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7 August 1st, 2011 Esta TerBlanche to return to All My Children as Gillian!


We had heard this was in the works once All My Children began to come up with a way to bring back and reunite longtime super couples and characters, but this should be very interesting.

ABC Soaps In Depth is confirming today that Esta TerBlanche will be making a return appearance as Gillian, Ryan Lavery’s beloved princess who died and her heart was then donated to Brooke’s daughter, Laura!

SID also is reporting that Esta has already picked up and received her scripts.

Ah, but here is the kicker! AMC viewers recall that guess who performed the surgery? That’s right… Dr. David Hayward.  So considering all these former dead peeps are somehow being resurrected, it would be safe to assume that Gillian is just another link to the dastardly doc’s “Project Orpheus”!

So, is the plot that Ryan reunites with Gillian and Greenlee reunites with Leo (Don’t miss this week’s August 4th episode) just a part in cementing Ryan and Greenlee as a couple or will this break them apart?  Stay tuned.

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  1. ryanandgreenleeforever says:

    These are just pure stupid. I thought bringing back the old writers would make the show better, but if this is what they had it mind, then they’re just as bad as the recently fired writers. Agnes how can you allow this to happen to your show. I mean, come one you can get away with this once, but not every single person coming back to life at the hands of dr. hayward. It insults our intelligence, and frankly this is not the scifi channel.


    AMCFANFROM DAY1 replied

    I respectfully disagree with the above comment. I absolutely love the way the show is being written now. It is the perfect “swan song” for Dr. Death & for all of the characters. Brava Ms. Nixon & Ms. Broderick


  2. Bianca says:

    Well, if they’re going to bring back every person who’s ever previously appeared as an angel, I’m glad they’re bringing Esta back! I’ve never liked Ryan more than when he was with Gillian :D .

    Soaps have been bringing people back from the dead from their inception. The difference between good soap and bad soap is not whether they use cliches, but how well those cliches are written.


  3. Torrey says:

    I will have to tell my sister about this. She stopped watching AMC, when they killed off Gillian. This is sure to make her happy. Gillian was the only woman that I thought Ryan was at his best with. Ever since they killed Gillian off, it’s been one nauseating story after the other, with Ryan. Although, I will say this, they need to hurry up and let Dixie get her act together….this whole catatonic state that she’s in, is getting old real fast, and we don’t have that much time left.


    Torrey replied

    And I forgot to mention, a long time ago, I stated on a blog that they should bring just about all of the characters they are currently bringing back. Although, I would have had Vanessa be responsible for Leo’s disappearance. That would have made more sense for me. She could have pulled him out of the falls, after he suffered a head injury, and brainwashed him to think that they were back to their old antics of conning the people of Pine Valley. Plus, she could have been behind Erica’s kidnapping….cause we all know that Vanessa hated Erica Kane. Think writers…think… Making David responsible for everyone’s faked death is kinda not thinking outside of the box.


  4. zippity58 says:

    It has always been Ryan and his Princess. Their chemistry is out of this world.. Haven’t watched AMC in years but I’ll tune for this couple.


  5. Carmen says:

    Yay! She was always my favorite.


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