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81 January 30th, 2014 Fans Of Michael Muhney Hire Second Plane to Fly Over CBS On Day Of His Final Y&R Airshow!


A group of 80 fans raised $2,000 to charter another plane to fly over CBS today showing their  support of fired Y&R star Michael Muhney, whose final airshow as Adam Newman, the black sheep of the Newman clan, was today on CBS.

The banner across the sky today read: #TeamMuhney Walks With Michael!”

But according to a tweet from TeamMuhney, and the website Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the banner was supposed to read: “You’ve all thrown punches, slash-and-burn articles, and Michael’s still here. He’s better than here. He’s HUGE. #TeamMuhney walks with Michael.

Whatever the case of the verbage, the fans of Michael Muhney are certainly not going down without a fight and letting their voices be heard.

So, what do you think about a second plane high above CBS for the fired star?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    No comment(or is that considered a comment?)…lol


    rebecca1 replied

    I’m with you Jimh…oh wait! I HAVE to add…it’s ridiculous! This man is accused of disrespecting and possibly molesting a female cast member. And while it may not be true…it may be! So to go to such length for a man they don’t know…because they like the character he plays on a soap opera…is beyond absurd.

    Do it AFTER/IF he’s been proven innocent; if you must throw out good money. (Wouldn’t a kite have been cheaper?) LOL…


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    They should all go fly a kite…lol

    Michael (not Fairman) replied

    On the other hand–and not necessarily to support this airplane thing, because I find it more than a little over the top–isn’t that (waiting until later if he’s proved innocent) playing right into TPTB’s hands? In the absence of any concrete, reliable information (and I’d like to point out that to my knowledge, we’ve still had no reliable confirmation that the sexual harassment even went on, or that HK complained about it or even made the allegation, or that that that’s the “real” reason behind the firing–it’s all still speculative at this point, unless I missed something, and MM has yet to be accused of anything officially, only in the media and on the Internet), I try to weigh out what’s happened, and I think I’d give about 2/3 probability that this harassment thing is the real deal, and TPTB can’t say much of anything about it because of privacy and legal concerns. The other 1/3, however–and that’s still pretty big odds, in my book–says that it could very well have been something else entirely that got MM fired (something they’d get much less sympathy for from viewers–because I think most of us do accept that if the HK thing really went down, they didn’t have any choice but to fire MM), in which case this HK/abuse rumor is (a) groundless (as in, she never made any such complaint, and it had nothing to do with why MM was dismissed) and (b) an absolute godsend for TPTB, because it deflects attention from their unpopular choice, and they’re deliberately waiting until it all dies down before they make any attempt to set the record straight. In which case waiting until later, as you suggest, is playing right into their strategy. And if that’s what these fans who hired the plane are thinking, I can’t exactly blame them for not waiting until later (although as I said, I’m inclined to see this airplane thing as both way over the top, and more importantly pointless and a waste of money, in any case–TPTB are not going to reverse their decision because of it; if they see a significant ratings drop because of MM’s departure AND the HK thing is false, they might make a move in that direction, but if the ratings stay solid, the airplane will not make a bit of difference, and if the HK thing is real and it’s why he was fired, then they’re not hiring him back regardless of how many airplanes are hired).

    I’m really tired of this whole thing, I have to say. It’s ugly and destructive no matter where the truth lies. At least one, and possibly two, people have been victimized, and there’s a good chance we’ll never know what really happened. And now you’ve got people putting money into flying airplanes over the studio. Good grief; somebody just make it stop, please.

    And it’s certainly deflected attention from the bigger issue of how bad this show has gotten after three successive regimes who have not seemed to “get” what the show has traditionally been about and why its viewers have hung on so faithfully for so many years.

    deb replied

    You know what I find ridiculous is someone taking RUMORS and making it FACT. NO ONE has given one smidgen of evidence this man molested anyone; not even the ALLEDGED “victim” have been heard from by the public, but some “geniuses” want to call folks who still support Muhney names. I guess some forgot a person is INNOCENT until proven guilty.

