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18 December 13th, 2013 ESPN Analyst Stephen A. Smith Analyses Who GH’s Patrick Should Choose! He Votes Team Robin!


Now, we love to see when soap operas get mentioned on late night talk shows or in mainstream pop culture! And once again, it’s General Hospital that is the talk of the town!

This week on Arsenio Hall’s talker, the host sets up a shot clock and issued a challenge to ESPN columnist/analyst/radio host Stephen A. Smith! Smith had 24 seconds on the clock to weigh-in on some of the hottest topics in sports and television including the Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito saga, Lamar Odom, Scandal’s Kerry Washington, and General Hospital’s Robin/Patrick/Sabrina dilemma!  And let us tell you this, Stephen A. watches the ABC soap!

When the shot clock began, regarding General Hospital and who Patrick should choose, Smith said:  “Robin! Listen, I am partial to a honey that can speak Spanish and is bilingual. Sabrina’s nice, but Robin’s the wife.  She is gorgeous in her own right.  They got a kid together.  And, it wasn’t like you lost interest in her, you were in love her, but you thought she died, but she ends up alive.  So it’s a touchy situation for Patrick. BUT, in the end, who did your little baby girl run to when she was her mama?”

Watch Stephen A. Smith discuss what Dr. Patrick Drake should do and why Stephen picked Robin after the jump! Then, let us know if you agree with assessment of the situation?

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Because Patrick cant figure out which one he wants, i say Robin and Sabrina should just dump him and move on!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Robin and Sabrina shoud hook up…go ROBRINA! …lol


  2. Lin says:

    I don’t see a video??? I hope Patrick chooses Robin. But I don’t see a good ending in the long run. Kimberly McCullough is only on the show temporarily. So what happens when she leaves? Robin is either going to die again, for their going to get a divorce. Or she will leave to do research and while she’s gone one of them will cheat. I don’t know why they killed her off to begin with and then made her “undead.” Or back to the same problems as we had before because Kimberly does not want to be an actress she wants to be a director. It would not be fair to have her die again. I don’t see the point, as much as I’ve loved Kimberly since she was a little girl and still love her now, and love the character, of having her come back only to leave again. I would love for her to stay as Robin, and just take the leaves once in a while and have Robin be her main focus. But from everything I’ve read that’s not the case. I read somewhere maybe here in an interview on Michael Fairman’s page to Kimberly said that there is no way that you’re going to recast Robin. I feel that’s not fair if she just wants to be Robin once in a while or if this is her last time and she’s leaving soon. Robin is a part of the fabric of General Hospital and needs to be there.


    Mary SF replied

    It wouldn’t matter if KM stay or not because on soaps there is no such thing as a happily married couple for very long– eventually something would break them apart. The only way these two could have a happy ending is if Robin, Patrick and Emma leave town together, never to be seen again on screen. This is the double edge sword of being a soap super couple– if the stay happy on screen they are considered boring, so the writers will have the inevitable break up and if the writers want them to live happily ever after it is usually at the expense of losing the characters altogether because they are written off the show. So as a fan of any couple on any soap, a viewer has enjoy the moment, and not think too much of the future because most soap couples don’t have futures, just now.


  3. KatieK says:

    So funny, now Skip Bayless just needs to weigh in on who Patrick should pick. LOL


  4. Noelle says:

    I have no idea who this guy is, but he’s very wise lol I like him! #TeamScrubs!

    As for Kimberly’s future on the show, it hasn’t been released, but no one can say for sure. Finola just directed a movie and is still acting, so who’s to say Kimberly can’t do the same? Tony Geary had been taking extended breaks for years. Kimberly has been on this show for 28 years and has literally been loyal to it her whole life. She’s won two Emmy’s as Robin, and was the center of one of soap’s most groundbreaking stories. Hasn’t she earned the right to spread her wings, while also being given a safe place to call home? It’s evident she loves what she’s doing.

    Most soap charcters can be recast, but there are some that are just unimaginable with anyone else playing them. I’d put Robin Scorpio in that category.


