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5 June 27th, 2011 Erin Torpey back to One Life to Live in new role…NOT Jessica!


Now One Life to Live looks like they are beginning to bring back some of its past performers as the show begins to wrap up over the next several months!  TV Guide broke this morning that the first Jessica, Erin Torpey is headed back for a visit to Llanview, but in an entirely new role, not of Jessica Buchanan, which of course, is now played by Bree Williamson.

According to TVG, “Torpey but will play a different character, which the show has asked us to keep hush-hush. (Look for Torpey to reunite in a fun, special way with one of her former co-stars!) . Torpey is scheduled to shoot her farewell scenes on Wednesday.  Look for her on-air in September.”

Now, could it be since David Fumero (Cristian) is said to be leaving the canvas early that these two former lovebirds might leave the show together? Or, could it be for someone else?

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  1. lisa says:

    It will be very nice to see Erin on screen again….even tho she will not be playing Jessica.
    It does peak my curiosity tho -who she’ll be playing opposite.


  2. todd says:

    That’s just weird.


  3. ethel says:

    nothing against the actress but i think bringing on a “new” character at this point in time is just senseless – what are the tiic & tptb thinking or should i say what are they drinking?!?!


    sara replied

    They make it sound like her role is for one day, so what difference does it make? And what their thinking of is that Erin was on OLTL for a LONG time and was a fan favorite. They are thinking of the fans and Erin wanting to say goodbye one last time. Personally, this news has been the happiest thing OLTL has given me in a long time. Sooooo exicted to see Erin!!


  4. david says:

    Welcome back, Erin. I will be so happy to see you again on OLTL in any capacity for however brief a time.


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