    I also find it insane that some are so concern with what others do with THEIR money.

    rebecca1 replied

    Take a chill pill deb…and try to read a response (and understand it) before you get all snarky.

    What I said was “and while it may NOT be true…”

    And that if they want to defend the man and show that they’re pissed…maybe they should wait until they find out IF he is innocent.

    If he was just fired for any old reason….protest away…but when someone is accused of what he’s accused of…it’s a tad more serious.


    Joshua replied

    These ladies are endlessly nuts.

    And obviously have way too much time on their hands.


    deb replied

    Rebecca I understood exactly what was written and I stand by my post; HE IS INNOCENT until proven guilty and his fans have every right to support him how to see fit. It is none of your business what folks do with their own money; it does not affect your life.

    Joshua; the only nuts I see on this site are the ones who come on to claim others are nuts when obviously they should be looking in a mirror.

  2. k/kay says:

    Love it! Castmates who hate him must be going nuts!


    Mark Y replied

    His castmates hate him?


    Patrick replied

    I’m loving it! I’m going nuts… because … whether fan uproar works…. idealistic as we can be… lets leave a lasting impression!

    excuse my french…. damn them! for letting behind the scenes escalate this far….

    fan sentiment… I care and stand with!

    I had no idea a second flight reeled! Yahoo! score one more for : Mr. Michael Muhney and Mr. Billy Miller



    k/kay replied

    @Mark Y Seen any support or love in the last 5 weeks for MM? Just a few who have said nothing! Yes I would say he has been hated on by everybody he was found guilty in the publc arena!!!

    su0000 replied

    ”TeamMuhney Walks With Michael!”


    I walk with you!!

    Come back and kick some ass !!

  3. Jazmin says:

    What it says to me is that he was well liked. Who else in Daytime has ever had this done? And what you didn’t say was that it only took 80 people to get the quota It went far beyond that # and all the extra money was donated to cancer research dear to Muhneys family.


    Sammie Jo replied

    Who else in daytime got canned for sexual harassment?
    Do you remember when they were going to fire Daniel goddard?
    The fans flew a banner then too. That was just as stupid as this.


  4. Mark says:

    Kristoff St. John is gonna charter a plane with his endless Facebook posting attached


    Jackie replied

    LMFAO!!! Love it!


    Sharonda replied

    lol. IKR. But his banner should read….WTF bro where was was your support for VR?!!! or KSJ….Neil…Who?


    Harry replied

    and with his profile picture attached….very funny, Mark !


  5. CarolB says:

    I must have missed something……what did the first plane say????? Regardless…Michael, I hope you find a place on one of the other great daytime soaps. Will miss you very much..


  6. Didi says:

    I love it! But that would have been a REALLY long banner!! Hope it made MM smile. Onward and upward Michael & Billy & YR is now off the DVR series record.


  7. Patrick says:

    I just finished the last 2 epis of Y&R, I, will ever watch… these “two” were my last.

    clearly, far and away, 2 goliaths graced our screens… and they were on Y&R

    staggering, how solid, these two men filled up our screens.

    The cant be replaced… Lets be very clear about that… JFP

    Michael Muhney – Billy Miller.

    Endorphin’ Beware. these two men had it in spades! WOW

    SENSATIONal – Alluring – Captivating – masculine – sexy – Tantalizing

    didn’t they fully embody ALL that!

    these two actors…. are not leaving a pot hole… nor a gaping “whole”…. they are leaving a sink whole…. it’s just too much to overcome…. add in the blase writing and direction

