and found myself smiling when something “familiar” suddenly graced the screen when he smiled….there it was….Your beautiful smile that I have been seeing for four decades.

    I have been a fan of One Life To Live since the first day back in 1968.
    But sometime later, when you took over the role of Victoria Lord, I couldn’t get over the feeling that an extraordinary elegance had just graced the show, and since then I think I have always been amazed at the ” life” you have brought to your character Victoria Lord, Gordon,Riley, Burke, Buchanan, Carpenter, Davidson, Banks, and soon once again, I hope for all; Buchanan.

    Through all the triumphs, laughter, tears and tragedies that were portrayed on One Life To Live, I am so grateful for the eloquence and elegance your performances have graced our homes with for the last forty years.

    God Bless you Erika Slezak and I look forward to seeing you on screen again very soon in what I hope will be the renewing of One Life To Live, but whatever it is, I will look forward to whatever vehicle that comes next for you.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Paula Kate Prince-Meserole


  36. lynne rice says:

    thank you for sharing yourself and viki with all of us for all theseyears i started watching in 1974 in highschool when viki was with joe and steve i think and my daughter is 33 and she started watching when she was a teen we are both big fans and there will be tears on jan. 13 hope to see you soon if thats what you choose to do either way good luck and best wishes and thanks for the memories we will mis the greatest soap ever


  37. Mitchell1660 says:

    I reacquainted myself with OLTL when AMC and OLTL had the cross-over storyline involving Bianca, Babe and Kelly. I tried not to get wrapped up in OLTL again, but before I knew it, there I was. Five years later, I don’t regret coming back to the best daytime drama on television. The superlative writing, acting and storylines had me riveted every single day. I cried my eyes out when Gigi and Rex finally got back together last Friday and am SOOO happy Viki and Clint were reunited. It’s a tragedy that such a great show has to leave the air. I am hoping that “The Revolution” crashes and burns because I won’t be watching it. ABC made the stupidest move ever dumping this superlative program and will live to regret it.


  38. Cheryl says:


    It has been great watching you do what you do so well!!! And I will not allow myself to believe that with all of the hundreds of thousands of fans across this country that love “our shows” that we cannot fight this until we “make” a difference! We are all sick and tired of the lip service from the powers that be saying we are so sorry about the jobs situation, and if there was just something we could do????? Then they immediately put hundreds of people out of work? It is GREED and nothing more. These people are not satisfied making great money, they want millions and if they don’t get it, all of you and all of us have to suffer. TV programming is horrible to say the least and now the last of the very best actors and stories are being dumped to satisfy their need for greed once again. As someone who has watched for over 30 years we saw the first greedy move was getting rid of veteran actors, then hiring subpar writers, and then of course when the ratings dropped, it is that Soaps are a dying art???? We all know what an absurd lie this is! I would love to see the veteran actors as well as Agnes Nixon pull together and start their own independent company, owned by the investors (actors, writers) and controlled by them! Pulling in all the sponser money that is now going to ABC and other stations! Because the actors have connections with these sponsors. Even if it meant one hour shows three days a week! It would be quality and ensure the security everyone wants. I don’t want to say thank you, and I will not say good bye because I just do not think it is over, not yet!


  39. Denise says:

    Watching OLTL and you have been a part of my life since the beginning of the show. It was a special bond that my mother and I shared. You, Erika, were always Mom’s favorite, she adored you and the joy your talent brought to the show and our lives. Mom is gone but hat tradition has continued in my daily life. I miss sharing the stories with her, and now I feel the favorite part of our connection is about to leave, too… that would be the joy I have watching you every day. Thank you for being a part of my life for so long. You are truly amazing and hope that I can enjoy watching you make magic again (hopefully on our beloved show, but best wishes in whatever endeavor your path takes). The fans love you!


