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4 April 14th, 2011 EX OLTL’s Brandon Buddy tweets, “I would love to come back for a little bit, but for all of you!”

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The very missed Brandon Buddy (Ex-Cole Thornhart) took to twitter yesterday and exchanged tweets with his long time fans.  During the exchange Buddy commented on if he would ever consider a re turn to One Life to Live, in which he tweeted out the following statement,  “As for going back to OLTL…. hmm. I’m not sure if it’s in my hands or not. I would love to come back for a little bit but only 4 all of u!”

Brandon is doing well in Texas he reports in his series of tweets.  So would you like to see Brandon return for  short time to visit Starr and Hope? Or, come help take Marty off the canvas when Susan Haskell exits the series? We have no idea how that would make sense, since Cole is serving a ten-year sentence for shooting Eli in cold blood! But hey, it’s a soap. Anything’s possible!

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  1. Liz says:

    BRING COLE BACK!!! I don’t care what his story line is. I started watching OLTL on 10-10-06 his first episode!! and have watched since because of him. So, if ABC is that stupid to cancel these shows then yes! he has to be there!!


    Hady replied

    When Brandon decided to leave, they made Cole even more impulsive. Starr and Cole have a special bond. If the show is ending, then I agree with Liz, he needs to be there to end the show.

    I started watching OLTL because of Starr and Cole and their storyline. I love them and I know they have had extremely rough moments, but despite everything their love is what pulled them together.

    I was crying on Nov. 10, 2010 and it was so sad to see Cole be taken away. He needs to return, reunite with Starr and his daughter Hope.


  2. Christmas says:

    I am a big fan of Cole and Starr. Brandon I would love for you to return as Cole and for Cole to win back Starr. If the show is ending then he has to return. SOLE is the reason I started watching the show.


  3. staci says:

    one life to live aint the same since brandon buddy (ex cole thornart ) left the show. Plus starr aint the same when cole left. The reason i started watching one life to live was because of starr and cole. i still watch it, but brandon buddy needs to come back to one life to live.


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