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24 May 10th, 2013 EXCLUSIVE: All My Children Matthew Cowles Interview! Here Comes Billy Clyde Tuggle!

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In true soap fashion look, when we recently visited the new All My Children studios in Connecticut, we were in for the shock of our soap life, when we saw none other than Matthew Cowles (A.K.A. Billy Clyde Tuggle) looking the same as when we saw him decades ago strolling in the hallways!  We came to find out that Matthew is set for a stunning return to the new AMC in all new streaming episodes starting on Thursday May 16th on Hulu and iTunes.

So, just how will Billy Clyde be a critical part of the story arc?  Well, from what we can tell, the former pimp turned born-again-Christian is back to cause trouble including a face-to-face encounter with Dixie Martin (there is no love lost in that department) and look for Tuggle to be instrumental with long time foes, Jesse and Angie, who are trying to find their missing daughter Cassandra, who is now embroiled in a horrific sex-trafficking scheme and scandal!

In this exclusive, and in his first interview back to All My Children, we sat down with the oh-so-talented Cowles to talk about the heyday of AMC (where Billy Clyde was the town pariah), how he managed to make the character one of the most memorable of all-time, and what we can expect in upcoming episodes!  Here now is what Matthew had to share!

How did this shocking return come about?  How did you end up back here on All My Children so many decades later?

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MATTHEW:  My manager called and asked me if would consider doing Billy Clyde Tuggle on All My Children.  I said, “I certainly would!”  I didn’t know this format, the Internet format, nor do I have the capability of watching it myself.  I am not much of a techie, but I love to play this part!  And so I said to my manager, “Yes, I would be interested.”  So, I signed the contract and here I am.

Billy Clyde Tuggle is one of the most delicious and quirky roles in the history of soaps!  He perpetrated horrible things on the poor citizens of Pine Valley!  I so remember the scenes between Billy Clyde and Estelle, played by the amazing Kate Dezina!

MATTHEW: Oh boy, do I remember Kate Dezina!  I remember those days, and I can almost remember the dialog of every scene we played.  Now that is an exaggeration, but not too far off the moolah. (Laughs)

In your opinion, why is Billy Clyde such a great character?


MATTHEW: That is because the initial AMC producer, a man called Bud Kloss said, “We would like you, Matthew, to be in charge of the development of this character.  If you want to oodle with the lines and tweak them, that’s OK.  You are not going to write storyline, but the dialog in your scenes is pretty much in your department.”  When you can use the words to prompt the action to get where the character wants to go, it is memorable, and that is for anyone.  I was very fortunate.

Now Billy Clyde is back, and from everything we have read from the teasers thus far, he is once again going to be a real troublemaker!

MATTHEW: A “troublemaker”?  (Laughs) I suppose that is a good way to describe him as a troublemaker, but he doesn’t perceive it as that, necessarily.  But, he takes himself, and is out for himself … first.

When they asked you to come back was it just for a short-term story arc?

MATTHEW: I have no idea what their plan was.  I said, “Let’s just do it.”  They threw a bunch of numbers at me, but really the numbers are not what’s important.

Long time fans also remember your scenes with Benny Sago, then played by Vasili Bogazianos!  They were so tension-filled!

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MATTHEW: This is true! And people do remember him.  My wife said to me, “You’re the star.”  And my wife, Christine Baranski, is a very successful actress!  I don’t make any comparisons.  She does The Good Wife, and she is terrific!  Oh my goodness, my wife is a good actress.  And … she makes beautiful babies!

Prior to landing back on All My Children, what was the most recent acting role you had?

MATTHEW: I did Taming of The Shrew last year and I loved that, with a terrific director, Arin Arbus.

Who have you gotten the opportunity to work with on All My Children?  I know for sure your old buds, Debbi Morgan (Angie) and Darnell Williams (Jesse)!

MATTHEW: They are so wonderful.  I am supposed to be the archenemy of Jesse, but Jesse was the one who called me “Billy Clyde” the other day, and I could almost throw my arms around his neck and kiss him for that.  But that was not in the script, and that would have been very misunderstood, because in the script I was referred to as “Rob Gardner”.   That was the code name to keep my return to AMC a secret from everybody.  This new style of shooting here is not shot episode-to-episode; the way this is shot is like a jigsaw puzzle!  You will have to watch the story.  It’s been exciting to do!

Why did Billy Clyde and Jesse become enemies in the first place?

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MATTHEW: They operated on the other side of the fence.  He has an ax to grind for Jesse.  I am working with some great actors.  I worked with an actor by the name of “Thorsten” the other day.  Holy Cow!   I’m impressed with his strength and humanity, and he is an “actor”!  And so too is Darnell and Debbi!  You know, I still see a lot of Mark Lamura (Ex-Mark Dalton, AMC) too, and he is doing great.

Matthew, you were part of the heyday of All My Children!  What is it like now being back to see the revival of the show?

MATTHEW: Well, I am waiting for Susan Lucci (Erica, AMC) to come back!  I enjoyed working with her.  She hit me with a bottle once in a scene, a bottle is made of sugar, but there is one hard seam part to it.  Susan hit me with the hard part …. she hit me with the seam! (Laughs)

Fans used to be very vocal in their venom towards Billy Clyde!  Did you have trouble walking down the street, as some soap stars have encountered in the past, when there is no separation for some fans between reality and fantasy?

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

MATTHEW: I think only one or two people that took it seriously would say, “That’s a bad man.”  Most people thought that is a funny guy doing unexpected stuff.

