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26 December 14th, 2011 FANTASTIC: 14-Hour New Year’s Day One Life to Live Marathon set for SOAPnet!


Now this is what we are talking about! SOAPnet is ringing in the New Year with a 14-hour One Life to Live celebration! Ring in 2012 and spend the day looking back at some of OLTL‘s most iconic characters and memorable moments from the series 43-years! The One Life to Live celebration airs Sunday, January 1, from 10AM-12AM.

There are some amazing selections below for the most ardent of One Life to Live fans! So grab your New Year’s champagne and of course two boxes of Kleenex, and watch some of the most electric performances from Judith Light, Erika Slezak, Trevor St. John, Robin Strasser, Jessica Tuck and Joe Lando, Phillip Carey,Robert S. Woods and many many more!

Here is the scheduled programming rundown for the OLTL New Year’s Day Marathon!

10AM – On the witness stand, Karen stuns everyone by admitting that she was a prostitute. (original air date 3/6/79)

11AM – In Argentina, the boat with Tina in it goes over the waterfall. Distraught Cord takes out his anger on Max. Kate feels it’s her fault, and Gabrielle tells Max that she can get along just fine without him. (original air date 3/9/87)

12PM – The Buchanan clan goes back in time to the old west for Clint and Ginny’s wedding, and Asa and Cord can’t figure out why pictures of Bo are missing. (original air date 5/13/88)

1PM – Jake is devastated as Megan dies in his arms. (original air date 2/7/92)

2PM – OLTL’s 25th Anniversary show – Viki and Dorian are locked together in a secret room, Luna is adamant that max is alive, and in the hospital, Tina sits by Cord’s bedside and reminisces about their history. (original air date 7/15/93)

3PM – Viki leaves her wedding and walks in on Dorian’s affair with Joey, Powell holds Todd at gunpoint, and David asks Tina to accept his proposal and secretly marry him. (original air date 11/28/94)

4PM – Todd and Blair are married and celebrate with a private wedding reception, Marty and Patrick sleep together, and Kelly asks Joey to help her lose her virginity. (original air date 11/14/95)

5PM – Viki realizes she killed Victor Lord, or rather, her multiple personality Tori did. Meanwhile, Dorian is arrested for his murder. (original air date 12/8/95)

6PM – All of Asa’s wives turn out for his “funeral.” Adjusting to the news that she’s a Buchanan, Natalie makes an angry appearance at the service. (original air date 11/16/01)

7PM – One of the show’s live episodes – Niki is desperate to get out of Viki’s marriage to Ben, Blair confronts Todd for lying to her that her baby died, and Natalie warns Jen about Al. Angry, Al tells Max he wants nothing to do with him. Antonio defends Keri to his mother regarding her financial issues. (original air date 5/14/02)

8PM – In the hospital after being rescued from the pit, Natalie shares her feelings with John. Plus, Jess tries to tell Nash that she’s not Tess, but Tess takes over. Meanwhile, Rex thanks Evangeline for saving Natalie. (original air date 8/22/05)

9PM – As he awaits his execution, an emotional Todd gives final goodbyes to his loves ones. Meanwhile, John has the evidence to prove Todd innocent, but can he get to the prison in time? Plus, Antonio pleads with Tess as he tries to get through to Jessica. (original air date 5/29/06)

10PM – After Starr gives birth to Hope, she bonds with Blair and Marcie; Todd decides not to steal the baby, but Bess does instead; Viki saves Natalie and Jared from the bomb in the secret room; John reveals to Marty that it was Todd who raped her. (original air date 11/10/08)

11PM – In front of friends and family, Bo and Nora are married by David. (original air date 6/7/10)

So after reviewing the scheduled episodes, which one are you looking forward to seeing the most?  Let us know!


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  1. Indigo Starr says:

    I will so be there enjoying these episodes from the best show ever!


  2. Torrey says:

    Wish they had picked the one where Nora was being held by Troy, and then Lindsay gets involved…. Why is it that OLTL downplays Nora & Lindsay? To me, they are on the same level as Viki and Dorian……just classic rivals.


    Gloria replied

    I’ve always thought that too.


  3. Webbie says:

    Can’t wait to watch JL in action again as Karen Wolek. Still, IMHO, the best and most powerful performance in daytime TV. Period.


