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11 October 23rd, 2012 Ex-Laker Wife, Angela Wilder Suing The Talk Claiming She Pitched A Talker On Motherhood!


Here we go again!  There is always someone in Hollywood who comes out of the woodwork and claims that a television series, a recording, or major motion picture that has made it to the big-time was not the original idea or concept of those who found fame and fortune with the final product.  Sometimes, they are found to be completely false allegations and sometimes they could be true.  And now CBS’ hit afternoon series, The Talk is unfortunately under some fire from none other than former Los Angeles Laker hall-of-famer James Worthy’s, ex-wife!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Angelia Wilder (Ex-wife of Worthy) is claiming in a new lawsuit that CBS’ The Talk was stolen from her idea about a show revolving around a community of women, including celebrities, who talk about the common bond of motherhood.

Apparently she claims in 2006, she created a treatment called “The Mothers’ Hood,” which she registered with the WGA. The idea was to create a TV show for mothers to watch and feel like someone was listening to their day-to-day problems and issues. Wilder says that she used her industry contacts in 2008 to set up a pitch meeting with Holly Jacobs, executive VP reality and syndication programming at Sony Television. Jacobs rejected her pitch, purportedly telling her that “stay-at-home mothers are a depressed group of people who would have absolutely no interest in watching a show about their own depressing lives,” according to the suit.

Then The Talk came out. The show is produced by CBS Television Studios and RelativityReal and features Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler discussing the day’s headlines, often from a parent’s perspective. The concept has been credited to Gilbert, but Wilder says it can be traced back to her idea she pitched to Sony. So Wilder has filed a lawsuit in California federal court, and in doing so, she demonstrates why it’s not so easy to win on a stolen-idea claim. Ten years ago, a plaintiff like Wilder might have asserted copyright infringement directly against the producers of the allegedly ripped-off show. But plaintiffs are beginning to learn that copyright only protects substantially similar expression, and judges tend to impose a high bar and toss such claims at an early stage.

Nowadays, sophisticated plaintiffs are more likely to allege a “breach of implied contract” claim on the theory that when an idea is shared, there’s an expectation that payment will be rendered if the idea is used later. It’s not always a winnable claim, but at least the plaintiff has a shot.  But if Wilder pitched to Sony and then CBS made the show, what hope does she have in pursuing a lawsuit over any implied contract she had? That’s the question that will be central to her new suit.

The complaint refers to Jacobs’ “very close ties” to RelativityReal head Tom Forman and CBS. The lawsuit also talks about Sony’s global distribution deal with RelativityReal and alleges that “CBS had direct and easy access to Wilder’s treatment and her confidential intellectual property while they were in the development stage of The Talk.”

Wilder now is suing Sony for breaching the implied deal she had by allegedly “assisting others in producing and distributing The Talk” without compensating her. She also alleges Sony breached a duty of confidence by violating an allegedly standard practice in Hollywood of accepting pitches and treatments for TV shows with strict confidentiality.

Wilder also is suing CBS and RelativityReal for tortious interference, unfair competition and civil conspiracy. The defendants, she says, “intended to induce Sony to breach its contract by taking Wilder’s confidential and original work and exploiting it for their own gains when they produced and distributed The Talk.”

CBS’ statement on the whole incident:  “It’s one thing to get sued over a project that was pitched to us but quite a stretch to be sued over a pitch that was made to somebody else. Ms. Wilder’s alleged offering to Sony played absolutely no part in the creation of The Talk. We’ll vigorously defend this case and expect to prevail.”

So what do you think of Wilder’s claim?  It would seem thatThe Talk  should be safe from this one! This appears to be quite a stretch from the former Basketball wife!

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  1. MK says:

    So…They canned WORLD TURNS for nothing?


    susan M. replied

    No Comment………………..


    susan M. replied

    No comment on this issue..I NEVER WATCH THE TALK!!!! This has no interest for me……….

    Troy Turner replied

    We don’t know the situation-we’ll just have to see what happens


  2. Troy Turner says:

    This could be specious, or this could be the catalyst to get this junk off our screens-and get Oakdale back where it belongs


  3. Mary SF says:

    I have watched the show and I never once had the impression the show was about motherhood or talking about things that are important to mothers. If anything I always thought this show was a View wanna-be/clone. The talk-show format is so generic they are all the same in some regard. I hope this case is thrown out of court, but unfortunately this woman is getting her 15 minutes of fame by filing it. So sad.


  4. Winona says:

    I worked copyright at Sony Pictures some years back. All I can say is that they are fierce at keeping their intellectual property rights (those rights they have paid others for).

    Being a stay-at-home mom to two, I really take offense to the alleged words from Mr. Jacobs at Sony. Stay-at-home mothers are anything but depressed. What a terrible thing to say. At least when I worked at Sony they were extremely family friendly in my department.

    As for Ms. Wilder and any others that pitch ideas to studios, they should have lawyers or something to back their claims and protect their interests because the studios are notorious for taking other ideas. That being said, I really do not see what basis she has for THIS claim considering it is not Sony who allegedly stole her idea.

    Furthermore, I have yet to see how THE TALK is a show about “motherhood.” Now granted I do not watch it, but the promos never mention anything about motherhood – it is all celebrities, how to lose weight, latest gossip, etc.

    I believe the show is Ms. Gilbert’s idea because I do not see otherwise how she would be considered for a panelist job on TV. I have no problems with her, but with her minimal television work and persona, she wouldn’t exactly be the first person I would think of, no offense.

    Moreover, I really hate how our country has become so litigious.


  5. su0000 says:

    Win she gets money or by settlement she will get money .
    Seems like it will a win win situation ..


  6. Michael says:

    Eh! This woman’s lawsuit won’t get past the front door of the court house.


  7. Jared says:

    We just live in a litigious, selfish, self entitled nation infested with people on the take for what they can get for nothing. Doesn’t this individual already have enough for being married to a professional athlete? A show like The Mindless Chatter isn’t so creative or such an original idea that it warrants a lawsuit. The real lawsuit should be against whoever thought it was a good idea to cancel an iconic show like AS THE WORLD TURNS for this crap.


  8. Lew S says:

    It is called 15 minutes of fame.


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