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5 June 9th, 2011 Eva LaRue signs on to return to All My Children for end of series!

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The All My Children hitmakers just keep a coming.  To honor the ending of the 40-year-old soap come this September, more fan favorite and legacy characters have been set to return to Pine Valley for one final curtain call.  Add to this list the sexy darling of the Santos family, Maria Santos, played by Eva LaRue!

TV Guide broke the news that: “La Rue, who currently stars in CBS’ CSI: Miami, will be back for several episodes beginning in July. And,  All My Children insiders say the show is fielding calls from many former cast members about potentially returning for its final days.” As soapers know already, Josh Duhamel will be back as Leo in August for one to two episodes.

Fan recall that  Dr. Maria Santos Grey  first turned up in Pine Valley in 1993, left in 1997 and returned again in 2002. Maria moved to California permanently in 2005 after she spun out of control following the death of her husband Edmund.

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  1. Moviegal says:

    Although I’m loving all of the returns, the big return for the end of AMC should be David Canary as Adam Chandler!


    Eileen_NYC replied

    Yes! I agree and I too am loving all the returns of the heavy hitters but what would the end be without Adam and Brook as well. I was really happy that Thorsten Kaye was coming back but now all the others great news. I hope their salaries bankrupt these dweebs at ABC-Disney, it infuriates me to the bone the remarks and cavalier attitude that this guy Frons has.


  2. Judith-NC says:

    I can hardly wait to see every one of these characters!!! And I’m hoping we’ll see more … it wouldn’t be right without Adam and Brooke at the end. But it will be so bittersweet knowing we’re losing an American Classic after 41 short years.

    I just hope as each of the ABC soaps ends, ABC loses it’s daytime audience for that timeslot … and eventually, will lose a big chunk of it primetime audience as well. I know I am no longer watching anything EXCEPT the 3 soaps on ABC right already. Once they’re gone … bye bye ABC! Disney too … have already quit watching anything Disney and will never spend another dime in their parks or any of their DVDs and toys, etc.

    My hope is once the soaps are gone … ABC gets canceled.


  3. linda cummings says:

    See ya ABC and all your primetime shows as well. Once soaps are cancelled you will be gone from all soaps viewers. Soap viewers are the most Loyal Fans and believe me, you will go big time Downhill in ratings from all your shows. Nobody wants another stupid cooking show, or another talk show w/ Hollywood people glorifying thier life. If we want that we already have enough shows to watch. Don’t you know there is a cooking network, not to mention regular talk shows w/ cooking segmnets. What about recipies on internet and cookbooks. What a discusting idea for you to come up with, you don’t care about any of us loyal viewers so enjoy going bankrupt! Its what ABC deserves, I won’t watch any ABC even at night just like all the millions who watch ABC soaps. Hope it was worth it.


  4. Lynne says:

    It just breaks my heart to see my two favorite soaps go off the air after all these years. I can’t imagine living without them everynite on soapnet. Now their won’t be anything to look forward to anymore. I keep hoping that I’ll read somewhere that some other network would pick it up, but so far it looks very dim.


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