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42 August 18th, 2015 Executive Producer Ken Corday Previews DAYS New SORAS’d Teen Scene!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Now here’s a case of wide-spreading SORAS that has hit a major soap town! Coming up, viewers of NBC’s Days of our Lives will see a teen scene sprout before their very eyes, when well-known Salem kiddies grow overnight!

These five characters who will toil in teen angst are on tap to help give the long-running soap a needed breath of fresh air, along with the already announced big returns and major storylines coming this fall for it’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Days of our Lives executive producer Ken Corday told TV Insider on the move:  “By aging these children into young adults, we’re making them more relatable to our audience and more dramatically exciting. These are not ancillary characters, but young leads. None of them will be a goody two-shoes. Each is somewhat flawed.”

Photo Credit: JPI Studios/Courtesy DAYS

And those flawed teens include: Patch and Kayla’s son Joey who will come on to the scene a troubled teen played by James Lastovic who debuts next week on August 28th.  Joey will be followed by the new teen version of Ciara Brady played by Vivian Jovanni and Chase Jennings played by Jonathon McClendon who will hit the screens on October 30th.

Then, be on the lookout for Theo Carver now in the form of Kyler Pettis on November 3, followed lastly by Claire Brady played by Olivia Keegan showing up on the November 25th episode, just in time for Thanksgiving with the Brady clan.

Corday went on to elaborate:  “My late mom (Former DAYS EP, the lateBetty Corday) used to say, ‘You have to water the roots of the Days of Our Lives tree with a new generation every 10 years or so,’ and that’s what we’ve done. These are the children of the children of the children of the children, and they are vital to our future.”  As for the disposition of the SORAS’d characters, Corday teased: “You’ll see that Ciara is a lot like her mom, Hope, and that Joey is very much like Patch. I n fact, Joey will be giving Patch the ‘rebel’ a little of his own medicine!”

What do you think of the new Salem teen scene? Which character are you looking forward to seeing the most when they make their debut? Do you like the idea of growing the next generation for the legacy of the soap opera? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Dishy says:

    If the writing and acting are good – then it could be top notch – as long as the parents don’t get sidelined! ALSO: shame that the current Ciara had to age – that child is pricelss


    Patrick replied

    “…ALSO: shame that the current Ciara had to age – that child is pricelss ”


    I’m going to miss her terribly


    James R. Poissant replied

    I am pissed about that move—why couldn’t they let Ciara grow up in real time like GH di with the character of Robin Scorpio? Nobody but that actress has ever played her and the same could have been done with Ciara. BAD MOVE!!!


  2. 4ever DAYS says:

    Joey’s almost here! Looking forward to seeing all the teens!!!!!

    Theo looks puzzled.
    Claire looks sweet.
    Chase looks disturbed.
    Ciara looks wild.
    Joey looks…like Steve and Kayla!! lol


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Theo looks puzzled-because he dont remember going thru puberty…Claire looks sweet-looks can be deceiving…Chase looks disturbed-probably the killer…Ciara looks wild-she discovered she suddenly has boobs…Joey looks like his parents-good, we can avoid a paternity storyline…Parker???—maybe Daniel, Nicole and Parker are leaving town???…lol


    Patrick replied

    “…maybe Daniel, Nicole and Parker are leaving town??? ”


    at least laughed out loud

    could this be a sign ? as they didn’t SORAS Parker?

    I can hope … that Daniel is murdered

    if there is ever one question… I could ask Ken Corday?

    how is it possible that …EVERYTHING that is DOOL and Salem… revolved around ONE character… Dr. dullard Daniel?

    what a glaring ???? fact and serious mishap?

    wow… I’ll be looking for his character assassinations…

  3. Patrick says:

    i’d like to take this time… to laud … Ciara Brady’ Hopes fiesty fierce loyal daughter

    Ms. Lauren Boles.

    Standing Ovation !!!!

    I will miss your adorable mystique

    DAYS: Please: find a way to bring her back as another character


    MBmomof3 replied

    Standing O for Ms. Boles!!!! Loved her as Ciara. I will miss her.


    blake replied

    I thought the same thing, Lauren Boles needs to come back as a different character. She is the best.


    Jeremy replied

    Yes, Patrick, YES. Lauren Boles is just that good. She’ll be a star, her path has been set, she’s been such a scene stealer on DAYS, yet, she’s left such an impression, she’s quite the little actress. Will definitely miss her presence on DAYS. The camera loves her, Patrick!
    We love her, and will miss her a lot. To Lauren/Ciara Brady.


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I agree. Lauren Boles is an absolute joy as Ciara. She lights up the screen. I will miss her so very much. I sincerely hope she continues acting and wish her tremendous success in the future.


  4. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

    I must admit that I’m skeptical given how poor and/or uninteresting JJ’s story lines have been since he joined the show. I haven’t seen a decent teen story line on a soap in years.


    4ever DAYS replied

    New writers are in charge of this group of teens. Plus, DAYS recently hired a best selling author named Danielle Paige as a script writer. She also has 10 years of soap writing experience!


    Patrick replied

    Thanks @4… for the news on Danielle Paige… I hope she makes up for Dena Higley absence and carries the torch till they are all back together

    ” I am so stoked”

    DAYS magic

    isn’t so much rebounding…. (in my book) just forefront the best out their

  5. Brian says:

    This is going to be the best teen set since Shawn, Belle, Phillip, and Chloe!


