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28 September 8th, 2014 EXCLUSIVE: B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang Chats On Joining The Cast Of Dancing With The Stars Italy!

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The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katherine Kelly Lang is putting away all the romantic and familial drama of Brooke Logan Forrester for a few months, and putting on her ballroom dance shoes! That’s right! Katherine is set to be one of the contestants on the new season of Ballando con le stelle Italy, or as we say here in the U.S. – Dancing with the Stars Italy!

In this exclusive conversation with On-Air On-Soaps, Katherine telsl us that she is taking a break from the CBS soap opera to try her luck on DWTS Italy, where international soap fans know, Katherine and B&B are number one!  Will the judges and Katherine’s fan keep her in the competition week in and week out?  Will Katherine come back to the States with a Mirror Ball Trophy in hand?  If Katherine’s determination and athletic prowess are any indication, she just might be one of the celebrity contestants to beat!

So, is the soap superstar nervous?  What did B&B executive producer Brad Bell have to say when she decided to take part in the series for a few months in Europe?  What might happen to Brooke in the meantime?  Here’s some Intel from Katherine on her upcoming DWTS experience and more!

Katherine, this isn’t your first foray on Ballando con le stelle (Dancing with the Stars Italy).  You had been on previously for a guest stint, but now you are a full on contestant for the new season!  How did it all come about?


KATHERINE:  I did do one episode of Dancing with the Stars Italy about six years ago, or so.  I didn’t want to do it longer at that time, because I didn’t want to take time out from The Bold and the Beautiful.  But this did work out this time where I could take off the time in between contracts, so I said, “O.K”!  Dancing with the Stars Italy has been calling me to do the full show, and I didn’t want to do what Ronn Moss (Ex-Ridge, B&B) did, and go back and forth from Italy each week, and all that craziness. I am going to go and stay in Italy for the duration, instead.

Do you know who you’re paired with as your pro dance partner yet?

KATHERINE:  I don’t know what pro dancer I will be paired with yet, but the first airdate is October 4th live.  So every episode is live on Saturday night until I come back to Los Angeles in December!

What happens if you get booted off the show?

KATHERINE:  They don’t like do to that! (Laughs)  But of course, someone is going to get booted off.  And you don’t want to get booted off, but even if you do, you get another chance to get back on.  So the contestants still stay, and they still have to rehearse two more dances, and then perform those dances the next week to try to get voted back in the running.  So no matter what happens, the show kind of keeps you going.

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Are you nervous about learning all the different dances in the competition … or are you excited?

KATHERINE:  I am really nervous, because I haven’t really done anything like that in awhile.  I feel my body is different, because I have been training for the “Iron Man”!  So I have this sort of heavy clumsy body right now! (Laughs) And that is just for the “Iron Man” style competition.  So I need to get more elegant and graceful, and stretch more, and get more in shape that way.  It’s totally different muscles, the dance muscles.  I love dancing and it will be fun, but stressful for me when it’s live!

Do you know Italian well to handle the language barrier on the live show?

KATHERINE:  I know it from being in Italy for awhile, and when I come back, I pick it up again.  I have studied the language through the years.  But honestly, I understand the language better than I speak it!

You will probably exit The Bold and the Beautiful on-air in four weeks or so.  How do you think the series will exit Brooke from the story to facilitate your time away to dance on Ballando con le stelle?

KATHERINE:  I think Brooke might go to Forrester International to help run the business and to clean up the office over there! (Laughs)  And the international company is based in Milan, and so maybe there might even be a remote in Italy … we don’t know yet.

How was B&B’s executive producer and head writer, Brad Bell about you exiting the series for three months to go to Italy to appear on Dancing with the Stars there?

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KATHERINE:  Great!  Brad was super about.  He was saying, “I would go over there and do that if I were you!” (Laughs)   This is a perfect tie-in for the show, too.  And you know half way through Dancing with the Stars I will get homesick, and I will miss playing Brooke!  And that happens!  Sometimes I will be like, “I need to have my time off,” and a week later I am like, “Hmmm.  I kind of miss Brooke!”  I have been doing her so long that it has become a part of me.  So it’s weird when I am not playing her, and having that to do on the soap.  I mean, I will be competing on camera, but it will be different.  I am so looking forward to the experience though!

So, what do you think about Katherine heading to Europe to compete in Dancing with the Stars Italy?  Excited to root her on from afar?  Let us know your thoughts! And here’s the link to the Ballando con le stelle website!


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  1. Sheila says:

    Good Luck! :) You’ll be missed while you’re away.


    elaine replied

    dear Katherine, many of your fans do miss you when you are not on the airtime of b&b. maybe bb will bring bill over to Italy for brooke and bill to have a nice lavish wedding with a very elegant honeymoon and reception. that would work for all of your brill fans. good luck Katherine you do have a lot of competition in dancing with the stars. I found this page through google to find you. please sent links to facebook and twitter for your brooke fans to keep up with you they already miss you and want your Italy links to see how you are doing.
    sincerely Elaine.


