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25 December 14th, 2011 Finola Hughes returning to General Hospital for Robin’s exit storyline and more!


Big news today out of General Hospital!  Daytime Emmy winner, Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) is returning to the soap as part of Robin’s (Kimberly McCullough) exit storyline.

According to Soap Opera Digest, “Insiders say that Hughes’s trip won’t be a just a layover, either. “She will be back in the canvas for a while,” shares a setsider.   Though the show won’t confirm, we’ve heard rumblings that Robin’s father,  Robert Scorpio, otherwise know as Tristan Rogers (last seen as Y&R’s Colin), may not be far behind!”

This could be a five hankie moment if both Anna and Robert return to either usher Robin off the canvas, or if the character gets “killed-off”.    We shall see!

Are you excited about Finola returning to GH, and Tristan possibly set for a return too?  Let us know!


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  1. Tiffany says:

    Oh, my goodness!!! love, love Robert and Anna..They rock on all levels, I hope TR is not far behind..To finally have all the Scorpios together again would be a dream come true. However losing Robin would be devastating.


  2. ethel says:

    omg!! i am excited about finola & tristan coming back -


  3. Keith says:

    Having Anna and Robert back would be a kick! I don’t like the way they’re killing Robin off. But it is true about the med’s. I hope it sends a message to the youth of today who don’t take safe sex and HIV serious.


    mariah replied

    There Going to kill Robin off the show? is this true?!


    Joyce replied

    Yes, and they did it today. I don’t like it. Been watching her since she was a little girl.

  4. Deb says:

    My only concern is are they bringing back our fav’s like OLTL did for the end? Or is this all about new promises?


    Heather replied

    Let’s not assume anything. DAYS too has brought a number of veterans lately.


    Deb replied

    Yes let’s think postitive thoughts!

  5. aria says:

    This has been what I as a long time GH fan have been dreaming of, finally, someone is getting a clear picture that when we say we want old faves back, we really mean that. if frank and ron (GH new Dual) is responsible for this then i’m an instant fan. Hope its true she’s sticking around longer, and would love her to be back on contract. Finola Hughes is awesome and i never understood why GH never got her back full time sooner. oh wait i know, its because they had these idiots who didn’t see pass The sonny and jason and carly decade. btw i love those three characters, but for over more then a decade under Guza, Phelps and Frons they became the shows obsession over other characters especially characters pre the mob years. Heres hoping that the show will be more rounded and include characters from GH real golden era. Plus finally maybe Anna will interact w/ Sonny and Jason and Bitch slap Carly for being a bitch to Robin.


  6. lisa says:

    Regardless of how Kimberley /Robin exits the show ,Finola AND Tristan need to be part of this story line.


  7. Karen Sue says:

    Would love to see them both, but not at the expense of Robin’s exit…another one of GH’s returns that I would LOVE to see is Richard Dean Anderson as JEFF WEBBER…I think Monica could use an old flame to ignite under her again…Someone should consider asking Rick IF he would be interested in coming back…extra weight and all the gray hair! Elizabeth and Steven needs to have their father in their lives right now…some guidance and support is needed really bad! ALL of his fans would love to see him back on the tube in that role…All that work he did over in the third world countries/Africa, good fodder for the storyline…


  8. adriana8900 says:

    happy anna is returning to gh but i think gh is near getting canceled


  9. Doe says:

    I certainly don’t want to see Robin (Kimberly) leave the show, but she really has been on GH most of her life. So, I can see her moving on to better things. I hope she isn’t going to just disappear like she wanted Jason to help her do. But, is she going to die from the injection Lisa gave her or is it with the AIDS combination? And if she is going to die, I’m glad the writers are bringing back her parents, Anna and Scorpio…..


  10. Jules says:

    I really wish FH wasn’t coming back because I wish she was boycotting the plan to kill off Robin (come on, we all know it’s coming). For the same reason, I hope TR doesn’t come back either. He is someone who won’t pussyfoot the issue and won’t just sign on because of the paycheck.

    Truth be told, under normal circumstance, what I would PAY to see TR and FH back on GH again. I was looking at pictures from a recent Habitat for Humanity build with the cast of GH, and if I told you I knew who HALF the actors were I’d be lying. It was INCREDIBLE how many newbies this show airs on their show. What the heck has happened to this show? It’s UNRECOGNIZABLE! And yet, I don’t want these vets to return because of the forces that will bring the back to the show? There’s something so wrong with that!

