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4 January 12th, 2014 Former B&B and DAYS Star Victor Alfieri Attacked With A Hairbrush!

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What is going on over at these days that they find all of these incidents involving current or former soap stars?  This time it’s none other than Victor Alfieri who has made the news! The former The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of our Lives star apparently was the victim of an attack to the face with a hairbrush!

TMZ reported the following, “Alfieri has just got a restraining order against 47-year-old Christopher Veech, who lives with Alfieri’s neighbor.   According to court documents, Veech beat him in the face last month with a hairbrush and has relentlessly harassed him for more than a year and threatened to put him in the hospital.  According to Alfieri, Veech was arrested for battery but released a day later … and the harassment never stopped.”

Alfieri did not explain why the neighbor has it in for him, but he does say “the right side of his face still hurts like a bitch and his right eye now twitches.”

The big issues is … Alfieri can’t get very far away from Veech, even though the judge granted the restraining order against the attacker, because he lives in Alfieri’s building.  So the restraining order is for 3 yards away!

What do you think about using a hairbrush as a weapon, and this incident involving Alfieri?

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  1. johnny says:

    Poor victor, he is a terrific actor. what a weird incident. lol. i have heard it, all now. nothing shocks me anymore. Victor i will take care of you sweetie, I will give you tlc. lol. HOPE you feel better victor.


    Johnny replied

    Terrific actor???


  2. elaine rainone says:

    please come back ….


  3. davlestev1 says:

    He tried to take that man’s boyfriend. That’s a no-no Veektor. A queen will knock you with whatever is handy!!!


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