  2. Mary SF says:

    Why not do the American version? O right three months in Italy—sounds like a nice gig half vacation, half work– she can eat all the great food then dance away all the calories- LOL


  3. B&B Fan says:

    Good Luck. I wish I could watch you on it.


    Mo replied

    Same here!


    elaine replied

    just go to google and tyipe in dancing with the stars Italy this should bring up Katherine Kelly lang and her dancing and being judged. Katherine you come back to b&b when you get done a lot of your fans do miss you on that show. we do love you.
    sincerely elaine


  4. sporrester says:

    B&B Brookefree: BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe it will last :-)


    maychild replied

    Yeah right. Brooke’s the only reason you watch the show. Even while she’s gone, you’ll do nothing but bitch about Brooke all day and how everything is her fault.


    sporrester replied

    i didn´t bitch about her, not worth it! i watch because of all the other stars. there are others on the show. realize it, you brookelover!

    jaybird369 replied

    sporrester…SO TRUE!!!!! But…you know what would make me EVEN HAPPIER…a Hope-free show!!!!! LOL!!!!!! Yep.


    maychild replied

    And the entire time Brooke is gone, you’ll be bitching about her. You and sporrestor, like all the other Brooke-haters, claim to watch the show for the other characters, like sour moon face Katie or Crisco-haired rapist Ridge (and their snooze-worthy romance, during which they’ve talked about nothing but Brooke, Bill, Brooke, Brooke, Bill, Brooke and Brooke), but you watch so you can whine about Brooke and you all know it.

  5. Shirley Collins says:

    Good Luck with the dancing..I will be rooting for you!!! I must say I will really miss you while you are gone!!! Also I hope those writers get Liam and Hope back together real, real soon!!! Show those people in Italy how to dance..You Go Girl!!! <3 :)


  6. Joyce says:

    you will be missed very much..what will B&B be like without the Brooke???


  7. Karolina says:

    Congratulations on getting to be on Dancing with the Stars Italy while taking a break from Brooke!!! I won’t watch B&B while Brooke is away in Italy unless there’s a remote and she’ll actually have some scenes, but I’ll definitely watch Ballando con le Stelle all the more. I’ve missed seeing you dance. You’re such a fantastic dancer and you definitely have it in you to win the whole competition! I can’t see anyone else beating you. You’re the best!!!


  8. Linda says:

    I wish you would consider Dancing w/the Star in America. Good luck you will be missed.


  9. maychild says:

    I’m very happy for Katherine! She did well on her last appearance on DWTS. Considering she carries B&B, and has for years (though Bad Smell, aka Brad Bell, doesn’t have enough sense to realize it), she definitely deserves a little time off. But to the ever-hardworking KKL, time off means “preparing for DWTS,” which is very intense. She loves to be physically active.


  10. Fanny says:

    How much fun is that,ENJOY!


  11. kimonique says:

    I think it great.but I will miss see you on B&B.all the. Best. :)


  12. Nikki says:

    Someone I would love to see on Dancing with the Stars is Michael Muhney. I think he’d be perfect.


  13. k/kay says:

    Hey Katherine if you are going to leave for 3 months do everybody a favor and take Hope, Liam & Wyatt with you. We need a break from this triangle. Please!


  14. Maryann G. Petruccelli says:

    I am very happy for her. She is my favorite character on B& B. Without her I probably will take a break from B&B myself. Not very happy with new casting.


  15. Carol says:

    I’m wondering if there is any way that we could watch this in the US? Does anyone know?


    deanne replied

    I watch it on the dish cable TV. Italian RAI station


  16. Shesasexxxywrtr says:

    You will certainly be missed, but this was a good way to exit off the show for a rew months….giving yourself time to think about all that Bill Spencer has done in these past few months and always hounding you to get married despite what he did to Ridge. Also the writers were clever in writing you out saying you are going to the Milan office to get things straightened out. Enjoy this experience. You only live once, and this will certainly be a memory that will live on for you for many years to come thereafter. Ciao.


  17. deanne says:

    she already got voted off, I don’t think this was a good experience for her


  18. Marti Britt says:

    So now what is Katherine Kelly Lang going to do for the next few months?


  19. Marti says:

    hopefully, she will return to B&B sooner than planned.


  20. home says:

    Heya we are for that major time frame here. I found this kind of panel and that i to discover It genuinely useful & that helped me to available a great deal. I’m hoping to provide one important thing yet again along with aid other folks just like you made it simpler for everyone.


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