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66 July 3rd, 2013 First Look: Alicia Minshew’s Return to AMC Next Week! Bianca seen handing Kendall pills!

Photo Credit: TOLN

Next week, one of the most popular actress ever to appear on All My Children, Alicia Minshew finally makes an appearance  on the revival of the iconic soap as Kendall Hart Slater.

According to Access, who earlier posted this first look photo of Kendall with her on-screen sister, Eden Riegel (Bianca), the gals will be discussing Kendall’s health issues.   “Bianca thinks Kendall should “reveal the truth,” according to The OnLine Network, “but fans will have to tune in for the July 8 episodes of All My Children to see what happens,” Access Hollywood reports.

Eden Riegel earlier this year shared her excitement at working with her on-screen sis again played by Minshew relating, “She is coming back for a cameo… and I got to work with her… which was just amazing. Staring into her big brown eyes everything came flooding back, like our old relationship and we shared so many intimate scenes together and also we’re very, very close friends so it was a lovely reunion between Bianca and Kendall!”

So AMC fans, what is wrong with Kendall? Are you excited to see Alicia again on the series? Let us know!

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  1. carla says:

    Im totally excited. It will seem like old times before abc made the worst network decision in the history of television.


    lisa replied

    Abc made the right decision. amc one life to live went down the tube. people lost intrest. time to have more talk shows and reality. times have changed now. cheaper to have reality shows and talk shows. abc will cancel general hospital some time next year. i know that for a fact. no romour here. its the truth. i have the inside scoop. one life to live really sucks online. it wont last. it will be cancelled yet again. amc will be a goner to.


    Karen Sevetino replied

    You are so wrong! These shows are doing great on line and ABC is the loser!

    Lew S replied

    Lisa. this is a forum for soap lovers. From your comments, you don’t seem to have much love for the genre. Why visit this site and spread negativity? If AMC and OLTL are goners, why would Oprah waste money picking them up? Oprah doesn”t waste time or her dough!

    Virginia replied

    Lisa, where did you get your inside scoop? Friends with an ABC exec.??
    I hope your wrong, about GH. It’s really the only reason I ever watch ABC.
    I’m sorry to disagree with you, but I don’t think times have really changed that much as far as TV. goes, I think ABC. made a mistake cancelling AMC.& OLTL.
    But I agree with you OLTL. is not that good right now, but I’ll bet it gets better.
    The only way ABC. would cancel GH. would be if the ratings went down, and it no longer made them money, and I don’t think they know that yet do they? Talk shows and reality stink, nobody watches Katie, unless they have insomnia and need to take a nap.
    For the sake of ABC/Disney I hope you are wrong about the cancellation of GH. I release since I’m over 50 ABC. no longer conceders my opinion of any importance, but I’m not the only person that feels this way, a lot of younger people like Soap Opera’s too. My daughter for instance is 27, and loves GH. plus she watches OLTL. online. Too many people are just way too into cheap and it’s beginning to show. Especially with ABC. They aren’t in any danger of going broke, their just being cheap for the sake of GREED, and they’ll lose $$ in the end. Hide and watch.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Your real name isnt Brian F. by chance? Well, whatever it is i dont believe you are a soap watcher or a soap fan…i think your on this message board to get true soap fans upset by your comments because if none of these soaps appeal to you,(your totally negative about all these soaps with not one positive word to say about one of them) you wouldnt be watching nor would you be on a soap site.

    Robert Lee replied

    While you are entitled to your opinion. I wish I could remember who you are next year to say NANANA NANA, you are wrong! It’s too bad you only see the negative.

    brian replied

    Just wondering why you bother reading this site and posting comments. if you dislike the shows so much, it amazes me that you waste your time here.

    I am not starting a ” verbal war” with you… but do wonder why.

    Nancy replied

    Are you a talk show and reality tv junkie. Something is seriously wrong with you.

    Joshua replied

    One of the most popular characters ever? PLEASE.

    One of the most annoying characters ever. Let’s hope this is her final swan song. I will never forgive or forget how her, Ryan and Greenlee hogged air time for years on end, virtually ruining this once fine show.

