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23 June 4th, 2015 Former AMC Star Jennifer Bassey Kicked Off Delta Airlines For Being “A Risk To The Flight”!


Marian Colby is in trouble, yet again! But this time it’s the actress who portrayed her for years on All My Children, Jennifer Bassey.

News on Thursday out of TMZ has that after Bassey had boarded a Delta Airlines flight, and shortly before take off needed to use the lavatory, when she came out of the on-flight restroom, the flight attendant said to Bassey, “Aren’t you going to flush?” … and also berated her about washing her hands.

As the story continues per the report, Jennifer says she planned to use her own hand sanitizer.  Then, the flight attendant followed her back to her seat and hovered because Bassey’s laptop was open prior to takeoff.  Bassey then claims the attendant bumped her hand and said, “Don’t touch me, don’t you ever touch me.” Jennifer responded by mouthing, “Go F**k yourself.”

Next ensued a huddle of flight employees and attendants where it was decided the flight needed to head back to the gate, where police officers removed Bassey, but she was not arrested.

Apparently, the flight attendant said she was assaulted by Bassey, but the police found no evidence that the 72-year-old actress assaulted anyone on board the flight!  The upshot: Delta told TMZ they are looking into the incident, while Jennifer is hoping that this Delta employee loses her job and gets the ax!

What do you think about this story involving the ever-popular AMC fave, Jennifer Bassey? Comment below!

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  1. lisa says:

    Three words……fly Jet Blue !


  2. shrona says:

    I met Jennifer Bassey several years ago, after a performance by David Canary (ex Adam/Stuart, AMC) in the musical Kismet in Beverly, MA. I was hoping to get an autograph and picture with David and had the bonus of meeting the very gracious Ms. Bassey as well. This was very off-the-cuff and Jennifer was incredibly friendly and nice. I find it hard to believe this entire scenario. Since when do flight attendants follow passengers around, telling them to flush and wash their hands? I’m sure there will be a revised account published soon.


  3. Marco says:

    Marion Colby slash Jennifer Bassey is nuts LOL. She is a diva and has a temper. Please Jennifer go to Dr. Phil, and air your dirty laundry LOL. Jennifer is a wonderful actress, but the lady has issues.


    Charlene Yust replied

    Even if you noticed someone did not flush or wash their hands, is this world shattering? How rude to try to embarrass someone by pointing out that they did not wash their hands. I’ve seen people neglect to wash their hands but I would never try to embarrass them by pointing it out, especially , loudly. It sounds reasonable that JB did not like the soap provided and carried her own hand sanitizer. She could certainly be given the benefit of the doubt. And the attendent screaming, “Don’t touch me. Don’t ever touch me.” That definitely sounds like an attempt to embarrass someone. I would like to hear from other passengers. OTOH, why should they care about people making fools of themselves.


  4. Harry says:

    Marion Colby–still full of piss and vinegar, I see!


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    She’d make a fine Dina Abbot???


    Sami replied

    Yes she would be a terrific Dina Abbott Mergeron.

    CeeCee replied

    Perfect, jimh.

  5. Laurie says:

    I find it hard to believe this regal lady who graduated from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London did not flush! I suppose she may have forgotten or thought it flushes automatically. I use my own hand sanitizer myself after I use public restrooms. Thousands of hands touch public sinks, soap dispensers, etc-gross!

    Honestly, I probably would’ve told the flight attendant to f*ck off as well by that point-airlines kick so many people off flights over any little thing these days-I wonder if anyone recorded it? I’d like to see how it really went down. Is that sad?


    Cat replied

    I recently used the lavatory on a plane and it took me much longer to figure out which button to press to flush than it took to do “my business”!
    This whole thing sounds very odd…


  6. mollie says:

    What a bunch of balony! The flight attendant was ticked off at sone thing and over reacted.


  7. SZima says:

    I sorta kinda believe Jennifer…that she was harassed by the flight attendant…if the rest of the account is accurate. Why the F#@K does a flfght attendant have a right to ask those questions? And then tell her to go fuck herself?
    IF that’s what went down, then that flight attendant NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!


  8. mariette says:

    A wonderful character actress and perhaps a character in “real life,” but Miss Bassey deserves much better…and an exciting new role! Bless her.


  9. Gail says:

    Where is sweet ol’ Stuart Chandler when you need him???


  10. CeeCee says:

    Honestly? I would have said a lot more than ‘f**k you’. Stewardesses do tend to have a superiority complex. This attendant deserved it, I’m sure of it.
    A little kindness and respect gets one far and beyond…


  11. Mo says:

    Use the toilet before you get on the plane.


    B.J. replied

    +1 … and flush the darn thing! Could be she was rushing because she was supposed to be seated and buckled up for take off, and that’s why the attendant was annoyed.


    CeeCee replied

    Seriously, Mo? Have you even traveled to Europe, Hawaii, Asia? Such flights are from 7 to 24 hours. I know…I’ve traveled to these places. What is one to do? Wear Depends?


  12. Gmbenet says:

    Where depends! Maybe this actress will get a commercial advertising depends!


    Gmbenet replied

    Misspelled “where”. Meant to type “Wear”. Oops. There goes my joke!


  13. Tom Jenkins says:

    I am going to go a little off-topic here. She was excellent as Marian Colby on ALL MY CHILDREN. Frankly, there is no doubt in my mind that AMC should have NEVER been cancelled. I wasn’t crazy about the on-line version by Prospect Park, but I thought it would find it’s footing and do well. Now, I watch DOOL and no offense but to me it’s not up to par with ABC’s All My Children.
    For a long time, I have been hoping to see a new inception of All My Children come to surface….alas, at this time it doesn’t seem plausible. I wonder though, if all the Dust ever settles between ABC-TV and Prospect Park, will anything be done with the characters of Pine Valley and Landview?


  14. Becky says:

    I don’t like Delta. I have experienced inept service and don’t fly with them anymore.


  15. DEBRA says:

    Way to go Jennifer. I would’ve told her to “f” off as well.
    What nerve that lady has. I always use my own sanitizer.
    What a silly thing for an airline to have to turn the plane around.
    F off stewardness. She should be on suspension if not fired.


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