    This show is the most frustrating show on network television!


  11. heidi says:

    YES… Would love to have Tristan back too! But not to have Robin die…


  12. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t know if I can deal with Robin dying of HIV or dying for any reason. We keep getting hit with one set of bad news blows after another. Losing Robin but gaining FH…gah, just such a bitter pill. It’s the sadness I don’t think I can deal with. I love Robin, maybe more than I should love a fictional character, but I bonded to her character when I was only 7 or 8, just a kid. We’ve grown up together in a way, or I’ve grown up watching her grow up. When I was having issues with clothes I wanted to wear and looking more grown up, there was Robin, fighting with Anna over clothes and getting advise from Uncle Frisco. When I was dealing with boys and dances, there was Robin, doing the same thing. When I was rebelling and lying to my dad about where I was going at night, there was Robin sneaking out with Stone. When I was dealing with my mom having left me when I was 6, there was Robin dealing with her parents leaving her. And when she left to go to school in Paris, I was off doing the college thing and striking out into the world. I came back to GH before Robin did, but not too much longer, there she was again, returned all grown up, just like me.

    I know this seems like a lot to say in an article about FH returning, but FH returning is all about Robin and so is my post.


    Patrick replied

    “… it’s the sadness i don’t think I can deal with” i’m a true soap fan…. over 30 years…. have lived with all of them…. robins one of my favorite characters as well… she played and acted top notch her character having hiv/aids. to see her get married and most of all having her own child… it is possible with hiv. i just watched wednesday, 12-14-11 episode… when she told jason… that Lisa may have or was giving her placebo’s…. switched her meds…. i cried for her. she has the life she’s always wanted and her dream realized… so… i’m fascinated with her and patrick…. how it’ll play out… i’ll watch daytime over night time any day of the week… and daytime soaps beat cable… so there! i started watching soaps 30 plus years ago and have never stopped….


  13. adriana8900 says:

    robin and patrick are only reason i watch gh afeter robin leaves i won’t be watching gh anymore


  14. kay killgore says:

    The story that is going around is Robin convinces her mother to help her disappear after she first approched Jason and Brenda and that Finola Hughes is going to stay on for a while. Therefore if GH makes it Robin can always come back.


  15. pris ruth says:

    Heard my fav of all times, Emma Samms is returning also. I can now start watching GH once again!


  16. Jan says:

    I could not care less about traitor Anna returning. If the new PTB wanna knock the ratings off the charts, it will take two moves, kill Sonny, ending the mob and make Ethan a Scorpio. I’d love to have it revealed that Ethan was stolen from Holly while she was in the coma and that once she found out about him she was being threatened with his death all these years and then have Robert discover the culprits behind the threats were none other than Anna and Faison with Luke in on it. The reason? Anna jealous that Robert never loved her the way he loved Holly and Luke still peeved that Robert took his girl. Faison would just be doing whatever Anna asked of him like any good puppy would. Blame all that garbage of 06 on Anna and her bunch threatening Ethan too. Seriously I don’t care what they do with Anna, so far the Robin stuff has been very boring just fix the Ethan stuff and make him Robert’s son or kill him and let him die at Luke’s hand so Holly will hate him forever.


  17. Jan says:

    Could not care less about traitor Anna returning. Am excited though to know that Holly/Robert will be back. Even if the writing turns out to be poor and R/H fans don’t get to see what we want…Ethan revealed to be Robert’s son…at least we get to see Emma Samms & Tristan Rogers for a short time. We can only cross our fingers that they’ll have some scenes together.


  18. pris ruth says:

    I love Holly and Robert together. Anna ansd Robert just did not click in my opinion.


  19. Barbara says:



  20. Jennifer says:

    Hi i think that they should bring back robin,jaxs,robert,nikloas,helena,laura & ned.And i think that it should be robert that save robin this week on general hospital,i also think alexis should in up with jerry.And jason should be with elizabeth,sam should be with john.And jaxs shoud be the only one who save port charles from jerry!!!!!And this week robin should go home to patrick and stay with him!!!!And another one of alexis half brother should show up with helena right when nickloas show back up with emily twin sister and he should show up marry to emily twin sister.And luke should end up with anna!!!!!


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