    I can’t spout why these two left such an impression… other than to say… I’d hoped the reigns and torch were bequeathed … such is not the case

    my opinion… after watching in and around these two stalwarts… didn’t excite me… you’d think, with the culminating… story… and exit… that, production would steer something to savor……

    not the case… it was rather obvious… that watching Jack… angered that Victor “knew” all along that it “was” Adam… was ho-hum and expected…at this point.. watching Victor, plod along… was in itself… a good laugh and made me giddy… is this all there is?

    the one thing that came to mind… was the new character Ian…. man… does he have presence… as intimated… in the dialogue… charismatic, salacious, and inviting. LOL what a treat for Gloria… come on Glo power it all up and treat us

    if it’s later revealed… that, Adam did in fact hit the dog… and Delia was already the hit and run…. heard round the world… and it’s Kelly…. then so be it… this does nothing for the fans… who … even I think… will never… see the likes of this two some… ever again, in Genoa City


    Patrick replied

    you know… I have to add….

    for these two men to care about their profession…. and graced daytime….

    upstanding… transcend…. gave us years of viewing pleasure.

    I liken these two… to “All My Children” : Adam Chandler and Palmer Cortlandt.

    two powerhouses who went at it with all they got…. in this day and age… with the realm of daytime… in a state of influx as well… fans know this… hence, why Y&R currently… is in shambles…

    we’ll never see the likes of these two again…. I loved Adam and Palmer.


    Geena replied

    Agreed! I don’t see any other duo on canvas who will ever perform to the level of intensity of these two. None! This week will be one for the Y&R history books. They both left it all on the screen.

    Patrick replied


    I sat their stunned, and sobbing… readily admit

    the high callibur of TALENT – in daytime was…

    WOW… i witnessed two men… acting their hearts out

    TEARS – Geena, on your last line….. “they both left it all on the screen”

  8. margaret says:

    All the actors in the storyline have done an outstanding job. Must admit, the concept of Delia dying was disturbing to me, but the acting was riveting. It concerns me that all this hub bub about MM tends to minimize the excellence of Billy Miller in the scenes. In my opinion, the most amazing actor throughout this storyline was Elizabeth Henderickson. The way she signified a mother’s pain without emoting too much was exceptional. Also, her search for a way to deal with it all just pulled at your heartstrings. Melissa Claire Egan & Liz Henderickson are terrific actresses.


  9. Cookie says:

    Michelle Stafford will be cast as Nina Clay on General hospital, she will awake from a almost 20 year coma. Furthermore, there are strong rumors about Biller Miller being a recast Jason Morgan (who was played by Steve Burton). Its Gh/ Y&r war and GH is winning.


    SZima replied

    Is this just your pipe dream, or do you have actual facts to back all that crap up?


    Gloria E replied

    So MS is really going to be on GH? or is this wishful thinking…?? I think she is great…as far a Jason Morgan..never liked the Steve Burton if this is also true about Billy Miller..what a great change that would make…


    Jimmy replied

    I haven’t heard any of these rumors, but if that happens, to GH I will go. Y&R is really slipping, these last few years have been pretty bad. The Diane murder story of 2011, Phyllis’s hit and run story revisited in 2012 and, well, almost everything in 2013 (the blogger story, Melanie’s rape suit against Adam, et al)… it’s all proven to be boring, stupid, plot-driven and lazy writing. Michelle Stafford and Billy Miller, as well as Michael Muhney, were all top-dogs at Y&R; phenomenal actors with interesting, multi-layered characters. And now they’re all gone. Sure, David Tom is back as Billy but it wont be the same. I hope Y&R comes back from all this loss in 2014… GH is looking like a very good option at the moment…


    Maria replied

    GH is amazing!!!! Please lets petition to het MS and BM on Gh!!

    Harry replied

    GH is winning? Did Charlie Sheen write that post? Incidentally, you are repeating rumors as if they were fact. And don’t forget the fool hearty Frank Valentini let ratings powerhouse Tristan Rogers slip through their fingers while Y&R snatched that charismatic and talented Aussie up. Don’t get me wrong, I am done with both Y&R and GH but to say GH is winning is just plain silly.


