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25 May 17th, 2016 FIRST LOOK, FIRST DRESS: Lynn Herring Returns As Lucy Coe For GH Nurses’ Ball 2016!

Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Harbaugh

GH’s Nurses’ Ball 2016 begins next Tuesday on the May 24th episode of the ABC daytime drama series.  The ball, which has been one of the signature staples of General Hospital, returns with all new drama, laughter, tears, musical performances, and more.

The hostesss with the mostess is always the incomparable Lucy Coe, played to perfection by longstanding fan favorite, Lynn Herring.

Over the course of the Nurses’ Ball episodes, Ms. Coe, appears in a parade of glitzy outfits that has also become a major part of the tune-in … to see what Lucy will be wearing, or … to see just how Lucy will loose her dress somehow be standing before the crowd half-naked!

What will happen this time?  How will she lose her dress?  Who will stop the show?  Would you like to see more of Lucy in Port Charles?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.  But first check out this just released photo of Lucy’s entrance on the red carpet.

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    The dress is nice but we all know its about the underwear-Victoria’s Secret wouldnt be much of a secret when Lucy gets exposed-lol


  2. Carol says:

    Not a fan of either the NB or the character of Lucy. I guess I’ll be ff’ng a lot during those episodes.


  3. Melissa says:

    Miss having Lucy as a recurring character. With Kevin potentially getting involved with Laura it would be fun to see a jealous Lucy responding to their budding relationship.


    Abruzzfan replied

    It made my day to see Laura and Doc today!


    nancy dillingham replied

    Mine too! So refreshing to see grownups and hear substantive dialogue. And Genie looked so great in her tailored suit! Suave Jon! An inspired pairing. Timing impeccable.

  4. Christine Angell says:

    I would love to have Lucy Coe be a staple in Port Charles. She is a fantastic actress and always a joy to watch.


  5. Lori says:

    I love Lucy!! Cannot wait to see her back in Port Charles. Lucy is one of my favorite characters. I would like something to become of that spa her and Laura had started. Looking forward to the Nurses Ball.


  6. Paula says:

    I LOVE LUCY! She is FINALLY back in Port Charles where she belongs! PC WILL NOW BE FUN TO WATCH SINCE MT FAVE LUCY IS BACK! She portrays Lucy with such perfection! We need less shootings and more LUCY! I hope she remains in PC after the ball as the rumors say! ! LYNN HERRING IS VERY TALENTED. She rocks as Lucy!


  7. MLDP says:

    I also love Lucy too! I hope the rumors are true that LH will be staying on as Lucy for awhile after the NB ends. Hopefully, now that GF is on contract, we will finally get to see the spa that Lucy and Laura were planning long ago!


  8. Stuart says:

    Lynn Herring should return to GH full time. She is missed and a lifer. It is upsetting the way the character was treated and Ms. Herring.


  9. Rodd says:

    Nice dress.

    Was so happy to see LH back as LC today. That short scene with Laura and “Doc” spoke more than a five minute scene could have because of the pros who were in it. Love them all. So, yeah, it would be great to have Lucy back in PC more often.

    I remember back around the 50th anniversary, Lucy and Laura were going to start a business together and were recruiting people like Felix. Why couldn’t they pick up on that? Lord only knows, Laura’s story line is moving at a snail’s pace. I think only Lucas’ and Brad’s story is moving slower.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Lucas and Brad got a story…what story…i just said more than they even get too!!


    Rodd replied

    I agree, Jimh. It’s terribly irritating.

    And someone just wrote that they’re killing Lucas off. I hope that’s untrue. If so, I have to wonder if the writers are looking for the same out-crying from the GH fans as they had over at DOOL when they killed off Will. What the heck is wrong with these soap writers? Can they think of nothing else to do than kill off the gays? Ugh!

    nancy dillingham replied

    Amen to your comment that “that short scene with Laura and ‘Doc’ spoke more than a five minute scen could have because of the pros….” And Genie’s dialogue was TRUE to the storyline and characters of Luke and Laura at the time. And Genie was glowing through it all. Kudos to both actors!

    And guess everyone has heard the spoiler by now that Tony Geary is returning because Lucas will become a victim of the violence between Sonny’s and Julian’s factions. And, supposedly, TG (“Luke”) will return to help his sister “Barbara Jean” through the grief of losing her son.

    And will he also be in Beecher’s Corners when Laura and Kevin get there? Yesterday the real estate person said “Lucy and Lloyd Johnson” were the owners of the former disco property. H-mmm. What say anyone?


    Rose replied

    Nancy…Time has passed, there has been some time to heal from Fluke and retirement, plus any “slights” Tony may have had towards Genie. So I’ll him another chance, because if he’s a good boy his dropping in could be like the good old days.

  10. Sara Lee Macdonald says:

    I really love Lucy’s dress! Lucy taught me how to get ready to go out in less than 20 minutes when she would go from mousy librarian to glamour girl.

    I can’t wait to see what happens!


  11. Lance Crumley says:

    Yes we need Lucy to have a storyline an a contract…


  12. Rose says:

    Loved seeing Lynn/Lucy back…except that I have to use the words “back again.” Wish she was more permanent. PC can use a bit if her zaniness, along with her kind of smarts. It can be such a dull, dark town. Like others, liked the possibility for more of a Doc, Laura and Lucy triangle.


    nancy dillingham replied

    I read that she said she is willing to come back IF they give her a storyline–not just for “drop-ins.”


    nancy dillingham replied

    Rose, I’m with you on your post re giving TG another chance. It was painful to hear the words “Lucy and Lloyd Johnson”–brought up such wonderful memories justaposed with the TG “slights’ of Genie. I felt for her–and for us, the viewers. But maybe “time does heal all wounds”–would be lovely to see TG more gracious and giving in a scene with Genie at Beecher’s Corner–or at Lucas’s funeral–if they kill off Lucas as gossip says they are planning to do. I’m with you on hoping for the best–always.


  13. Letemeatc8ke says:

    She looks like she could be Nina’s mom, and Kiki’s grandmother. Imo.


  14. Justin says:

    I love Lucy, grew up watching her an her antics. She is a huge part of GH history. Unfortunately, I almost dread seeing the vets come back. As GH is now, if you’re not a Corinthos or involved in the Mob business, you’re just filler. Case in point, the Laura/Kevin/Lucy scene yesterday. It was too short. It almost feels like Frank V. just brings these people back to shut us longtime viewers up.


  15. Cici says:

    Lucy being back is the best thing to happen to GH in a long time. Fave character ever. Nina is a 2nd place Lucy wannabe.


  16. Timmm says:

    Its over, move on, no more Lucy, Nina should host!


  17. Sandy J. says:

    I’ve been a fan of Lynn Herring’s since the first time she appeared on my TV screen as Lucy, at that time a mousy librarian. Her transformation into the sexy slinky woman she’s been ever since was spell-binding, and she did it in one scene!

    Lynn has been underused by GH for so long, and it’s a shame she’s only asked back for the not-even-annual Nurses Balls.

    I hope the writers have found a way of keeping Lynn/Lucy on our screens for the foreseeable future, and give her a new best girlfriend to pal around and get into some trouble with. Just don’t let it be Alexis! (What a mess she is right now.) When the writers DO write a decent story for Lynn, I hope it isn’t one in which Lucy is frenetic and yelling, as she was a couple of years ago when the exercise guru (whose name escapes me … brain-freeze time) returned and tried to take over running the NB.
    Give Lynn a great storyline worthy of her talents and she’ll be mesmerizing.


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