    Iakovos replied

    I recall when friends who watched DAYS then buzzed about these characters as teens. I am newer to DAYS but love teen stories. Please do not hurry them along with marriages or babies. Teens work well for social issue stories and mysteries. SORAS is one thing but if we let them get to this level, then let them stay that way for a few years.


  6. Mike says:

    I don’t mind them being SORAS’d just would have preferred the current Ciara. She is an interesting little actress.


    blake replied

    True. Hopefully they can bring her back as a different character.


    Tom Jenkins replied

    No kid is allowed to be “12″ years old on a Soap for very long. Usually they go off to Boarding School (or something like that) and when they return they are now 18+ – well, they can only write so much for a little child.
    I expect any day now Will shall come home and find his little girl played smoking a cigarette on the couch and being played by a 17 year old girl.

    Benigno replied

    Tom Jenkins: UK soaps allow their kids to grow up on real time and still manage to get interesting stories of their own. Tom Cunningham on Hollyoaks is a prime example of that, having been around since 8 years old and had experience getting kidnapped, getting close to death more times than the average child, get a girl pregnant at 13 years old, lost an entire family save for his 30 plus year old sister over a span of his entire childhood, and still manage to not go off the rails just yet.

  7. richard says:

    It’s going to be hard to top the Chloe/Shawn/MiMi/Phillip/Belle crew of the late 90s but with the new writers, I have faith that there are brighter DAYS ahead!! I love the new Claire!! I wonder who will be paired with who?? JJ/Claire please!!!!!


    Mary SF replied

    It is rather priceless that he says the next generation is the future of the soap when all those you mentioned, once they passed into adulthood, their characters were all abandoned for years, and only now for the 50th are returning. Let’s hope this new crop of teens last passed their 21st birthdays.


    SixBells replied

    Claire’s mother is JJ’s mother’s cousin. Not gonna happen. ;)


    richard replied

    Oops forgot about that!!!

  8. blake says:

    It would be great if the teens could be as great as it was when it had Chloe, Brady, Phillip, Shawn, Belle and Mimi.


  9. Patrick says:

    I am most excited to see kayla and Patch son’ Joey ! God’ (excuse me, if I say this on occasion) I am so EXCITED to see Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols… TOGETHER!

    2ndly: Ciara…. excuse me : Ciara ALICE Brady !

    I”m just glad to see a recast of Chase Jennings…. (could this mean that Aiden exit was a rumour… has that been confirmed? ) I so hope not

    Abe’ son; Theo : I hope this means more airtime with Abe… I’m still wondering about that big surprise ! wouldn’t bother me a bit… if it was Renee Jones… !!!! get this family back and bring the DiMera family to the forefront

    Belle Black and Shawn D.’ daughter … LOL… a whole new generation



  10. damien says:

    hmmmm..looks like too much too soon! would ve been nice if they slowly appeared and viewers got a chance to adjust! hopefully the teen set gets a school or cafe set, not just sonnys chessy expensive cafe or the bushes in the park!


  11. Alan says:


    There’s nothing that snags new viewers — and retains old ones — like hiring a bunch of teens and introducing them all at once.


  12. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Children sure grow up fast these DAYS…lol…the actress playing little Ciara will be sorely missed…hated it when Natasha Ryan who played little Hope so brilliantly was let go when they aged Hope…i will wait and see how this goes before making final judgement!!


  13. Tony says:

    JJ and Claire can’t be paired they are Horton cousins.


  14. sonniorsolita says:

    Are people not reading Michael’s article? They aren’t being introduced “all at once.” They’re being introduced over the course of three months. (Aug-Nov). Five actors over three months isn’t unreasonable at all.


    4ever DAYS replied

    I agree. Plus, the characters are not strangers.


  15. Mo says:

    Not impressed. And I don’t like that Ciara was aged. Lauren was fabulous.


  16. Tom Jenkins says:

    If the show becomes “Today’s Teen World” I’m not sure that it would sustain my interest since they will be pivotal characters not just set decorations as the Kids pretty much are currently. It’s hard to say – but I would have liked to have seen more dramatic action occur between Derrick, Will, Paul and Sonny. From the sound of the overall situation it doesn’t sound like that will happen.


  17. Chaz says:

    Admittedly, Ciara annoyed the hell out of me a few years ago. But, I have come to appreciate the actress and am royally pissed that they did not allow her to remain on the show and age naturally.

    Days has a horrendous history of rapidly aging characters and I doubt this latest crop will bring much to the canvas considering the mess they made out of JJ. (Yes, I know there are new writers but, still.)

    Will should only be 20 and yet Ciara & Claire, born in 2005, will suddenly be, what….4 years younger? At this rate Ari should be in elementary school come September.



  18. Bee says:

    Should’ve aged Allie too! Would give Lucas more of a story line.


  19. CindyHaskins says:

    It was past time to age Ciara brady into a teenager it will give her good storyline and alot of airtime. I cant stand lauren boles I am so glad that she is off of days of our lives and will no longer be playing the role of Ciara brady and bo and hope daughter.


  20. CindyHaskins says:

    I never like lauren boles she was terrible actress.


  21. CindyHaskins says:

    I am going to say this again it was past time to age Ciara brady into a teenager.


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  23. jm says:

    I think that it is downright STUPID to age the kids by 10 yrs. If You want to do this, age all the adults too, which will then put Alice, Victor, and Stefano in their graves. The plot lines on Y+TR are unrealistic anyway, without the “aging.” I for one am not going to watch this DUMB show any more…


  24. clg says:

    There was no need to age the kids so harshly and this current actress is horrible, they should have kept the previous one.


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