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0 June 4th, 2009 Former “DAYS” star Wesley Eure speaks out on being gay and working on soaps and more!

wesleyEure.jpgFollowing on the heels of openly gay actor, Thom Bierdz coming out story, former “DAYS” and “Land of the Lost” star Wesley Eure offically comes out, in an exclusive interview with After  In it, the actors says ,”DAYS” fired him because he was gay.” Many remember Wesley was teen heartthrob, Mike Horton. During his time on “DAYS” from 1974-1981, Eure had a romantic relationship with uber-famous Richard Chamberlin (Think Dr. Kildare and The Thorn Birds). When it was over the actor says he had a meltdown on the DAYS set. “When it was over, it was enormously sad. I was broken hearted. I remember we broke up and I was on Days of Our Lives, I couldn’t stop shaking. The good news is, the character on Days of Our Lives was in a very traumatic situation in the script, so it required being depressed, down, crying, all that stuff. So it fortunately timed out great. God bless the makeup artists, they came in did my makeup in the room. I was not ready to cope with it, but I moved on.”

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