    Nancy replied

    Are you joking? What a horrible negative thing to say.

    dee replied


    carla replied

    If you are so negative towards the soap genre why are you even on this site in the first place. Enjoy your talk shows while we soapfans enjoy ours.

    tony replied

    You must be a paid plant by house of mouse. Save your negative thoughts and views for a abc board meeting.

    Zoe replied

    My. You really are quite illiterate, aren’t you?

    christina replied

    People, this person is lonely and needs attention, can’t you see that. You’re playing right into her hand.

    sam replied

    I agree lisa. general hospital is on its last leg. show is terrible right now. wouldn’t surprise me that general hospital gets cancelled next year. all my children and one life to live will be cancelled sooner than we think. bad storylines and bad writing.

    Pat replied

    Geez people. It’s July 4, our nation’s birthday. Can’t we all just get along without the juvenile name-calling? Lisa did not insult anyone’s spouse, family, etc. For crying out loud, in the big picture these are just silly TV/internet shows. Many people like them, but many also don’t. Different strokes for different folks. That’s life. Deal with it.

    It’s a free country, this is a public board, and Lisa is perfectly entitled to her opinion. It’s fine to disagree with her, but she in no way deserves to be so rudely stepped on like this. Shame on all of you! You’re all exactly the kind of people who invite such ridicule from mainstream people and give all soap opera fans collectively a bad name.

    I’m sure there are thousands of people out there like Lisa who like soaps and want them to survive in some way, but are also realists about their long-term outlook on the networks and internet. So if someone is not a full blown rah-rah cheerleader about everything, that person is not a real soap fan? That’s total BS and I don’t buy that for a second.

    The problem with so many of you rabid soap fans is that you can’t tolerate (god forbid) anyone with even a slightly dissenting point of view about any show or the genre without being rude in return. (And no, I have zero connection to Lisa or anyone who works at ABC, ESPN, or any other Disney owned network/property.)

    Please have a little perspective about what really matters, especially on a holiday like this. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

    Nick replied

    Lisa, I agree 100%. GH is unwatchable and beyond awful right now. Not at all surprised that its ratings are tanking. If it continues like this much longer, I could definitely see ABC canceling it next year. It’s very sad what has happened to this once great soap, especially since it was terrific around the 50th anniversary. The show desperately needs a new head writer before its too late. Enough already with the OLTL 3 as new characters and bring back the vets! What a hot mess. It’s so bad that I can’t help but think that this is being done on purpose.

    Johnny replied

    There’s an old saying “don’t argue with an idiot”.

    Aria replied

    Lisa, Lisa !! Wake up your having one of those dreams again that make u think u know it all, are u ok ? Please don’t forget to take yur medicine .

    Kelly Grassmyer replied

    I am very happy to see her back on and hoping she gets back together with Zach!!!! They belong together and make a very cute couple…..They were one of the reasons I watch the show and other then I grew up on the show cause my mom watched all three soaps that were on ABC, I still continue to watch them….


  2. Mary Moore Fergen says:

    I will be very happy to see Alicia play Kendall on AMC again! One thing about the above article: Alicia doesn’t have brown eyes! Oops!


  3. su0000 says:

    If Alicia Minshew/Kendall is only come back to be sick, that sux big time..
    Not a happy occasion..
    Hope we don’t have to watch her die………………….. lol


  4. brie says:

    OMG YES I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER FOR THIS! Now we just need Tad and for both of them to stay longer than a cameo and Im all good.


  5. Sandy says:

    Love, love, love Kendall. Maybe she will come back with anxiety and panic attacks. Please no serious death-bed illness. Now, please bring back Greenlee.


    Joliefan Forever replied

    I agree I hope it is not anything serious I LOVE ZENDALL…But PLEASE NO Greenlee LOL


  6. Chris says:

    I am hoping that this cameo is just the beginning and we will see her back permanently. I want to see her and the boys back and I definitely want to see her reunited with Zach.


  7. Bruce says:

    I’m glad it’s just a cameo appearance. I never liked her as Kendall, she was never a good fit.


