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15 May 9th, 2011 First Look! OLTL’s Roger Howarth & Trevor St. John! Who will be the real Todd?


ABC released today this first look photo of the Two Todd’s (Roger Howarth and Trevor St. John) together in the same shot! Who would have ever thought we would see this day, but now it is here!  Mark your calendars for this Friday, May 13th when fans will first see Roger as he makes his highly-anticipated return to One Life to Live.

The Daytime Award winning Howarth, originated the role of Todd Manning in 1992 and was last seen in Llanview in 2003. Following Roger’s exit in 2003, Trevor St. John joined the cast of OLTL and answered to the name Walker Laurence but in a surprising twist it was soon revealed that he was indeed Todd Manning…Or is he? There is a mystery that has been brewing in Llanview and Todd (as played by Trevor) is hiding something. Is it a secret identity? The mystery begins when Roger Howarth returns this  Friday with his infamous scar. Who is the real Todd Manning? Stay tuned as it is all is about to be finally played out!

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  1. leah says:

    OLTL is Rockin HOT – will someone please bitch slap Frons for cacelling it.


    Debs replied

    I love it! And I volunteer to bitch slap him TWICE. FORWARD AND BACKWARDS! LOL!


  2. Brian says:

    I hope OLTL’s ratings soar ! If no renewal is found, the show deserves to go out in the #1 spot.


    Teresa replied

    It would be the end of Frons- excellent!


  3. lisa says:

    Oh Happy ,Happy ,Joy,Joy !!!!
    LOVE Roger Howarth and am soooo excited he’s back.
    Can’t wait til Friday the 13th…..hmmm given the date can we count on that ominous music of his and some explosives first scenes !!!
    He’s just got be be the REAL TODD !!!!
    My toes are curling with anticipation !!!!!

    (hopes) if he is the REAL TODD -scenes with Susan (Marty) before she exits….and of course Erika (Vicki),always loved their relationship……and more !!!!

    Oooo ….I’m sooo excited !!!!


  4. Todd says:

    I hope this will be as good as I think it will be. I cant wait to see how this plays out. I hope it gives many characters on the canvas dramatic story. Let’s see Oltl get 2nd in the ratings again.


  5. Dawn Johnson says:

    First of all Todd had his scar removed & then he had the plastic surgery. The writers can’t keep up.


    rina1217 replied

    I know rite and how are they going to explain the DNA test Tea did but he will be the real Todd because Tomas said he did not shoot Todd but we all no he tried to kill the current one that was hint one for me and in the previews it shows Roger waking yeling saying he’s been in here for eight years. It all doesn’t make sense but we’ll see what happens.


    Inez replied

    RH’s Todd never had the scar removed. If you watch clips on YT of his last scenes with Mitch Lawrence before he was put into the tomb, the scar is still there. (And if it were removed, there would be a reason in Todd’s bio, prior to TSJ taking over the role, because the scar was significant to the character). He wouldn’t have the scar removed because it reflected what he had done to Marty, who he was, and who he would always be. The scar didn’t disappear until Todd got a new face. And that was ‘explained’ with the plastic surgery angle when TSJ took over the role. But when RH was Todd, the scar was always there. There were days when it was prominent and days when it wasn’t.


  6. Lupe says:

    Roger Roger Roger!! Will the real Todd Manning please stand up!


  7. jeffrey moree says:

    Yes i enjoyed the scenes with Ericka and Roger they were so touching and they were nice to watch… I hope OLTL goes out number one in the ratings should have been GH that got the ax i mean really It is the carly jason sonny show one can only take so much of them.


  8. kay a killgore says:

    I hope this is done right! How are you going to explain Trevor St. John’s love for his family! We shall see!


  9. Hmmmm says:

    I may be the only one, but I hope he isn’t the realy todd, I LOVE TSJ & hope that Roger scenes are flashbacks or that Roger is an imposter trying to claim all of TSJ $ because he thinks that he was killed. Something anything except that he is the real Todd, I am not ready to stop watching Tea and TSJ, plus his love for his family would be unexplained. If he is an imposter why care so much about the kids. The memories he has cannot be imposter memories TSJ has to be Todd. Unless TSJ is a pod and a body for roger who is in a facility somewhere with electrodes in his brain to help TSJ be todd


    Laura replied

    I agree! I love TSJ as Todd! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Roger as TM and never thought he could be replaced when he left, but I was wrong…TSJ was a great replacement! There’s definitely something really weird going on…I’m so excited to see how they explain this.


  10. Anne says:

    I think Trevor St.John makes a better Todd. Why should Roger Howarth could back and take the role back. If hhe really wanted to play the role why did he leave in the frist place. I say no way for Howarth and i say keep St.John as Todd. All i can say is love Trevor St. John keep on playing Todd he has made the role fun and very interesting.


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