    Mateo replied

    TR left on his own…. I think Cookie was just sharing her wishes but they are rumors and quite frankly i hope these rumors come true! MS would be great opposite Michael Easton and Maura West… and Biller Miller could bring a whole new dimension to Jason Morgan….

  10. su0000 says:

    TeamMuhney Walks With Michael! <— Yes!!!

    MM will return and walk all over grumpy grandpa Eric Braeden/Victor and CBS….

    Michael Muhney is the greatest talented actor Y&R has ever had or will have..


  11. Karen says:

    Today was great & The fall out will be great too! Can’t wait! Y&R forever!
    Wish these naive fans would have saved their money & donated to an abused women’s shelter.
    BTW, The cast & crew are very much aware of what went down, so if you were fans you would be supporting them. Not throwing rocks at the Victims!


    Fran replied

    Karen you need to get a hobby. Whatever they knew they SAW NOTHING. There was no witness to the so called groping. If he really did it are you saying the rest of the cast saw it and did nothing? Was he so stupid to do it in front of anyone? Come-on that road is too stupid to even go down. If someone saw it they would jump in. The cast is a BUNCH OF COWARDS that ganged up on him once he was gone because that’s what cowards do. As for Doug D. & Kristoff St. John they are thrown so little scripts now a day they just want to be seen & heard. As for Hunter King she could have called the police the first time it happened and it would have been settled right there & then. Not wait until the so called second time. H.K. was nobody special when she came into the show and now everyone knows her name. I think you need to put the pieces together and stop calling everyone naive


  12. Truth Detective says:

    No one would ever do this for Eric Braeden…well, maybe himself.


    Fran replied

    HA HA HA Oh my gosh you got that right! I don’t think anyone of the cast would get this reaction.


    Gloria E replied

    Good one..


  13. Chadam says:

    Love the support for Michael Muhney! He is the best! Some of the cast on the show are jealous of him!


  14. Sandy says:

    I was a daytime viewer for 60 years! After the decline and cancellation of the once Great Guiding Light [some of the best daytime actors ever] and the cancellation of All My Children and One Life To Live, I do not watch daytime television at all. The powers that be ruined daytime with their stupid actions. There is nothing on day time worth watching now!!


    su0000 replied

    Try General Hospital, it is very unique.. Like no other soap :)


    Barbara t loves One life to live replied



    GH lover replied

    Totaly agree! GH is almost perfect. Great cast, the incredible lead actress Maura West, an executive producer that cares about his show and a head writer that loves GH past and that loves the show as a fan, like us ;) Join Gh and you will be like y&R what?

  15. su0000 says:

    I want Michael Muhney on GH..
    He would work in well and all his fans would follow him…

    Tell FV & RC to grab Michael Muhney !!!!


  16. Sandy says:

    Obviously the people who funded the plane have money to waste! It’s not getting him back on that show ever and I think he’ll have to cut his losses with daytime as the kind of mud he has on him sticks and he pretty much admitted in his article he brought this on himself.


    Tina replied

    Rumour has it that MM is going to General Hospital. If all those accusations about him were true, do you think he would be going to another soap already?!?! If he had actually done that, he would have been fired immediately or arrested. Just Y&R’s way of trying to direct all the fan hatred for them onto MM, especially when he wasn’t allowed to defend himself.


  17. Tim says:

    Must be nice not to have a LIFE! If you lost your job at IBM do you think Michael would fly a plane over their headquarters?


  18. Debbie White says:

    I feel that Michael Muhney made the show. I really enjoy his character. I feel the shows ratings will go down if he’s not on the show. He needs to be re-hired.


    Debbie White replied

    I also believe there was a lot of jealousy on the set with him. Eric Braeden is a has been. I use to love his character , but not anymore. He feels he can do anything and is above the law.


