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21 March 16th, 2012 Former 90210 Baddie, Blake Hood Cast as the New SORAS’d Kyle on Y&R!

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Remember we told you that Y&R was casting a young college aged male who returns home with a serious ax to grind? Well, mystery solved and he was who we thought it would be, and so did most of our soapers!

The Hollywood Reporter announced exclusively today that former 90210 bad guy, Blake Hood has been as the new Kyle Jenkins Abbott on The Young and the Restless.  90201 audiences will recall, Blake played Mark, a high school football player who got Annie involved in a scandalous texting incident.

Now the young actor comes to Genoa City as the SORAS’d version of Kyle, who after the murder of his mother, Diane (Maura West) struggled with anger toward his father (Peter Bergman) and eventually departed for a hockey boarding school.  Look for Blake Hood to debut on the April 27th episode of  Y&R!

So, what do you think?  A sexy snarkier Kyle?  Do you think Blake Hood fits the bill? Let us know!

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  1. Scott says:

    Ew no. This should NOT be happening.


  2. Donna Embretson says:

    I hate it when they soras a totally great actor. Kyle was one of the best young actors this show has ever seen. Young Abby and Cassie were great as well. Of course they killed off Cassie and sorased Abby. I don’t get why they have to rush these things. Makes me grumpy.


  3. LisaZee says:

    Too much of an age jump.


  4. toscanti says:

    Awesome!!!! He will add some much needed drama to the storyline.


  5. ricardo says:

    the young and the restless is wasting our time with stupid recasts. the original kyle who left grew on me. i started to like his acting. now they age him much older. dont like that. lets bring back sheila carter with kimberlin brown. that would be more intresting than a kyle recast. also i miss maury west as diane. they made a big mistake by letting her go. maura would be good on days of our lives or general hospital.


  6. Brian says:

    Perfect casting! He looks a lot like Peter (Jack). YR finally did something right. Of course this is because they have AMC’s casting director!


  7. ethel says:

    wow – i knew they would eventually soras kyle but i didn’t think it would be this soon………….


  8. kay killgore says:

    Growth hormones in the water at Boarding school who knew it would take only 4 months?


  9. David Larsson says:

    While it does fix the whole Abby/Kyle age gap problem, another problem I foresee will be referencing Diane’s murder. If the character says “it’s been hard since Mom died” or something to that effect, are they going to revise Diane’s death date and act as though she’s been dead for years (since Kyle was still ten when she died) or will her death date remain the same.

    And when Jack sees Kyle again, are they going to say “it’s been years” as they do with most SORASed children and their parents? I hate when SORAS children and then go down the whole abandonment road. It’s incredibly hard to believe most of the time.

    This is why I’m not that big of a fan of SORAS. It makes continuity almost impossible.


  10. Mo says:

    They’ve got too many storylines on the show as it is. They need to trim the cast, not add to it. Although, Kyle coming home to see dad makes sense. But doesn’t Jack have another son?


    Iakovos replied

    He does, Mo. Keemo, is it? From his time in Vietnam. I agree with your comment about trimming. Too many characters on the canvas and they are not used to their fullest. There are stories to explore at the core, and I think we could cut loose Daisy and some others.


    Mo replied

    Harmony, Sarge, Devon, Ricky, Gen, Angie, Angelo…

    They need to have maybe five stories. Otherwise it’s just too confusing. B&B has the opposite problem. They tend to focus on too few stories–at least right now. Everyone is town is obsessed with Liam and Hope and all up in their biz!

  11. Phil Kerler says:

    I think Kyle should not yet be a college gradute. It would have been OK to have him just recently graduated from high school. They aged Noah, too, but a bit more slowly.
    In fact, since Noah recently went away, I thought it could be him, though I had the impression the magazines all knew already it would be Kyle.
    He does look like he could be Jack’s son, but he also in some ways resembles Adam, as well.
    Perhaps Diane and Hope wll turn out to have ben related, or they will change the story yet again so either Victor is Kyle’s Dad, or Jack is Adam’s!
    The whole chip on his shoulder thing sounds like they will be doing the same son-alienated from-his-long-aabsent-Dad story for the 4th time-Adam and Victor, Devon and Tucker, Ricky and Paul, and now Kyle and Jack, soon to be joined, I assume by Noah and Nick…


  12. Bart says:

    This is SO bad on so many levels, it’s not even funny!!!


  13. Lisa says:

    Is Blake Hood the son of the actor who played “Rex Sterling” on Y & R? He looks a lot like him!


  14. Lois Lane says:

    It was dumb when they aged Noah. Sharon and Nick weren’t teenagers when he was born, but the way it is now, it’s as if they were 15/16. The “new” Kyle is awful. The age jump is ridiculous. A five-year increase would be more believable. And the actor is ugh, whiny and a bit annoying. I did not see him in 90210, but I can’t imagine him playing a “baddie.” He looks too scrawny and wimpy. In related news, sad to hear Jess Walton is taking a six-month leave of absence. She’s one of my favourites. I wonder what the writers have in store for Danny and Christine when they bring them back this month.


    kay killgore replied

    Lois, Danny & Christine are coming back I think concerning this Daisy/Daniel junk because Ricky starts digging up dirt about Phyllis and he discovers she ran down Paul & Christine years ago etc. I wonder what old Nicky boy will feel when he finds out perfect Phyllis tried to kill Christine?Or is MAB going to whitewash that too?


    Lois Lane replied

    Is it just me, or is she truly a remarkably inferior writer to Mr. Bell et al? Her story lines should come with the disclaimer, “byo imagination.” They are so far-fetched and unbelievable. Would love to see an end to Nick and Phyllis … she’s pushing 50 and pg?? Come on!

    gloria replied

    Oh really, the last thing they need on this show is another baby to ooh, aah, fret/worry over-then forget about till they turn into a teenager or older, overnight. This show is already overrun with babies/kids-Lily’s 2, baby Moses (as everyone refers to him), Fenn, Summer, Faith, Lucy, John, Reed, Delia, Kyle (who should still be 12) that’s 11 kids right there! No other show has this many. Jeez. Doofus Nick will not be fazed by anything Phyllis has done. (I hate the name Phyllis by the way-hard to type & just a yucky name) Nick has just become a big dumb lummox.

  15. Acadia says:

    Kyle was born in 2001, went off to hockey school and returns as a character who is old enough to be drinkin’ beer? Unbelievable!


  16. Jolene Beth Morgan says:

    I think the little boy that played Kyle when Maura West was on the show, was an exraordinary and gifted young actor, and his character was an important and pleasent addition to the show. Now we have fast forward in just a year, to a 28 year old actor who is suppose to be 21 or 22. How many sexy, hunkie young guys does any one soap opera need? A wonderful child actor is a refreshing change of pace from the usual sexy, twists and turns of the modern day soap opera. GIve more child actors a chance, and hence they will have the opportunity to shine!


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