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2 September 2nd, 2011 Eva LaRue reveals, Sarah Michelle Gellar to play Psych Patient who thinks she’s Erica Kane’s daughter on AMC return!


This is a hoot and half and pretty clever if you ask us! Eva LaRue (Maria, AMC and CSI: Miami star) revealed in a new interview with the L.A. Examiner that when she and her gal-pal Sarah Michelle Gellar return to AMC on the final week of episodes for their scenes together, that Gellar will be playing a very confused version, (perhaps) of a Kendall-wannabe!

LaRue stated, “Sarah saw the script before I did and texted me to say, ‘Wait until you see this, you are going to laugh.’ It was cheesy brilliance! Sarah actually plays a psych patient who thinks she is Erica Kane’s daughter. I can’t wait for fans to see it!”

Sounds like the team of Lorraine Broderick and Agnes Nixon have some very special surprises for us as we head into the final three weeks of life in Pine Valley on network television.

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  1. Jason says:

    Since when is Maria a Shrink?


    Torrey replied

    who cares, I can’t wait to see them both back. Love Eva & Sarah!! LOL


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