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12 September 19th, 2011 Former AMC & GL head scribe, David Kreizman to GH writing team!

Soap Opera Network is reporting that David Kreizman (Pictured here) who last co-helmed the writing duties at All My Children with Donna Swajeski has now taken a position with General Hospital’s writing team! From reports, Kreizman will be a script writer on the team under GH head scribe, Garin Wolf!

Kreizman had also held the co- head writing spot at Guiding Light and As the World Turns at one juncture in his career,

So what do you think of the news, soapers?  Let us know!

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  1. Jynx0854 says:

    Sadly it won’t help with Frons running the s/l’s!! Probably Sweeney also not sure if Phelps is a huge KeMo fan. Give us back GH!!!


  2. GLTURNS70 says:

    Hiring David Kreizman should be #2 on the top ten list that your show will be cancelled.


    Marsha replied

    I was thinking the same thing…Guiding Light, AMC and now ___________?


  3. lew says:

    Both of his previous shows have been cancelled. Not a good thing for GH. At least he is not the head writer. What is going on with the soap world?


  4. Torrey says:

    A sad day for GH….Everyone saw what he did with AMC. Good Luck GH, you’re gonna need it.


  5. shannon says:

    This guy has helped kill the last three shows he has written for. Save GH send him to prime time please !!!!


  6. Torrey says:

    In my opinion, this is one of the MAJOR things that is wrong with daytime television….the different shows recycle these hack-job writers. Bad writers hopping from one show to the next, does not help out the soap genre. How about you search for some fresh new talent? Instead hiring someone who has put the last two shows he’s worked on in the ground. The problem with daytime is not the actors, directors, various crew members……it’s the writers. If you don’t have interesting stories to tell, you won’t attract the audiences.


  7. Iakovos says:

    Were I so lucky! I cannot imagine if I failed at my job successively that I would have yet another opportunity to do the same work. My comment may not be totally fair, but this writer seems to have a reputation for not delivering the goods. The evidence is low ratings, the inability to create strong stories to reverse that trend (or at least please the fans of the particular shows or genre as a whole) and ultimately, the cancelled programs. This is disappointing news for GENERAL HOSPITAL fans and for those who anticipate a return to Port Charles glory under Garin Wolf’s tenure.


  8. GLTURNS70 says:

    He Also Helped Take ATWT Off the Air


  9. Wendy says:

    *face palm* Why?
    I really can’t come up with anything better to say than why. God help us GH fans.


  10. My2Cents says:

    This is the ‘take’ on most boards.
    Like GH isn’t in a terrible way enough right now.

    So disapointed with the ‘New GH’ right now.
    Not only the same storylines recylcing, I see changes in our favorite characters personality.
    What is with that??

    What is with the ‘holes’ in all these story’s??
    This show will never make it past 9/2012 at this rate. Will PP even want it??


  11. Jim says:

    Kreizman is a good writer. Networks failing GL, ATWT, and AMC were out of his control. He wrote some magical episodes like the Irna Phillips episode on GL. Jonathan and Tammy were probably the last soap supercouple. His tenure on ATWT was fairly well regarded — he introduced Reid Oliver, who quickly became more popular than Noah as a boyfriend fro Luke. AMC under Kreizman/Swajeski was fine, just a little boring. The Castillos were interesting additions and the core characters all acted true to character.


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