What is it about you that makes you so good at playing a type of character like Billy Clyde?

MATTHEW: Every human being has their own strengths that are unique to them.  And I just was blessed enough to find out what I was good at.  Then, blessed enough to get hired to do something I find great joy in doing.

So AMC fans, what do you think will happen when Billy Clyde arrives on the scene in Pine Valley?  Will he be up to no good? Will he turn a new leaf? What did you think of Matthew’s comments on working with Darnell and Debbi again? And getting to step into the shoes again of one of the all-time villains in soaps? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Debbie Harris says:

    Should be fun having Billy Clyde back on AMC! He was one villain we loved to hate!!!


    TV replied

    One day in 1977 I walked into the kitchen of our ‘hippie farmhouse’ in Holsopple, PA. and there sitting at the kitchen table was this wild looking guy. What a fun time it was knowing Mathew during the filming of Slapshot in J-Town, PA. I have followed Mathew’s carreer since then.


    em replied

    Thanks – Billy Clyde was the best thing that ever happened to All My Children. I stopped watching after his character left.

  2. ISN says:

    He will be the pimp trying to pimp Cassandra!


  3. BTripp says:

    This is great! We just need to get Tad and Erica back now. Tad is gonna need to protect Dixie from Billy Clyde!


  4. takeitish says:

    I love it! Welcome home Mr. William Clyde Tuggle! We missed you and the soap world is ecstatic you’re back!


  5. Jody says:

    Haha…..if I had wishes to use I would also ask for the return of Mark Lamura as Mark Dalton; ahhh, the memories!


  6. Georgette says:

    Billy Clyde is my all time favorite soap villian. I cannot believe he is coming back. I am so thrilled. Matthew Cowles- Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


  7. Edna Barefoot says:

    Billy Clyde was a mean man but you always wanted to see what he would do next. I can’t believe he has turned over a new leaf but will be great to find out. My question is we saw him die. There was a body. Tad was the body that disappeared. Maybe I’m wrong but I can still see his body laying on the rocks. It should be exciting having him around again. And by the way I have a brother who could be Billy’s brother.


  8. Rhonda says:

    The return of Billy Clyde Tuggle will be epic!!! I was so excited when I heard the news. I may not be able to wait until lunch on the 16th to watch…might have to get up early to see his return. Loving the new show!


  9. nancy dillingham says:

    What a great character–so glad Matthew Cowles is coming back. Wish ABC had not taken AMC and OLTL off air, but glad they are back on the Net. Too bad so many people are shortsighted. A serial with great actors/characters will always endure.


  10. su0000 says:

    Bring it home! Matthew Cowles//Billy Clyde..
    You are da`man!


  11. Beacon says:

    There’s a great scene on youtube of Natalie (Kate Collins) banishing Billy Clyde from the hospital as he is attempting to see Donna. Kind of makes you wonder how Billy Clyde Tuggle and Janet Green would have gotten along LOL


    CTwildheart replied

    That would be an interesting duo!


  12. jane says:

    I love the character of Billy Clyde! I saw the sweet part of him when he was with Estelle. He just cracked me up half the time. Loved Benny Sago too. His relationship with Pheobe Tyler (the Dutchess was what he called her) was so sweet. Cant wait to see Billy Clyde on AMC again! Great coup, Prospect Park!


  13. Denise says:

    I am simply delighted that “Billy Clyde” will be returning to Pine Valley! Thank you for another fantastic interview Mr. Fairman.


  14. CTwildheart says:

    I am simply gushing over this news! Matthew Cowles is one of my all time favorite actors from AMC. I have always loved to hate Billy Clyde Tuggle and yet, looked forward to see what he would do next. It was a pleasant surprise to see him at the premiere and I ended up in tears after we talked. Even though he LIED and told me no when I asked if he was returning to Pine Valley ;) I understand why he did – and I am glad for the surprise. I can’t wait to see him again!


  15. RICKIE says:

    Daaaang… I’m old! I remember when Billy Clyde first popped on the scene — he became Donna’s pimp after Tyrone (the wonderful Roscoe Orman) fled the scene. And, of course, there were Donna, Estelle, and Lettie Jean (Delphi Harrington) — the hookers of Locust Street. This should be fun!


  16. Dez says:

    Billy Clyde???? One word…HILARIOUS. This spells big fun and great summer entertainment!


  17. Mk says:

    I have been waiting for 23 yrs for his return. If tad survid the btidge fallc, so couldid bc. I loved his scenes with phoebe and adam. I remember when he buried estelle alive!


  18. Shrona says:

    This reboot keeps getting better and better! Welcome back, Matthew! You made me laugh and cringe at the same time. I hope your alter ego, Billy Clyde, has his ‘persuadiator’ with him!


  19. Teresa blue says:

    I love billy Clyde’s return and have fond memories of him & donna beck. I hope he gets to stay a very long time ! I want to see him and Dixie together! Oh…I have a brother who could be his brother! Seriously . He acts the same way all the time! Xxx BCT 4-ever!


  20. Nancy Wizner says:

    Matthew Cowles MADE the character of Billy Clyde Tuggle what it was. No one else could have ever played that part as well. He was a such an excellent actor, and this comes a such a shock. So very very sad. Sending my sympathy to his family. RIP Matthew!


  21. lenafreed says:

    So sad to read the news of Matthew Cowles untimely death. So glad I got to see him and Billy Clyde one more time last year during the late lamented reboot of All My Children.


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