  8. Beth says:

    Great to have her back! I was hoping there was more to the divorce story than we’ve seen. I can’t imagine that she’s back for one day to show us she’s sick and that’s the end of the story. Hopefully this means there’s more to come with her and Zach. Let’s see him clear his name soon and then get back to his wife and kids. More Alicia, please!


  9. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Cameo is better than nothing…havent watched amc in some time but will watch Kendals(Alicias) appearance. Any chance scenes with Zach?


    Joliefan Forever replied

    Oh god I hope so I love them!!


  10. Robert Lee says:

    Awesome, can’t wait!


  11. Rebecca says:

    So nice to see Alicia back! The AMC reboot is terrific and addictive. Keep up the great work, Prospect Park! And thank you, Oprah and OWN!


  12. Carol says:

    I am excited to see Kendall, yeah. wish she were not sick??? and back with Zack.. I just wish that everyone stay positive and let PP figure it all out… IT IS all real crazy with all the changes, but give them a brake… be happy we can see AMC and OLTL and hope they go back on TV and bring back more of the org. cast, that would be great… keep it up PP…


  13. Linda says:

    I am happy to hear that Alicia will be on AMC it would really be nice if she could stay on.


  14. Lisa says:

    (First, I’m not the OTHER Lisa who seems to hate soaps). SO HAPPY Alicia will be back, even for a cameo! She was always my dear Mom’s favorite, she became my fav also! Hopefully, she’ll be back perm once her other commitments are done. Would also love to see MEK back as Tad. BTW, her beautiful eyes are green, not brown :-)


  15. Maryanni says:

    She’s only back for a cameo? That sucks, then don’t even bother!


  16. Elisabeth says:

    I miss Kendall so much and an delighted that she’ll be back, even for only one scene right now. I’m very hopeful that we’ll see her again soon, and in a story that reunites her with Zach.


  17. Jeremy says:

    AMC and OLTL are doing great online, despite people tring to make us think otherwise. Oprah is not trying to help these shows! She’s cashing in on their popularity! With Agnes Nixon in charge of AMC, it is starting to resemble the soap,I was addicted,to,in college in the 90′s. OLTL needs a little work, but it’s still classic soap. I am a huge OLTL fan, but I am def in sport of AMC. Congrats in getting Kendall back!!!


    Ash replied

    Well, I think AMC is the stronger of the two they are missing some key links Erica Kane first and foremost and perhaps Tad. Without the linchpin Lucci AMC is kind of flat; it is kind of missing something – it isn`t complete but most are glad it is back.


  18. Pav says:

    So glad to see AM as Kendall again! Now bring her back permanently and put her back with her husband, TK’s Zach. He really needs her and so do we!


  19. Lily says:

    I am so excited to hear that Alicia will be back. I love her and Kendall. I hope this is just a hint that she will be back for good and reunited with Zach. Zach and Kendall are one of my favorite AMC couples ever and I would love to see them together again.


  20. Susan says:

    So excited that Alicia will be back as Kendall Hart Slater. Prospect Park needs to sign her to contract and put Kendall back in Zach’s arms where she belongs!! Thanks for the article Michael. Hope this little scene sets up the storyline for a return of Team Slater!!


  21. RED WALKER says:



  22. maisie says:

    So glad to see Alicia Minshew coming back as Kendall! Zach and Lea have no chemistry whatsoever, and he seems lost without his family. Zendall needs to reunite!


  23. Lisanne says:

    I am so excited to see Kendall Hart Slater back on AMC. Zach needs his beloved Kendall, and so does the rebooted AMC because without her, the Kane’s are under represented and the show lacks fire. I hope this cameo is setting up a larger and romantic sl for Zach and Kendall, probably the most romantic and best loved super couple in AMC history.


  24. Johnny says:

    I sort of figured, when I saw the Preview on the “More” Show, that it would only be for a Cameo appearance. It would be nice if some of these characters would come back, the show really REALLY needs them. Need to have Tad back as portrayed by Michael Knight, need to have Erica back as played by Susan Lucci. Some roles, infortunately, just can’t be re-cast so easily. I have been having a hard time accepting the new J.R. Chandler, but in fairness, it would be difficult for any actor to fill the role that Jacob Young added so many layers to.
    At any rate, it’s nice to see Alicia return even briefly as Kendall Hart.


