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7 January 9th, 2011 Former ATWT writer, Susan Dansby lands six-week trial deal at Y&R!

Over the past several days, Victoria Rowell’s and the Urban League’s stance and outrage on the lack of diversity on CBS Daytime soaps, in particular The Young and the Restless, in terms of its writing team, may actually see some change.  Susan Dansby, a former writer with As the World Turns, has been given a six-week trial deal on the number one soap.

Dansby tweeted her excitement tonight  by saying,  “Good news on the job front! Got 6-week script writing trial with Y&R. Will start in Feb.”   Dansby, who happens to be black, also has strong directing credits including on the soaps, Generations, Port Charles and Guiding Light, as well as her long stint on ATWT’s writing regime.

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  1. ty says:

    Dansbys black? I didnt realize with her picture up there.


  2. Brian says:

    Congrats, Susan! :)


  3. bottomchef says:

    Racial diversity for a writing team is good for Daytime. Same thing w/ diversity among the cast of characters of soaps.


  4. Nicole says:

    Am I remembering this right? Wasn’t she credited with writing much of Reid’s dialogue? If so, freaking genius. Y&R is lucky to have her.


  5. bottomchef says:

    They should send Dansby to B&B since they have more of a problem than Y&R when writing for racial minority chars. B&B has had very few racial minority chars. Brad Bell and his writers can’t or don’t make the racial minority chars significant parts of the storyline for a prolonged period or if at all. Marcus is adopted by Eric and the biological child of Barber and Donna. He’s already part of 3 families, the Forresters, Barbers and Logans. They can’t write for him, yet it’s the same, crappy storylines as ancient Amber uses a pregnancy scheme to snag a rich char who is part of the younger set yet again. Amber seduced/fooled a younger Rick w/ a baby that wasn’t his. Amber tried to get her trashy hooks into the next younger generation w/ an even younger Thomas. Now trashbag Amber is fooling the newest younger generation as she’s trying to snag Liam away from Hope by using Oliver’s baby. Enough already! Even the dialogue between Amber/Tawney vs. Hope is basically the same when it was Amber/Tawney vs. Kimberly. The trashy mother and even trashier, more obnoxious daughter vs. the rich, virginal, golden haired good girl. Yawn, the writers keep doing the same thing. They should not have created this dumb pregnancy for skanky Amber all bec Steffy left town temporarily. And since Dansby’s good w/ writing for gay chars, all the more should she be on B&B since that soap should have the most gay and lesbian chars among all the Daytime soaps! So many of B&B’s chars don’t have storylines, only talk abt the storylines of other chars or appear every now and then to say a few lines or walk around shirtless w/ no dialogue. Yet not a single char is gay or a lesbian. They actually had Thorne ask Ridge if he thought Thomas was gay. That’s the extent to w/c B&B, an LA based soap that revolves around fashion, mentions abt gay and lesbian anything!


    mmc replied

    I couldn’t stand the character of Amber when she was with young Rick and i can stand her even less now.I can’t stand Tawny either.I actually think she’s even worse than Amber.I do like Oliver …he’s so sweet and i’m liking Stephanie a lot more these days.Even liking Brooke ….there’s something so appealing about her and i’d like to know what she has that all these men are so attracted to her so I can buy some! And now Donna and Justin are engaged.And kissed several times, amazing for B&B.maybe they’re coming into the real world.I hope so because i’ve been missing my ATWT so i’ve been watching B&B more often than before.but i do love that sexy and gorgeous Don Diamont and I’m appreciating Jack Wagner more lately.No matter how I try I’ll never love a soap like i loved ATWT .And while many designers are not gay, in truth many are and they should be portrayed on B&B. i think that day will come but how soon I’m not sure!


  6. VP says:

    I was so happy and excited to see your name as “Writer” on one of my favorite shows(Y&R).
    The last time I say you was at my wedding ( 5/12/2007) .
    Jack and I are going great!
    I am looking forward to seeing the coming episodes from your creative mind.
    You go Girl!


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