  19. PatF says:

    Yes, they are both great actors, and soooo many that came before them also were great, and they show went on. It will do so again.

    Can’t wait to see Tom pick up Billy’s role again, and also can’t wait to see who they try to replace MM with…

    I’ll be watching.


  20. Suzanne Roper says:

    No one knows the truth but MM & HK…And they are not talking…So, until the truth comes out “For Sure” give MM a break…there are 2 stories out in the blog accusing MM and one accusing HK. So, Team Michael Muhney!!!!


    Jimmy replied

    Exactly, innocent until proven guilty, and these allegations against him have not been proven, so everyone who thinks it’s true needs to realize that not everything on the internet is true and, as it is with most things, there is much more to the story than what is being released (and that ain’t much!)

    I will always miss Michael Muhney’s portrayal of Adam. I hope the show does not recast, but rather find a way (or try at the very least) to have MM come back. If not, find a suitable recast or don’t recast at all.


    Chris replied

    We do not know it hasn’t been proven. It is a private issue between the parties involved (HHK,MM, and CBS/SONY. By law…..when this type of situation happens in ANY company no one can say ANYTHING. Most of all the company. CBS/SONY is a company just like any other. Same HR laws and standards must be followed

  21. Sharonda says:

    I love it! The Banner should have said FU CBS & JFP, We love you Michael! Or MM deserves better than Y&R!


  22. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I’m a huge fan of Michael and was devastated by his release, and debating leaving Y&R. But felt that wouldn’t be fair to the other cast members i also support and the crew of writers and executives. Y&R is stronger than it has been in recent years, and is finding its stride back, so I am staying with the series.

    However, fans attacking both Michael and Hunter, for whatever *rumours* there may be, is wrong. We do not know what really happened, and until either party speaks, we won’t. There are three sides to every story: Michael’s, Hunter’s and the truth. Do I believe the claims against him? No. Do I believe he got let go for a very specific reason? Yes. Obviously, he was given time to wrap up a storyline, and do feel it was more character-driven and that Sony used it as a way to get him out of his contract.

    I support Michael, CBS/Sony and Y&R. Adam Newman will never be the same again. His performance this past week had me in tears with how powerful it truly was!


  23. Diva4 says:

    What do you think of the insertion of exterior shots of several homes of Y&R characters? Soon they will be the main feature of the show.

    I watched my final episode in Canada yesterday and will read the spoilers weekly to view the spoilage.


    Harry replied

    The Abbott house looked like a Thomas Kinkaid painting and I hate Thomas Kinkaid paintings.


  24. Stacy Krooks says:

    Michael Muhney was the most incredible actor to ever walk on the set of The Young and the Restless! The show will never be the same without him and after 23 years of dedication to the show, I stopped watching it the minute I heard the sad news!! I will follow his career!


    Joe replied

    No, Michael Muhney was not the most incredible actor to haunt the stages of CBS Television City and The Young & The Restless. Jeanne Cooper was.

    The show will survive without him, just like it survived without the child actors who played the role in the 90′s, or Chris Engen who had the part before Mr. Muhney.

    Sounds like he’s a pretty despicable person, and it sounds more and more like he was just a ticking time bomb that was going to explode eventually. I don’t hear anyone, even people not associated with the show, who are rallying to his defense that truly know what happened behind the scenes at Y&R.

    His career will be going nowhere for a long time, so you’ll have a lot of free time on your hands…you invested 23 years into Y&R, seems a waste to throw that enjoyment away on account of what happened.


    Patrick replied

    Actor : Jeanne Cooper – Female… without a doubt.. bar none

    Actor: Michael Muhney – Male… he surpasses… Billy Miller and Peter Bergman

    Michael Muhney’ Adam: resonated… his impact on the show… whether you liked his character or not

    I’m happy that the fans… chose to… chose to herald… and chose to make a statement

    I hope CBS – Sony – Y&R feels the wrath… fan sentiment… for a show… thats a 365 day production… matters to us… fans… who supported this production… 365 days a year… as well.