  40. PAUL WILLIAMS says:

    Hello, Erika! I read your very gracious letter there, making me even sadder that OLTL will be ending soon in 2 more weeks. I’ve been a fan of both you and the show since about ’73, and the Woleks & Siegels, I think were still in Llanview, in fact, I still remember Carla, Sadie, & Ed being there, too. Anyway, this show has had the best performers pass through over the years, many of whom have gone on to greater success, but through it all, you’ve been there giving 100% of yourself in your incredible performances everytime! And there are no words to describe how much we will miss seeing you every weekday afternoon! Believe me, this is a decision that ABC will regret! The only revolution that they’ll see is viewers leaving this network in droves! Anyway, I just want to say thank you to everyone there for 43 incredible years, and I wish you and all of your colleagues there all the best in whatever you pursue in the future. We will always love you, we will miss you all, and we’ll never forget you! Go out proud, and hold your heads up high! You are all the best!!!!!!


  41. lynne says:

    Will truly miss you and the show—I am truly heartbroken. I must say that on today’s episode at Rex and Gigi’s wedding you looked positively beautiful. Thank you for so many years of TV enjoyment. I hope that kind soul certainly finds that “PERFECT” spot for you very soon.


  42. Debi belleau says:

    You have been in my life for 40 years. and i will miss you so much. you have so much class and your so beautiful inside and out. I kknow i will be having a hard time saying good bye to One Life To Live. thank you for all the years. i do hope to see you again on Tv . thank you and may 2012 be a good year for you .


  43. angela says:

    I started watching OLTL when I was just 10 years old……I’m 51 now! If I even think about not having this soap and Erika every day makes get a lump in my throat I can only imagine what he last day will be like for me. OLTL has seen me through high school, marriages, divorces, raising children and when I really needed to escape most, cancer. I would like to thank the cast and crew for 41 amazing years. You are the best of the best! I won’t even start on abc or Prospet Park for that matter… it’s just not worth it. All I really want to say to Erika, Robin and the rest of the cast thank you and we love you.


  44. Amona Harris says:

    I have been watching One Life To Live for thirty three years.I am so sad that they are taking it off. Being able to watch all of you in my home for this many years have made all of you like part of my own family and truly a part of my heart. God bless each and every one of you. Thank you for all of the joy that all of you have brought to my home for the past thirty three years.


  45. dawn says:

    Thank-you Erika for the sincere and most kind words. You will be very missed on OLTL, but I have no doubts that you will soon be employed (if you are not already.) I wish you all the best and hope to seen you on TV soon. Soap actors get some bad raps, but I truly believe , as I have watched for years, that they have and do breed the best actors in the industry. Good Luck in your future endeavors.


  46. MB says:

    Miss Erika, thank you for so many wonderful years. I feel that you are part of me and I will be so sad to see OLTL end. I hope you will not retire but please don’t join another soap. This one is the best and always will be. One reason is because of you. Thank you for all your loving ways you have shown us within our own families. May God bless you and yours and I know 2012 will bring great things.


  47. Joyce says:

    Thank you Erica for many years of good TV. You are going to be missed to say the least.
    I wish you well and hope to see you somewhere in the future.

    I have been crying all week and will be next week.



  48. Joe says:

    I have watched OLTL for most of the years it has been on TV. Erika Slezak is wonderful and I will miss seeing her and Llanfair too!

    Joe Riley was the love of Vicki’s life and I will always remember that story line. ABC is making a mistake and they will learn that eventually.

    I will miss the intrigue, the love, and the actors.


  49. kelly cook says:

    hi erika my im going to miss seeing you every day on the soap ive been watching for so long that today i caught my self crying i wish it wasent ending i hope you get a chance to star in a nother show id watch it for sure you are a great actress i would like to know if may be able to email me or may be even gave me a phone call that would be great and it would mean so much to me it feels like i v known you your are kind of like a clse friend to me but please do send me a email or give me a phone call beleave me im not a stocker or nothing like that i dont want you to get the wrong inpreshen of me its just that i am a huge fan of you and i hope you had a pleasent chrismas and a happy new year love your biggest fan kelly cook god bless you


    1loveabcsoaps replied

    She is a wonderful lady. Talk about a Staple. Now Erika Slezak is a Staple of the genre. And Fan’s get a sense that she is grounded and stoic just as her character. I am sure she is beloved by her children and grand-children in Real Life. What a beautful acknowledgement your wrote about her. God Bless You.


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