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13 August 30th, 2013 EXCLUSIVE Y&R Sneak Peek: Nikki & Victor Prepare To Attend Katherine’s Memorial! Paul Gets A Surprise Visit!


The Young and the Restless is getting ready to tug at your heartstrings with the upcoming episodes honoring Katherine Chancellor played by the late Jeanne Cooper.  Next week on Tuesday, September 3rd and Wednesday, September 4th, the residents of Genoa City and those closest to Katherine, gather together in the new park named after the Grand Dame.

But before those loved ones from Katherine’s life make it to the memorial service, there is plenty of drama, especially from this sneak peek clip given to us by Y&R as prelude for the dramatic moments to come.

In this video preview, as Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) is getting ready to pull herself together as best she can to attend the  memorial, she speaks with Paul (Doug Davidson) who is trying to figure out the cryptic information Nikki has given him about the contents of her letter.  Meanwhile, Victor (Eric Braeden) almost overhears the conversation.   Back at the police station, Paul is getting ready to head to Katherine’s memorial when someone very important from his and Katherine’s past shows up!

Watch the preview after the jump!  Then, let us know will you have the hankies ready for the two-day farewell to Katherine?  What do you think might happen in story that might surprise or shock you? Weigh-in!

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  1. Tali says:

    Bring it on – Looking forward to this!!


  2. Mary SF says:

    Well, I hope I will need my hankie otherwise it would mean the writers did a lousy job. As for shock or surprises– I doubt it, this show hasn’t had either in their stories for a very long time that if there was a surprise– I would be shock.


  3. Patrick says:


    ? Is Carmine done? gone? kaput?

    NO! I hope theirs a legal loophole… that free’s him.

    he’s one newbie that reign HOT! capital savor and tanatalize


    k/kay replied

    Patrick JFP and writers ruined his possibilities instead we are stuck with the new Kyle and I am not going to say anything except this the guy has ZERO appeal!


  4. PatF says:

    I predict Carmine will be back. The last shot of him was sitting in his cell, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be around.

    Plus he’s too hot to waste!


  5. H Parson says:

    Just watched the first episode of Katherine’s celebration of life.

    It was great to see Gina again (along with all of the other former characters that returned for the celebration).

    Previews for the second episode mention Katherine’s will & knowing Katherine, I’m sure there’ll be something “explosive” in her will.


    Mary SF replied

    Didn’t you find it funny, there wasn’t even enough chairs for the small amount of characters that were there to sit on? They could have made the set just a tad bigger so those characters didn’t have to stand there, while Father Todd had a park bench all to himself. Could say a lot about part one but don’t want to spoil it for the American fans who have yet to see it–there were some disappointments, but overall I think they did a good job so far celebrating everything Katherine was.


    k/kay replied

    Well tell me did Gina go over and smack Kevin for burning her restaurant down? You know him trying to kill Colleen but hey the past writers made him a friend of Katherine’s he only tried to kill her friend John Abbott’s granddaughter the fact he got a letter just tells you how bad these writers are and does Jill know she has a real son named Billy. I have heard what happens I am not impressed and I tell you the fact they did not even attempt to get TB/Phillip back just for a couple of episodes really makes me angry.

  6. Michele says:

    I was hoping they would bring someone back that was more valuable to the show I’m not a big fan of Nina’s but oh well I see where this goes I still think Paul belongs with Christine!


  7. Deborah says:

    I have a full box, and a new tape for the VCR! Hopefully, CBS will create a Katherine Chancellor DVD that will hold her final episode, the tribute, Murphy breaking the news to here loved ones in the living room, their reations the past 2 weeks and the funeral. The proceeds could go to her favorite rehab center in TX, so as not to profit, but it would certainly be an act of good will. Her/their devoted fans would much appreciate it! I had hopes that they would invite LOTS of old cast members who “heard the news or read iti n the Business section of their newspapers” since she was an international mogul! Derek, the hairdresser, The Brookes girls (and their families), the Foster boys (to support Jill), Miguel (the Newman butler); Mac; Phillip IV; Casey Reed (Nikki’s sister to support her–which should be done anyhow since she has MS); JT, Andy Richards (Paul’s sidekick in the early years) …. I also hoped that Phillip and Rexx’s ghosts would be present in the background (hanging with John’s of course)….This is a monumental event in GC and in real life! I was please to hear flashbacks of her will be used throughout the year as the many changes to GC and the families in it unfold now that she is gone. The Duchess will NEVER be forgotten. As Doug Davidson Tweeted in May, “Heaven just got more interesting” RIP and Love to Jeanne


  8. Karen says:

    The reason I love Katherine so much is she reminded me of my own mother I lost many years ago. Sure miss her and can not wait for the show about her will. Should be very interesting


  9. Fran says:

    Maybe Katherine’s Real Daughter!!!


  10. Dee says:

    Carmine Basco has been a dumb doofus since the first day on the Y and R set…What purpose does he serve anymore..he is to dumb to redeem and h efits in no where..come on writers lets write a good who dun it story and kill Carmine Basco off NOW not LATER


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