    I’m not looking at this any other way…. his superlative performance…. from the outside looking in… was staggering

    I applaud his contribution

    Y&R will never….. “will never” have the same potential… ever again… in the coop… Michael Muhney and Billy Miller.

    I’m shell shocked… that Y&R star… has fallen so – carelessly

    is the production under duress…. damn them… I hope

    I choose not to watch any more…. I will keep up with the show… via MF blog… and SOD

    Today…. Jan. 31, 2014 I stopped watching CBS – Sony – Y&R

    the production team… I hope the best

    even more so… I will remember Michael Muhney, Billy Miller, Michelle Stafford, Jeanne Cooper, Eileen Davidson

    fact: Y&R will always have a pause… the year 2013… it all went to hell and a hand basket… will not have to live up to the standard they equated with #1… it’s perishable


  25. Ellen Hudson says:

    feel the same way/ Stopped watching as of today 1/31/14


  26. Ellen Hudson says:

    I feel the same way/ I stopped watching today 1/31/14


    Harry replied

    Ellen, let me get this clear–are you suggesting that you will stop watching after today, this day of January 31, 2014?


  27. Ellen Hudson says:

    I will not be watching Young & Restless as of 1/31/14. have been watching since the first show but no more


  28. Barbara Dorsey says:

    A big let down 4 us as fans of adam. There should have been something else done. Great talent was seen day one. This is my last day for watching Y&R.


  29. Eileen Hargis says:

    I think these rabid fans of his dont get that they arent supporting him but rather hurting him. He cannot seek employment until this mess dies down and THEY wont allow it to. Thet are going to help him and his family right into the poor house if they dont stop!!!!


  30. sonniorsolita says:

    This hyperbole over two actors leaving the show is completely out of hand and damaging the credibility of soap fans. People saying that Mr. Muhney and Mr. Miller are irreplaceable just sound silly. Virtually no one on a soap opera is irreplaceable, especially actors who were on as short a time as those two. And I hope the commenters who say there will “never” be another actor as good as Mr. Muhney on Y&R plan to share their magic crystal ball! I mean, let’s try to maintain some sense of perspective. Yes, in my opinion, they were fantastic in their roles. And it’s obvious they will be missed. But Y&R could hire some other equally fantastic actor — there are a lot of them out there — tomorrow for all we know.


  31. Mckenna says:

    I am done with this show with the departure of Michael Muhney as Adam. I am glad Team Muhney got the banner to fly over CBS again. Thank to them for being such loyal supporters of Michael Muhney! Thank you Michael Muhney for your role as Adam Newman. Nobody can come close to you to be Adam. I am hoping you will get a role on another show or movie and pray that TPTB take you back on the show ASAP!


  32. Joanne says:

    @Joe…I don’t know why you are all so upset about with the fans showing support for Michael. The last I heard a person is innocent until proven guilty and some of you are assuming the later….If fans want to show their support then let them do it however they like. As far as his being a despicable person….where do you get your info? it’s funny I never heard that until this all came up….so Joe…why don’t you wait until the truth comes out…and if nothing comes of this we will all know that he wasn’t guilty of anything in the first place. People are upset and that’s none of your business so don’t slander the guy without facts…


  33. Pat says:

    I’m so sick of everyone being judge and jury as far as MM is concern, certain individuals are quick to criticize his supporter, But you are doing the same thing. Did I miss a big part of this controversy with MM, that legal proof has been presented? Until then the non-supported have no right to bash what his supporter do are feel. I keep hearing he will never work again, BULLOCK, TK was fired from Charmed supposely of sexual harassing SD,(same as MM) he went on to have his own show and G.H. and her allegation to my knowledge was ever proven true. And just like MM he was kill off the show. I’m wishing MM the best luck, and hope his and BM career prosperious, Y&R didn’t make them and certainly want break them.
    I thought it was justice for all,and innocent until proven guilty


    faye34 replied

    I agree with everything you say MM is innocent til he is proven guilty I see nothing wrong with his fan still supporting him all the rest of the cast of young and the restless need a muzzle put on all of their big mouths


  34. A New Adam please says:

    Chris Engen please come backkkkkkkkkkk


  35. Lia says:

    People may spend their money any way they please, so remember that before dishing out criticism. Wishing MM all the best with this, because whether guilty or not…A fabulous actor has been put out of work, and that’s a travesty.