  4. Marni says:

    The ones with Nathan Fillion as Joey in them! Love him! Will be a treat to see him on OLTL again. And I agree with Torrey, NOra/Lindsey was classic!!!! Loved their rivalry!


  5. Heather says:

    That’a great but I wish they would put more episodes from the 1970s. I know the episodes prior to 1975 were, for the most part, discarded. But ABC has all the episodes from 1975 to 1980. They could certainly put more than just one episode from 1979 IMO.


  6. david says:

    There are too many incredible episodes of OLTL. A couple of silly ones were July 4th specials:
    Babes Behind Bars
    Trading Places


  7. TR says:

    I’d kill for ONE Eterna episode too. Not so much recent stuff, but glad to see everything they are putting on as well. I’d swap the Bo and Nora marriage episode for Slezak’s 40th anniversary episode from this year if they’re showing such new stuff.

    Lets hope that we get some DVDs of episodes like this like they did for ATWT.


    david replied

    The answer to your prayer–the discovery of Eterna:


  8. Brian says:

    Ever single one is a classic! i have seen and loved all the one listed. I have never been so sad about the ending of a TV show in my life.


  9. Joan Brigham says:

    They all look good, and I will watch all of them. Why did the studio discard episodes? I’ll bet now they wish they hadn’t.


  10. Carol says:

    I’ll be watching through the live show – the last three interest me not in the least.


  11. Blake says:

    Sweet! I’m gonna have to watch these! I’m gonna have the dvr set for a lot of these!!! Thank you Soapnet!


  12. Blake says:

    One of the live shows is on there? Woo hoo! That was a great week, and very cool of them to do that. I remember Kassie as Blair being on fire at that time (and loved her looks then!)


  13. Gloria says:

    I’d love to see some when the Buchanans first came to town. And some of Starr when she was little. She had some great scenes with Asa. I loved Clint Richie & remember Mimi, Delilah & Chuck? And when Samantha Vernon married Asa? Great shows. And it is STILL a great show. Better every day, cannot imagine my day without it.


  14. joyce davis says:

    Karen Wolek on the witness stand admiting her life as a prostitute. One of the best episodes I can remember/fell it love with the show when she was on it


  15. kay killgore says:

    What would have been a great episode was to pick the one where the actress Ellen Holly who played Carla Benari a black actress who on the show pretended to be white that was One Life to Lives probably most powerful storyline. Google the actress and find out what all happened during that time. Thanks.


  16. Alley says:

    Can’t wait! These are going on my DVR and I’ll be keeping them for a long time. How sweet would it be if Soap Net started rerunning OLTL starting as far back as they have saved episodes? That would be must see TV for me!


  17. barbara t says:

    this is good ,I hope abc doesnt put that chew crap on and tell all the oltl fans that the revolution is taking over come january 16 .abc loves rubbing it in.that their format has changed and all the devoted fans of abc ,can jump off a bridge.


  18. Jan says:

    I’d like to see a DVD Package on this. Other wise ABC’s dead to me.


  19. david says:

    I hope some OLTL fans watching this all-day special will record these episodes and post them on YouTube. Some cable subscriber packages do NOT include SOAPnet so not everyone will be able to watch, unless they are available on the internet.


  20. Wendy Jung says:

    Will ypu be airing the past episode marathon again. I hope so. Let me know! I missed the ones I wanted to see.


  21. Iakovos says:

    This was awesome. Tuning in to these OLTL classics was like paging through a family album. And to see that Karen Wolek on the stand epiosde again (1979) was so revelatory in how good soaps are and how well OLTL told a story.


  22. jp says:

    I spent the whole day watching these classic episodes. From Judith Light’s mezmorizing performance on the stand, to a trip back to the old west when Vicki walks in on Clints marriage to Ginny, to Argentina watching Tina go over the falls, to Megan’s death, to classic showdowns between Vicki and Dorian, and so on showed me once again why OLTL is such an exceptional one of a kind soap. OLTL stands apart from the rest.


  23. Torrey says:

    Thought it was hilarious when at Asa’s funeral, they were going the montage’s of his wives, and when they got to Blair they showed the woman who originated the role then cut back to Kassie….she showed a brief moment of confusion then pulled out her compact and checked out her reflection….LOL Loved that!


    barbara t replied

    that was funny, thats one life to live ,there is alot of drama ,but they always make us laugh.


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