  25. Janice says:

    It is great to see the amazing talented Alicia Minshew back as Kendall Hart Slater! I hope AMC is planning to get her back on the show on a regular basis very soon. Zach needs Kendall, and Kendall needs Zach. I would love to see them finally reunited as they are, for me, the best soap couple,


  26. Marci says:

    Regarding “Lisa,” it’s Brian Fons? Too funny. I bet he put in all the bad English so that one one would think of him. Only haters would say all those things, not a loyal fan. What a joke. It’s great to have Alicia (Kendall) back for as long as she can stay.


  27. AJ says:

    I stopped watching AMC because they wrote Kendall to be such an idiot and I couldn’t take it.. but the show sure does miss Kendall. It would be a MAJOR boon to get Kendall back, I truly believe she has it in her to carry the show like Lucci did the past 40 years like Viki carries OLTL. The Kendall-Ryan-Greenlee triumvirate always reminded me of the Eric-Adam-Brooke one that carried the show during the 80s at the height of it’s powers. Writing so great on AMC right now.. the show should try to do whatever they can to bring kendall-ryan-greenlee back.

    Love OLTL, but it seems aimless. They wrap storyline up way too quickly.. Viki’s money situation wrapped up way too quick, seeing Viki struggle without money and all that comes with it would have been great to see. The catfish storyline wrapped real quick too with Matthew. Dani’s drug problems and issues with Tea were solved in an afternoon. Is this the writer’s ideas of being fast-paced? Wrapping storylines up quickly.. I enjoyed stuff playing out over time and not done in a week.


    Johnny replied

    EXCELLENT points – my problem with both new inceptions are the lack of sets – Vicki is seen “having dinner” with Nora….at SHELTER. Really? Does it seem like these two more mature characters would be having dinner at a Dance Bar? Dorian Lord is seen about to have dinner….at SHELTER. Does it seem to any viewer who
    understands who and what Dorian is that she would be having dinner at SHELTER? The scenes around SHELTER don’t work.
    When we are in Pine Valley, we have a choice of Jane’s Coffee Shop for breakfast, lunch, an informal dinner, an impromtu business meeting, or a quick stop after a jog in the park that we never see. Somehow or other we are having Coffee in Jane’s Coffee shop whether we want it or not. Jane must be one busy gal, her shop has taken over what used to be Opal’s Gamorama, The Chicken Shack, Lacy’s Department Store, Cortland Electronics, you name it.
    Would it REALLY be that difficult to construct an outside Park set? Would it really be impossible to build a Restaurant set instead of throwing veteran actors into a ridiculous dance club setting?


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I would love to see Viki or Dorian have a dining room, and eat there…some soaps used to have them.

  28. Alda says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Alicia as Kendall Slater again, if only as a cameo. I so miss Alicia’s portrayal of Kendall.

    Zach needs firey, take no prisoners Kendall back to help him with the bad guys. The one-note FBI agent is sure not doing it for me. Zach and Kendall are a team with their sons, Ian and Spike……Team Slater!!!. The show is just not the same without one of my favorite super couples. Whether fighting or loving these two are soulmates with droves of chemistry.

    The show also needs the Kane women back. They are a force to contend with……Erica, Kendall and Bianca!!!

    PP should be congratulated for bringing back both AMC and OLTL. OLTL is whole with most of it’s vets back, but AMC is lacking so many beloved characters that are an integral part of the show’s history. I hope that both Alicia Minshew and Susan Lucci can return soon.


    Ash replied

    I know Alicia is looking for other opportunities; but Susan Lucci you would think would come crawling back – she loved the role, it made her famous and she is probably no too much in demand. Sure she has those little Cable shows – Deadly Affairs – probably not many have heard that and she has a bit part in Devious Maids but she is AMC – I hope she sees the light and returns. (Granted she steals the scenes in Devious Maids; so unErica).


  29. Kate says:

    Looking forward to it! It is so hard having only two shows to watch. I sure hope that we get more shows per week in the near future. We really need to get more of the original cast back also. Looking forward to Monday.