  36. Mike says:

    (MM) Michael was a Great asset to Y&R! He will truely be missed by ALL his Fans!! I loved watching everyday. Victor “Adam Newman” made his own mark as a Gifted & talented Actor!! I will miss him as well as well as all the other Good Talent that has left Y&R. Please bring Adam back!! Please.


  37. rebecca1 says:

    So I just returned to this post to see if there were any new comments and I just keep shaking my head in astonishment at how half the people here support Michael whatever-his-name-is (I don’t watch Y&R) and until this story hadn’t even heard of the guy.

    But it amazes me that because people like his acting…or think he’s good-looking…or a combination of both…that they’ll adamantly defend a person accused of sexual harassment without even considering the possibility that the accusations could be true!

    I remember when someone told me that Mel Gibson was an anti-semite; that he’d made horrible remarks. I told them they must have heard wrong; or got it confused with another actor. At the time I was a big fan. He was sooooo good-looking (karma’s a bitch; he looks like the bastard he is now) but I digress. He was good-looking and his films were fun. I could not/would not believe anything negative about him. And then whadaya know! He did make anti-semitic remarks! He is a womanizer! He did cheat on his wife! He did say and do vile things to his next wife! On and on and one…

    So what does this have to do with the actor in question here? The point is he might…just might…be guilty! And I’m NOT SAYING HE IS! But he COULD BE! And yet his fans won’t even consider that possbility…and waste their time and money defending him.

    Why isn’t the reaction…”Oh, no! I HOPE that’s not true! I like him..or at least I like what I THINK I KNOW ABOUT HIM because I’m attached to his fictitious character!

    If and when it’s shown that he’s innocent…breathe a sigh of relief and hope he gets rehired somewhere.

    If he’s proven guilty…be pissed….at him! Not the victim or the network!

    And separate fact from fiction…actor from character.


  38. Alice Canales says:

    It’s a shame Y & R fired the character of Adam Newman. He totally did not deserve this as he is the best actor on the show. It should be about the show and not personal feelings among the actors. I say hire him back and FAST!!


  39. cheryl marks says:

    Just when everyone started to care deeply for adam. They had to do a hit and run on his story line. Why???? He was happy being a dad and having a baby boy. Everyone I know felt his pain.


  40. jmc says:

    CBS/SONY please bring back MM to Y&R.


  41. princess says:

    Please bring back Michael, he was the main reason I watched the show. Unless you can bring charges against him for allegations, this was a stupid firing. And why did Ms.Jill wait till his contract was up to bring these so call allegations. I think Ms Jill was afraid of Mr MM talent as a actor/writer. Maybe she was afraid that he would take over, since he seemed to be making a lot of noise to the writers about the story lines. As he has stated he was involve in the writing of a another show that was doing very well. Think Jill had other issues. This is truly sad. Bring back our Adam. Swallow your pride admit to your mistake do the right thing. If you can’t bring proof of charges hire the man back before you loose him for good. I Follow MM.


  42. nikki says:

    Ive been watching Y&R since it first started and have watched with irritation when my favorites have been replaced with new faces. I have drawn many people to your show over the years and we can all agree that we like Adam as is and do not wish to see him leave the show, or come back as a new face. the old; Billy, Abbey, Kyle and now Adam are all perfect in the roles, please, please, bring back MIcheal M.


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