  5. su0000 says:

    c’mon, Patrick and Robin became stagnate years ago and it would best if they both moved on and had new love interests, great stories for them..
    Together they are a snooozz fest, it is true..
    I want Sabrina, Carlos, Patrick and throw Ava in for some great suspense stories and Ava and Carlos would be out to take Patrick out!
    I really believe RC will go the high drama way for great suspense stories!

    That is much better than watching Patrick and Robin watching tv and spoiling Emma… lol
    Patrick and Robin may be together for a week for us to watch Patrick forced to pretend he still loves Robin..
    We’ll see …


  6. aria says:

    oh this is hilarious, its so great that GH is once again part of mainstream pop culture like it use to be back in the gloria monty era, this is proving that GH new regime is the closest thing to the Gloria Monty days then any other regime.





  8. peace2speak says:

    I love guys that watch soaps. Just passing through a room they size situations up quickly and are quick in speaking up. My brother is hilarious when doing that. The GH writers are whack. They have wasted a lot of story by choosing to go in this unnecessary direction. They should have asked the audience which way to go. Starting back when the had Robin’s parents decide not to tell Patrick and Mac about Robin possibly being alive. They took a lot of exciting, adrenalin producing drama out of the story. Weird. It’s like the don’t want this story to succeed or something. I’ve not now or since Robin died almost 2 years ago bought what the writers are constantly cramming down my throat about Patrick. Especially his whole deal with “moving on” or rather the whole town’s pushing him to do so. The better story, until Robin returned, would have been the widower committed/ to weathering the storm and raising his daughter, alone. Patrick, even in his pod form, over the last 8 months of this fake feeling relationship has been all about Robin. So dead or alive his choice is his true love – Robin!


  9. su0000 says:

    Patrick and Sabrina!!!!!!
    Patrick will eventually pick Sabrina, no doubt of that..

    Patrick may return to Robin out of guilt,
    and then realize what was no longer is..
    and then he will beg for Sabrina to take him back..


  10. Sally says:



  11. kaffe says:

    That’s the only couple he likes?


  12. Paul8148 says:

    My guess, if Kimberly contract is as rumored to be for six month.

    Partick chooses Robin. Sabrina will be pregant and they will lie to Robin and claim it’s a Carlos’s kid. Robin gets a amazing job offer but Patrick will not want to leave PC. She figures it out and leaves town with Emma for the Job offer.

    However it could be different if Kimberly contract is longer


  13. pj says:

    Patrick will be Sabrina because he has put Robin in a special place in his heart and has moved on. You can’t turn back. If Sabrina is pregnant that would be so typical soap writers to add it to the storyline and then say it was Carlos when it was Patrick all along and Patrick doesn’t find out until the baby is born and they need a blood transfusion or something that only Patrick can provide. Sound familiar? Instead of dragging the fans down this all too familiar highway, why can’t the writers just let Patrick choose Sabrina NOW and move on to another storyline?? Robin WAS good, but lately she just do it anymore for the role. I think she outgrew the Robin character that we all knew. Sabrina is good for Patrick and they should be allowed to continue the storyline as it was meant to be…and get rid of Carlos – don’t like him at all.
    Writers are you reading this??? IF you want ratings — Patrick should pick Sabrina and take it from there — With custody and visitations, Robin leaving for a dream job, etc. It could make a good story.


  14. Maryanne Marshall says:

    Patrick should definitely pick Robin. He might love Sabrina but he’s in love with Robin always was and always will be. He never took his engagement ring off until Carlos noticed it. He even hesitated when he was to say his I do’s. Robin all the way. Sabrina is too needy. I liked her over Britt but Robin and Patrick belong together. Let’s just hope Ron thinks so too.


  15. Donna says:

    I think his will choose Robin because of history and child


  16. Gina says:

    Robin Robin Robin!!!!! I love Robin, and Patrick and Robin were so in love with each other…I saw Robin grow up on General Hospital and I hate it when she leaves!! To have her die was horrific for all fans! Sabrina is a nice girl, but not for Patrick. He should have been left a widower for longer, not a couple so soon. But we want Patrick to choose Robin!!!


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