  30. elena says:

    who cares about all my children. i love the new one life to live. they need to cancel all my children. weak story telling and bad acting. im sorry but thats how i feel. i will never watch all my children again. i was a fan. when all my children was on abc. but now its very painful to watch. abc made the right decision in cancelling all my children. one life to live has a very good chance of staying. better acting and good storylines. all my children will be cancelled soon. thats just my honest opinion. i love michael fairmans site. we all can voice our honest opinions. i read all the comments here. they are very intresting to read. except some people here will not mention names are swearing and calling people names. this should not be tolerated. bullying needs to stop. we all have diffrent views. and thats fine with me. i love watching days of our lives one life to live and gh.


    Elisabeth replied

    I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it seems kind of rude to come to an AMC page and say, “who cares about all my children.” Obviously some of us do. I don’t watch OLTL, but I would never go to a OLTL page and complain about the show, and I would never want it to be cancelled. Thank goodness there are plenty of shows for people with varying tastes.


  31. nancy says:

    all my children stinks. abc knew the show was done. good for you abc. young and the restless and bold and the beautiful are good soaps. i love the acting and the storylines. all my children will be cancelled again. im happy with my cbs soaps. i love watching the chew. great show. katie couric is terrific. i just adore that woman.


  32. Johnny says:

    I suspect Nancy and Elena are one and the same person, for neither of them
    can construct a sentence that makes any sense.
    Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but of course, that’s all it is, your opinion.
    Most of us here try to be at least constructive – I will say, and have stated, that
    the writing needs to show signs of improvement on AMC, and I have said that
    I wish they would expand their sets to more than just Chandler Mansion and
    Jane’s Coffee Shop. However, I will also say that the actors are doing the very
    best with what they have to work with.
    Just spewing out inane, negative comments serves little purpose except to
    expose the “author” of such remarks as an illiterate idiot.


  33. kelly Irons says:

    I would have a hard time owning this site only to see some of the rudest self serving comments. It’s a test lol. Anyway I quit reading. I just want to say that I don’t mean to sound ungreatful but a Cameo seems like a teaser. I will watch Alicia because she is Kendall but not sure why the short visit sounds like closure as to why she’s not on board. I was thrilled to see it posted on FB however feeling let down now.


  34. Lanajanelle says:

    Stop complaining. You should be happy that All My Children and One Life to Live are still around. Stop saying what sucked about the shows. It happens. You are not going to like every character or storyline. No one is forcing you to watch. Deal with it and move on. I may not have watched these shows for many years but I can appreciate them. I am actually looking forward to Alicia coming back as Kendall. There are so many characters I would like to see back on the show but I’ll take what I can get. These shows were canceled. Finished. Over. We should be thankful to have some aspect of them back. Shows that we grew up watching. The actors have their jobs back. Probably with major pay cuts but still. They are doing something they love and they are doing it for us. Their fans. And THAT is all that matters.


  35. Maria says:

    I am so happy to see Alicia come back as Kendall Slater, I just wish she was staying for good. I miss Zach and Kendall. I would love to see them reunite. I wish Susan Lucci would come back also. For now, I will be happy to see Kendall again.


  36. Maura says:

    The only two words I hate to see in connection with Alicia’s return to AMC are “cameo” and “episode”. I’d rather see more of her in multiple episodes, not just one. And to all soap lovers here, just ignore the trolls. There seem to be quite a few of them around and ignoring them will piss them off better than any response you could make.


  37. txbritgal says:

    Re: Kendall’s health…..I wonder if it has something to do with her heart issues? Her health has been in serious jeopardy, especially since she was injured in the twister while pregnant trying to save Bianca. It also took a hit the entire time she thought Zach dead. I wonder if the health issue is the real reason behind leaving Zach? Maybe in typical Kendall fashion, in her mind to protect him she gave him one reason to pushhim away so he wouldn’t know how ill she is. Does anyone know if Alicia (“Kendall”) may come back for more than just a cameo? She’s extremely close in real life to Thorsten and Eden (“Bianca”). Also….any word on if Rebecca Budig (“Greenlee”) may return to Pine Valley?


  38. cequita says:

    yes i would love to see her back


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