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14 November 26th, 2013 Former AMC Star Aiden Turner Arrested For Felony Domestic Violence!

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What is happening with some of our soap stars these days? First news of One Life to Live’s Sean Ringgold broke… over a woman accusing him of rape and now comes word again from none other than that former All My Children and Dancing with the Stars contestant, Aiden Turner (Ex-Aidan Devane) has been arrested for felony domestic violence!

According to, “Turner got into a beef with his girlfriend at their Hollywood apartment and he allegedly threw a remote control at her and hit her eye, cutting it slightly and giving her a souvenir — a shiner.”

Law enforcement sources told that Aiden will very likely dodge the felony charge and that  it’s highly probable the case will be filed as a misdemeanor because the injuries were minor.

So, what do you think about the latest run in the law with a soap star?

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  1. lorenzo says:

    aiden turner has a big big temper. he is a big mess.


    ethel replied

    wow – is this common knowledge?


    Harry replied

    Perhaps he had too much spotted dick.

    (That was Aiden’s favorite dish on AMC)


  2. su0000 says:

    remote control have been thrown since day one lol
    It is the temper weapon in hand..
    He is among probably millions who have dome somewhat the same; thrown a remote.

    heh I flug one ;)


  3. BTripp says:

    Why doesn’t she just break up with him and move out? Why would you press felony charges against your boyfriend if you were just having an argument? I am sure he didn’t mean to cause that much harm or he would have just hit her himself.


    mo replied

    Wow. Stunned by the ignorance of your post.


  4. patty gamboa says:

    I love Aiden, I wanted him to be the next Jason Morgan.


    kaffe replied

    yes he could have been a recast for Jason Q. Morgan

    I hope he get the help he needs

    But he is very handsome!


  5. Nikki says:

    This is so sad. I thought he was such a talented actor, not to mention extremely sexy. Such a shame.


    su0000 replied

    throwing a remote has absolutely nothing with his talent as an actor lol ..
    I’ve thrown a remote at someone and I’m still sexy ;) lol


  6. mo says:

    I thought he was married.

    It’s a shame.


  7. Lou Piikes says:

    I’ll bet you $5 they will kiss and make up by Christmas.


  8. Robert Seganti says:

    All that any of you know is that SHE filed a complaint.You know nothing of the actual circumstances and should make no assumptions.


  9. Kate says:

    Always enjoyed watching Aiden on AMC. I really thought he would show up on another soap. Let’s just hope he learns a lesson from this experience. You can throw a remote but not at someone!


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