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15 September 12th, 2011 Ex-American Idol Runner- Up Diana DeGarmo lands contract role on Y&R!


Here’s some inspired casting! Former American Idol runner-up and Broadway star, Diana DeGarmo has landed a contract role on the number one soap opera, The Young and the Restless!

According to TV Guide, “DeGarmo will be playing Angelina, the Jersey-girl daughter of mob boss Angelo (Mike Starr). The actress-singer starts shooting the CBS soap the week of September 22 and is expected to hit the air late October.”  Those will recall that Diana DeGarmo placed second to Fantasia in Season 3 of  American Idol in 2004. The talented singer/actress has since been busy  appearing in the Broadway productions of Hairspray and Hair, as well as the off-Broadway hit The Toxic Avenger.

So what will this mafia princess be doing in Genoa City? Who will she be after, linked with and why?

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  1. Skyla says:

    Umm-okay… good for her I guess but what is MAB thinking. We’ve got too many newbies on there already that are taking up airtime. They hardly have enough ideas to do anything with Eden, that chick Noah hangs out with, Heather, Sophia, and we hardly ever see Roxanne. We already have to contend with our canvas filled with newbie characters: Colin, Genevieve, Ronan, that girl Noah hangs with, Sam, and even Avery who I’m actually enjoying but seriously? Now we have to deal with Angelo having a bigger role. I mean wasn’t he connected to Jeffrey who we hardly see anymore & he and Gloria were entertaining. I mean I’m a fan of Debbi Morgan but soon she’ll be another newbie in Genoa City too along with Ricky, Paul’s son who has been MIA since he was a baby. This is getting ridiculous… Y&R fans want MTS back and we want to see the focus back on our core characters who have a rich history to build from and off of with real story telling and character driven storylines, characters we actually know and care about. This is getting ridiculous!!!


    chris replied

    Probably has something to do with Devon’s music, and i wonder if the MOB connection could lead to storyline regarding Kevin/Gloria and-or Diane’s death?


    cindy replied

    like the ideas of having new faces on the soaps and gives to new twists…

  2. Julie says:

    I like Diana. I’ve seen her on Broadway, playing Sheila in “Hair.” She’s a very engaging actress and I hope that translates to the small screen.


  3. ethel says:

    ummmmmmm here we go another newbie…………………..smh


  4. David says:

    Y&R fans, as an avid DAYS watcher who saw the show slip nito “unwatchable” with new people and old characters shoved to the back burner or turned unrecognizable, I feel your pain. I watch Y&R off and on and it is way off track. Victor Newman holding his son-in-law in a cell? That seems a bit silly to me.


  5. kay killgore says:

    I think MAB has gone absolutely mad!!!! Everytime Eden Riegel is on I cringed as with all the other newbies who gives a flying whoop about Angelo’s daughter I mean I did not even remember him.


  6. Rob says:

    Did Y&R hire Ellen Wheeler of Chris Goutman, cause this show is tanking!!!


  7. Heath says:

    Wasn’t every character you now love once a newbie? I’m disgruntled with the overall direction of the show but I won’t assume anything negative about Diana or her character. She might be one of the new people who stick. *shrug*


  8. Rachel says:

    I’d rather the show not bother with creating Angelo’s daughter but I’m looking forward to seeing Diana anyway. She was my favorite years ago on idol and she’s fantastic on Broadway. I’m kind of excited to see her broaden her horizons and give soaps a try. I think she might be pretty good.


  9. Lew says:

    MAB – PLEASE review the old Y&R tapes of your father-in-law. I like change and new chararacters are good, but this is just TOO much!!! Are all of the daytime execs trying to kill their soaps?!


  10. JustSaying says:

    Why does this show have no direction? A mob princess now. Come on. What can the mob do that other newbies haven’t been able to do.

    Will she somehow, SOMEHOW take out Adam? Doubt it.


  11. aria says:

    what a cheap casting, i mean, y&r fires all these talented vets and on the heals of doing that hire degarmo, lol, this is bad, whose next kim kardashian.


  12. Sarah says:

    My mom watches Y and R, and I try to get into it, but I really like Lily and Cane only much, but anyways, I love Diana DeGarmo!! She is my fave person from Idol as well!! I wish she should have won! Anyways, maybe I can watch more now. I like Abby too.


  13. Tom says:

    Perhaps she and Abby can collaborate on a new reality show–Lake Geneva Shore.


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