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3 May 14th, 2010 Ex-One Life’s Claywell and Evans have different responses to lack of Emmy nods



Greg in Hollywood in his item today posted has two sides of the reactions from former One Life stars, Brett Claywell (Kyle) and Scott Evans (Oliver).  Their Kish storyline was snubbed when the 2010 Daytime Emmy Award nominations were announced on Wednesday.

Brett was honest with his disappointment and posted this message on Twitter:  “We tell a story that was groundbreaking and powerful, then lose my job and am overlooked for a nomination. Daytime is such a joke.”   Scott  Evans took a different approach and congratulated his former colleagues on his tweet, “Congrats to all the nominees!! Scotty Clifton, Ms. Williamson, Mr. Kerwin and our wonderful directors- you are truly remarkable!!”

Kish’s departure has been a sore spot with fans of the show, and now with this Emmy snub , some feel this just adds fuel to their disappointment that the wonderful story and groundbreaking strides this story arc told, will now not be honored as part of Daytime’s highest honor.

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  1. Snarkgirl says:

    No one is entitled to an Emmy nomination. Who would want to work with someone who talks like that? Sadly, I think the guy is cute (young Hal Sparks) and performs well.


    bottomchef replied

    BITTER brett claywell is at it again. Does he have delusions of grandeur or is he actually serious? The sad part is his fans will attack anyone that critiques him. I agree completely Snarkgirl that no one is entitled to an Emmy nomination. A young Hal Sparks, that’s interesting. remember when Hal Sparks compared kissing men to kissing a dog when he was on QAF USA. he uttered that at an interview w/ Leno I think. He never got into trouble for that quote in the lgbtq media. Any guesses why? Back to Claywell, he’s complaining abt no Emmy nomination while Daytime vets Hunter Tylo, Kimberlin Brown, Eileen davidson, Barbara Crampton, Beverley Mckinsey, Melody Thomas Scott and Victoria Rowell have either never been nominated or never won Emmys!


  2. C.L.B says:

    Actually, Brett Claywell posted another message on his twitter account congratulating all of the daytime nominees, ESPECIALLY the OLTL crew!!!!


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